Night's End

Night's End

Vishwam (Naseeruddin Shah) is the youngest brother of the powerful and influential village Zamindar (Amrish Puri). The Zamindar will not hesitate to do anything for the welfare and ...

Vishwam (Naseeruddin Shah) is the youngest son of the powerful, and influential village Zamindar (Amrish Puri). The Zamindar will not hesitate to do anything for the welfare and protection ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto A (gb) wrote: Eat Sleep Die features a topic that's overlooked by mostly everybody: the problems of getting job and the horrible feeling of being laid off of a job because of union issues.The film tells the story of two Arabic immigrants that have been living in Sweden for more than 20 years, a father and his daughter. Besides telling a whole new aspect of the life in Sweden, we get to see a glimpse of the daily routine of the european lower class. And something quite important: the sacrifices they have to make to keep their jobs, which you can lose any day when your stay depends on the union. A slow but realistic and original film.

Ted W (it) wrote: I love the show but this is just too much.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Rumor is he betrayed his own family.Otomo has just gotten out of jail and his brother is rising up the Yakuza ranks and wishes to help restore Otomo's name and power within the Yakuza, especially if it helps his rise to power. However, the two most powerful families, one from the East and one from the West, are about to start a war the brothers can't keep clear of. Meanwhile, a secret police task force has been charged with reducing yakuza violence; with Otomo out of jail, that may be impossible."Yakuza are the worst type of trash.""Cops are no different."Takeshi Kitano, director of The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, Dolls, Brothers, Outrage, Fireworks, Violent Cop, Boiling Point, and Sonatine, delivers Beyond Outrage. The storyline for this picture isn't as compelling as the first film but just as violent. The character interactions are well done and the ultimate direction is better than average. The acting is also on par with the original."I haven't fallen low enough to need your protection."I enjoyed the first film and was excited this sequel was added to Netflix as well. This was okay and worth a viewing, but far from a masterpiece. I enjoyed the action scenes and shootouts, and the evolution of the film was solid. I do recommend seeing this if you're a fan of these yakuza gangster flicks."You hit her in the head after she got drunk."Grade: B-

Kasia M (us) wrote: I caught this movie accidentally one morning. And I couldn't leave the house before I would know the ending. It's a lovely slow pace movie, with a controversial love story, supernatural/mythical elements which are never shown but dwelling somewhere in the background, pretty landscape and a decent message hidden underneath. It's nothing thrilling or revealing, but in a way very comforting. Good for a day when everything goes wrong ;)

Joe K (de) wrote: raunchy explicit goodness. my kind of humour though i guess

Richard W (ag) wrote: The critics goofed again by giving this a 44% Rating. Movie is sensitive with moral message.

caroline w (es) wrote: this movie made me cry. though i watched it a couple years back i do think it wasw a good movie and shuold be watched over and over again.

Jeann L (es) wrote: i love this series////want to watch the season 3

Shayla M (br) wrote: Very funny. Love the bloopers.

Ethan L (ag) wrote: Some people just lose it. Shaking.