Night Tide

Night Tide

On leave in a shore side town, Johnny becomes interested in a young dark haired woman

After a strange occurrence, Johnny meets and soon falls in love with Mora, a young girl who plays a mermaid in the local festival. Things go wrong when Mora starts to believe she is really a Sirens. Will the couple uncover the truth and start their romance, or be obsessed and end up in tragedy? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night Tide torrent reviews

Nathan W (es) wrote: Ben Affleck is a great director and this is the third movie I've seen from him that he's directed and he did not disappoint again. I did get lost in a few parts of the movie but I enjoyed it overall and I'd definitely watch it again soon.

Iman R (ag) wrote: Don't mind the negative critic reviews, the people like it and that's what counts. I like to think I know a good movie when I see it, and this is one for sure. The start is powerful and true (as the critics admit) and the actors are well cast, convincing and beautiful. And most of all the dancing (especially in the desert) is just beautiful. I tend not to take interpretive dance seriously but this had me entranced. If you're a fan of dance, freedom, are Iranian or just want to see a decent movie, spend the 5 bucks and see Desert Dancer!

Tanvir M (ru) wrote: A small budget indie that proves again that a script is what makes a film, not huge marketing budget or over the top special effects. I was shocked to know that this movi was shot in two weeks! When movies seem to thrive on human misery and darkness of the soul (SAW, anyone?), this movie banks on the kindness of strangers and how chance encounters can profoundly change and impact ones life. Those looking for a simple story of an older man falling for a young woman would be disappointed, as things are not so simple. The relationship between the two protagonists is not easy to define, it seems ethereal and complex as both help each other to overcome emotional obstacles and grow stronger as human beings. Veteran Morgan Freeman plays off nicely against the Spanish actress Paz Vega, nicely complementing world weariness with the wide eyed hope of the youth. Not much ~happens(TM) in the movie in the actual Hollywood sense, but when reach the end, we can observe with surprise how much has changed in the emotional landscape of the two central characters. It could have turned out as an ego trip as Morgan Freeman plays an actor, but that pitfall has been avoided as we discover the vulnerability and fragility his character. Recommended for those who enjoy sprawling character studies and can be patient without twists and turns every minute.

Liam W (nl) wrote: This movie is extremely unrealistic in high school behavior.

Mark L (us) wrote: From start to finish the film provides plenty of laughable moments but, not intentionally.I sit here thinking "why didn't I stop watching it when the possessed teddy bear came back from the dead?" Please don't waste your time watching this dross...I beg you!

Marcus C (de) wrote: The best teenage high-school flick bar none. Forget She's All That and erm... all the other ones! This star-studded teen-fest is like way cool man.

Fady H (jp) wrote: A masterpiece of Claude Lelouch. Amazing camera work. Too bad I couldn't see it all because the copy I had was damaged.

Carlton R (nl) wrote: Lavish horror,Sci Fi from 1955,One of the first to be in Technicolor,One of the best early films of this genre.This is a great story,some very early Si fi Teck Stough, its very well thought out, and quite gripping,The scenery in the Invasion is great,But it has some sadness in the ending,

Catie B (ru) wrote: I love happy endings to sweet romance stories. Especially when they take place in Europe.

Joseph G (fr) wrote: A simple story that keep me watching until the end.