Night Wind

Night Wind

A housewife's (Catherine Deneuve) affair with a younger man (Xavier Beauvois) goes nowhere.

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Dylan D (mx) wrote: Open Season 3 is no great shakes, but for a direct to video outing as part of a floundering franchise? It's not half bad. Sure it was probably written at warp speed and the animation doesn't seem greatly improved in the few years since the original's release, but it's good enough to keep the kids entertained and to bring a few smiles to wary parents' faces. The film features a few good messages and has its heart in the right place, even if the execution is mediocre at best.

Gisleine D (ca) wrote: Hahahahahah! Parece hilrio! Sou boba e rio de tudo, j... rsrsrs

Sasho M (ag) wrote: great film! dennis, topher and scarlett are great! def has his drama and humor. topher kicks it up a notch from is goofy "that 70s show" moments.

Bry G (it) wrote: watched this with our girls. we told them to think of these women when they start to vote.

Ryan T (it) wrote: I am not surprised at this low rating on RT, but I thought it was hilarious. There's nothing new to this plot, just good old-fashioned dirty low-brow humor, but the sarcastic jokes I happened to think were funny.

Chosen 7 (ru) wrote: Decent romance/comedy-drama with some good performances.

Philip S (ca) wrote: Has some moments, but has so much cheese and wild miscasting that it is almost impossible to enjoy.

Zoltan C (de) wrote: Great adventure flick!

Kim W (fr) wrote: This movie had even more stars than I expected from the description, like Jenifer Tilly as the teen who wants Jon Cryer. ;) Though the clothes were typical '80's atrocious and Demi didn't sing a note herself this movie was okay. I enjoyed Jon Cryer's performance as an awkward teen. :)

Tina M (es) wrote: best cinderella movie

Michael H (jp) wrote: There are enoughPsychoknock-offs in the world to keep you busy for as long as you could possibly stand it, but there never was aPsychoknock-off quite as overt about it, yet at the same time as creative and effective in its own right, asHomicidal. It's one of the earliest of its breed, coming to theaters in the summer of 1961, less than a year after Hitchcock's groundbreaking work, and the screenplay by Robb White is precisely the thing that you'd expect when a producer gave the order to copy this other movie exactly, but make every single detail a tiny bit different.

Grant S (fr) wrote: France, early 1930s. After working for 30 years at a bank, Henri Verdoux is laid off. The world is in the middle of a depression and work is hard to find. To support his wife and child, Verdoux takes to a life of crime - marrying rich women, murdering them and taking their money. After a while the police start to piece the puzzle together...A dark comedy-drama from the great Charlie Chaplin. Not a laugh-a-minute, unlike his best works and a bit uneven. The first hour is quite dry and contains very few laughs. In addition, the drama is slow-paced and the movie doesn't seem headed for much. However, things pick up considerably in the second half with some hilarious scenes and some interesting dramatic themes developing.The main reason for the better second half is the performance of comedienne Martha Raye, who plays one of his wives. Wonderfully over the top, she provides most of the best comedic moments and breathes life into what was otherwise a fairly stuffy, play-like affair.

Paul D (it) wrote: Subtle performances dominate an odd film for its time as it centres around an decadent establishment and it as well as the proprietors future in the far-east. The action rarely leaves its four walls yet doesn't feel at all confined as a feature.

diamond s (de) wrote: i really want to see that movie

Luis A H (br) wrote: James Wan's non-horror debut is, Although slightly inconsistent and a bit over-the-top, Sharply Directed and Stylishly Filmed with grim atmosphere, loud action set pieces and thrillingly dark.

Vanessa T (ag) wrote: This is my favorite movie. So in Love with it <3

Lily M (jp) wrote: this is one of fav movies of all time how could you not like it

Peebles M (fr) wrote: I would highly recommend this movie to all bronies of the world and the fans of MLP: FiM.