When Lou Bloom, desperate for work, muscles into the world of L.A. crime journalism, he blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. Aiding him in his effort is Nina, a TV-news veteran.

Louis Bloom, a young man attempted to achieve success and fame. Deciding that he was appropriate to media, Bloom worked as a freelance in journalist,  who wrote about crime in Los Angeles. However, not all the reporters could keep themselves clean when embarking on the dangerous and seducible path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nightcrawler torrent reviews

A5J4D X (gb) wrote: 9/10 - A great biography, great action and depicted a great character and moral standard of Ip Man. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a movie this much. There are probably some areas that I have overlooked but it's Bruce Lee's teacher man!

Martin S (au) wrote: WOW!! This movie was everything the title says it is. It was really funny, but even more gay. I recommend this movie to anyone who is gay, or has gay friends.

Jill R (it) wrote: It's cheesy it's corny and fluffy yet I had a good time watching this.The movie is the pure definition of a guilty pleasure.This movie isn't great it's not art I like it and I'm not ashamed.The movie is entertaining it has good music and likeable characters.Overall high school musical is a fun entertaining movie that Enjoyed.Grade B

Zachary S (kr) wrote: The whole film felt like a very formulaic horror movie goose chase. But it does wrap up what happened in the first film, and this ending is much better. Additionally, there are a few interesting ideas in the film, such as the twin sister being killed and raped by the stranger on the other end of the phone. However, (spoiler) the girl in the coal mine was completely random and had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline of the previous film. That was indeed very disapointing.

emma dilligaf (kr) wrote: monkeys, nuff said :]

Roger G (it) wrote: If you like inspiration and history I thought this was a great film. It's too bad the media overlooked this little one. It's an awesome story that parallels the lives of two similar men each with an obsession that eventually alters humanity.

Rudy A (de) wrote: A romantic image of the French Foreign Legion. The action scenes were satisfying. However, the plot as a whole just doesn't make logical sense.

Carla H (us) wrote: Ralph Fiennes' almost effortless charm saturates the strangely dry drama, though the sheer intrigue that is the core of the story puts morality into scrutiny once again without creating suspense. Noteworthy but lackluster.

Spencer H (kr) wrote: Hilariously terrible!

Misty Q (it) wrote: One of those extremely rare moments when EVERYTHING works!

Joseph S (us) wrote: There's a documentary in this film about Wilhelm Riech that is fascinating, and a mini-film about the relationship between a Yugoslavian activist and a Russian Ice skater, lots of old propaganda films featuring Stalin, and man dressed as a soldier wa...(read more) lking around New York and reciting poems in voice over. Willhelm Riech was a psychologist and communist studying Freud, who came to the conclusion that the orgasm was essential to health, life, and world socialism. From here became a celebrity, guru, anti-pornography activist, and a bit of a mad scientist, until his writings were seized and burned by the US. Food and Drug administration, and he was eventually incarcerated(though for what this film is unclear). The mini-film seems weird at first but makes sense if you think of the man as Russia and the Soviet System (which banned Riech's work and drove him out, as would the US later), and the woman as Yugoslavia (where the director is from). According to Riech there can be no true communism or true democracy until sexuality is made free, and the workers maintaining a healthy regiment of orgasms (the bodies self regulating life energy?). Like that crazy general in Dr. Strangelove, who became "enlightened" when he refused to give woman any more of his precious "life energy", Riech and director Makavejev and by extension Kubrik seem to think many of our political tensions have sexual relationships we ignore, until it manifests as it's inverse, violence. Which is what I gather the "talking head" at the end is supposed to signify, the horrors of the world, without Riech's orgasms, deep breathing and primal screaming (actually the part that made the most uncomfortable), and Orgone accumulator Boxes(which look a lot like small closets). Riech's free love world is very much one of the 70's, a time before venereal disease, a time before public and ritual rape in Congo became the military weapon of choice(as a horrific 60 minutes report last night discussed...yeesh), before internet porn, but only a year after the Stonewall Riots, a strange time for sex and the state. Anyway, it was very well made, the music by very early underground rock band "The Fugs" stands out a lot in particular. The editing though jarring at first, is also the great device of this film, alternating fact, fiction, and dramatization in ways which were revolutionary for its time and pretty fresh now. The real revolution of this movie is probably found in it's technical skill with the material, which veers from comic, to realistic, to pornographic without announcing itself. The scene with everyone passing the egg yoke, was the one I found most effective. Nothing is said in that scene, but there's a palpable sexual tension and repulsion in it, that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. "Absurdistan" is a word I learned, for life under Soviet control, how many felt like the bureaucracies had reduced their lives to a kind of absurd theater of Kafka story(people forced to publicly ask to be executed, etc.), a lot of the films and art to come under this umbrella is similarly fragmented and anarchic, which may help to explain "W.R. Mysteries of The Organism", which is an interesting, and very stylized, if dated curiosity, and look at sex at communism.

Cristi B (jp) wrote: in 10 min am vazut tot filmu

Greg W (gb) wrote: Western with good storytelling and strong pro-peace, pro-Native American perspectives.

Craig F (au) wrote: It loses it's footing a bit 3/4 of the way through, but Hfstrm directs a startling psychological horror.

Erin D (de) wrote: yes it does have some gorgeous costumes, but the story was pretty underwhelming and the lighting was horrible! i couldn't see anything! i eventually got bored, need to see it live instead.

Katie B (es) wrote: The movie isn't great cinema, but it sure is enjoyable. It's Bonnie and Clyde on a whole lot of any drug they can get their hands on. Your mind for 119 minutes turns from violent to sorrowful to regretful to revengeful. The movie is pop-culture touched and drug and violence packed, it's a journey following Mickey and Mallory Knox, the director makes you always want to be on their side on their unique adventure.