After being hypnotized into committing murder, a young musician has to reconstruct his actions to clear his name.

A musician has a nightmare in which he killed a man. When he wakes up he finds evidence that the crime really took place and tries to find the truth with the help of his brother-in-law who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nightmare torrent reviews

Jeb E (jp) wrote: SoI can't exactly say whether Iiked this or not. It's aggressively confrontational, and it's very difficult to enjoy in any conventional sense. It's difficult to empathize with the main character, a sad sack version of Turkington's Neil Hamburger persona, and difficult not to pity him. He's a sad, lonely human being, substituting an adversarial relationship with his audience for real connection. The character, named in the credits as The Comedian, finds himself in a bleak desert landscape, touring uninteresting sites between gigs at dive bars, prisons, and dirt bike rallies, occasionally trying (and failing) to reconnect with his braggart but well-meaning businessman cousin (John C Reilly), leaving increasingly hopeless voicemails for his daughter, and getting stuck in surreal situations that are meant to be taken at face value despite approaching almost Lynchian levels of weirdness. The score consists mostly of scraping, pulsating drones that ratchet up our unease at every opportunity. The movie is only rarely funny, usually when The Comedian is performing, and it can be a difficult and tedious watch at times, but it was incredibly affecting. So while I can't say I liked the movie, I'm glad I watched it and it's stuck with me.

Andr V (it) wrote: Movie's pretty weak, but worth checking for Al's performance. It's strange seeing him as the short, downtrodden, beat down man that he portrays.

David Klein (es) wrote: Thought it was entertaining. But then again I'm a sucker for boxing movies.

Chase H (it) wrote: it isn't a masterpiece but ienjoyed it because it had plenty of sexy girls and iwish iwas at the party and ithought it was really funny how they shot all the scenes at different times so Benny's hair kept switching back and forth hahaha

Jonathan H (us) wrote: Cassavetes' probing look at dissolving marriages in the face of suburban malaise may be overlong and excessive, but it's unflinchingly honest at every turn. He's the master of letting scenes develop while simultaneously deconstructing them. Faces may not be his best film, but his directorial prowess is on full display. Cinema verite at its best.

Ken T (ca) wrote: Fine Hollywood noir from German master Fritz Lang. Professor Richard Wanley (Robinson) sees his family off on a trip. He gets together with his professor buddies and they talk - getting onto the topic of meeting younger women. Robinson reflects on a picture - a woman in a window - and her likeness meets him staring at the portrait. Eventually things begin to spiral out of control and he finds himself investigating himself! Quite original and does get around the Hayes Code nicely. Joan Bennett is truly sexy (especially in her "is that see-through" top). Dan Duryea turns up, as what else, a heavy and Raymond Massey is well cast as a nosy professor buddy. The format of this film has been copied to death, so there is a part in the film that isn't all too surprising. Very well done film.

Jarhony R (it) wrote: Uhm... well... VERY entertaining.... FO' SURE!

Indira S (jp) wrote: tho he's 50, he didnt loose his charm at all, he act just as wonderful as always, :D i never get tired of watching any of james stewart's movie :P

Ari L (ca) wrote: Surprisingly clever, and intimate in a way. Worth a watch for sure.

John E (it) wrote: Just watched it this weekend.It's super Belle-and-Sebastian centric ... but it's fine. I do appreciate their music.Characters:Olly and Emily played the James and Eve character well. Emily's voice is great. While watching I promised myself to look for albums or songs that she may have produced other than the soundtrack from this film.Olly's great. He can act. He got it. He's good acting awkward scenes. (I'm a Years and Years fan anyway - reason why I watched this film.)Hannah Murray. Hmmm. She's like Cassie - the girl who looks and acts "high".Story:Feels like "Begin Again" and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist"Film:I love it because it's not hollywood.UK films has always given me this fresh view to films - same feeling like these films are created to affect people, for art and not for money.

Quincy J (fr) wrote: a tasty slice of life in that told in horror format . like a fable. some parts were a bit hard follow but was able put on a good show.

probowl 4 (nl) wrote: Al Pacino, John Cazale and the supporting cast all flow in tense, oddball and light comedic moments during each scene of it's 2+ hour run time. 'Dog Day Afternoon' is a fantastic film and is a classic showcase of Pacino's range and Cazale's small yet successful film directory.