Nightmare at the End of the Hall

Nightmare at the End of the Hall

Courtney Snow, an author with writer's block, still haunted by the suicide of her best friend while they were in prep school, finds herself teaching at the very same school while trying to get back on her feet. She encounters a young student, Laurel, who seems in every way to be the reincarnation of her best friend from years ago. Laurel seems to know things about Courtney that only dead friend would have known. Is she losing her mind or is it all a cruel hoax?

A writer teaching at the school she attended encounters a student who seems to be the reincarnation of her dead classmate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shany E (de) wrote: Great film worth watching

Kim M (mx) wrote: A lessor film for both Bill Pullman & Brad Pitt, it's watchable as a rerun on lifetime but not for the price of a rental.A woman attempts to tame her lustful musings of what might have been with her high school beau by asking her best friend to sleep with him.

Shoib K (kr) wrote: 25k....will buy you a brand new Golf GTI, a set of Cristiano Ronaldo's nail clippings or an impressively constructed indie Brit flick. With a sum no more than the average annual salary of someone working in the UK Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley have created a darkly comic, touching and original debut feature which deserves to be seen by many more people than its limited cinematic release allowed for. There will no doubt be people who will have reservations about Chris Langham, however his performance in this is superb. Simon Amstell's turn as the barmy therapist may be the only jarring note but even that achieves a level of redemption towards the end of the film. Go see! Best film of my year so far

Frances H (es) wrote: Watched this flick because the three actors are so good, and as usual they were worth watching, but in the movie itself, their three characters were people so horrible, one really couldn't care about them at all. I wish I'd passed this one by.

Mike M (es) wrote: Has an eminently credible frontman in Cornell professor T. Colin Campbell, whose research suggests a link between eating meat and an increased risk of cancer, and that meat-heavy diets contribute more emissions to the atmospheric than any other. Yet directors Davies and Shlomi trivialise and eventually torpedo their own argument by indulging in the cinematic equivalent of grazing - cutting away from Campbell's scholarly analysis to perky inserts filmed in fancy-dan Manhattan restaurants, where chefs attempt to convince us that eating leaves is fun, and that there's no need for sugar in your cupcakes... Plenty to make vegans and vegetarians smugger than they already are, and I don't deny the data's plenty compelling, but it's a project hopelessly blind to the fact there are times in one's life when one could simply murder a steak, with or without a side-salad.

Walter M (gb) wrote: To the casual observer, it might appear that there is nothing happening in the supremely deliberately paced, yet somehow oddly mesmerizing "The Turin Horse." Ohlsdorfer(Janos Derzsi) and his daughter(Erika Bok) might beg to differ, as this is life on their farm in microcosm that we are talking about. Granted, it is a hard life that usually consists of boiled potatoes for dinner and Ohlsdorfer's busted right arm not helping matters in the least. So, when a windstorm settles in for several days which their horse wants nothing to do with, their whole existence is under threat. However, as long as they have any brandy left, they should still be in good shape...

Jeremy S (ca) wrote: Just sad and hopeless. I'm not a fan of anything really Balfour is in as well. As far as a B movie this one really is a reach and choke job as the story seemed thrown together with the idea of gargoyles. Something to watch when nothing is on and making a drink come out your nose in laughter. Grade: D- F

Matthew B (fr) wrote: Freedom Writers is about a young teacher inspires her class of at risk students to learn tolerance, apply themselves, and pursue education beyond high school. The movie was eh, but i found this movie to be really underrated and kind of forgettable to be honest.

Corey B (es) wrote: This movie works and Jessica Tandy is a hoot!

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Mifune and Katsu in a Fun Bloody Chambara Flick--A Very Dark Comedy!!

David S (de) wrote: These 1930-40 period pieces are hugely entertaining!! There was just one issue I had with this film. It wasn't that Errol Flynn was kind of past his prime, OR even that Vivecia Lindfors' accent was horrifically distracting. No. It was that 24 hours after watching Flynn's performance in The Adventures of Robin Hood, I saw the same "night" footage used in this as in Robin Hood. I couldn't believe it. I know film was and is expensive, but really? Poor Vincent Sherman, poor.

Ethan P (au) wrote: Coach Carter is a powerful character, and although the story is inspiring, well acted and easy to enjoy, I found the ending to be a disappointment. After all the adversity they went through, why end on a devastating loss just to avoid having a happy ending.

John F (es) wrote: it was not worth the time of watching.... redbox would be getting a letter from me trying to get credit for watching this garbage...

Frances H (ru) wrote: Just watched this film again for the first time in about 15 years or so. It is just as good as I remembered.