Nightmare Campus

Nightmare Campus


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Nightmare Campus torrent reviews

Maranda F (es) wrote: Very interesting and creepy.

Sgt C (fr) wrote: (57%)First off straight away the movie doesn't work, it leans too heavily into exploitation sleaze as well as lacking real substance for it to be in any way a thoughtful drama, and it's not entertaining enough, and dare I say it, too well made/performed for it to be truly fun drive-in movie throwback. What comes painfully close to saving this movie is Mr Samuel L. Jackson giving one of his better performances yet, he really is superb; while Christina Ricci puts out a no holding back performance of a character who wouldn't be out of place in a 1970's softcore sex picture with the direction almost ogling her largely semi-nude screen time at every opportunity. For the performances alone this is just about worth a look, but it's not a repeat watch or something that needs to be seen.

Matthew H (au) wrote: have to disagree with the critics. I thought it was funny and just as good as the original

Dhivia B (gb) wrote: was fighting the powers that be so I wouldn't fall asleep

Jackson P (br) wrote: Least favorite Bond film

Michelle M (mx) wrote: Good movie even if out-dated a bit. I watched this many years ago and remember enjoying it at the time.

Leonard D (br) wrote: Three words, Jennifer Garners face! Go away!

Melissa M (fr) wrote: Great cast, especially Loved Michael Ealy's performance. Great acting

Nnamudi A (au) wrote: Awesome film!! Amazing ending!