Nightmare City

Nightmare City

An airplane exposed to radiation lands, and blood drinking zombies emerge armed with knives, guns and teeth! They go on a rampage slicing, dicing, and biting their way across the Italian countryside.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Italian,English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   acrobatics,   explosion,  

An airplane exposed to radiation lands, and blood drinking zombies emerge armed with knives, guns and teeth! They go on a rampage slicing, dicing, and biting their way across the Italian countryside. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perry W (ru) wrote: I can't lie, the fact that this movie took place all in one day was a little disappointing. To put focus on just their first date for the entire movie was a waste of film. Barack's life is intriguing thus the reason I couldn't wait to see this film, but it fell short with the lack of creativity focusing on just one day.

Rory Fyfe S (gb) wrote: Good remake, of a classic movie.

Haley B (kr) wrote: This needs to be put on DVD so bad.


Leon B (br) wrote: Review:Its been years since I've seen this film and it does seem a bit dated in places but I still enjoyed it. A lot of the action scenes were unnecessary, until the diamonds come into play, and the punk-type baddies looked ridiculous, along with the massive baddies posing as FBI agents. Anyway, this movie sees Chan (Keung), travel to America to visit his uncle so he can be there for his wedding. While his uncle is off on his honeymoon, he helps to sell his uncles shop and he sticks around until she gets the shop up and running, under her management. As the shop is in a bad area, the Bronx, he helps to fight of the local baddies who steal and damage the shop and he soon becomes targeted by the thugs because he shows them up. Whilst fighting them of, there is a diamond deal going on in the area, which goes totally bad and after a big shoot out, one of the thugs gets his hands on the diamonds and he hides them in Chans next door neighbours wheel chair. Chan then becomes the action hero by fighting of the baddies who want to get there hands on the diamonds, by saving the young kid who has the diamonds stuck in the pillow on his wheelchair. They then hand the diamonds over to the police and with the help of the young boys sister, they fight of the many hitmen who work for the mafia to retrieve the diamonds, along with the local thug who wants to recover the loot that he put in the wheelchair. The action scenes were quite impressive in this film and I liked Chans acting throughout. I actually found some of the comedy funny, for once, and the different characters all brought something fresh to the project. As with many Jackie Chan movies, he does push some of the stunts to the extreme, by jumping across buildings and crashing through the city in a hovercraft but it's all put together well and I liked the chemistry between Chan and the disabled boy. Basically, it's a watchable movie which has a decent mixture of elements which made it enjoyable but it's not in the same class as his old, authentic films which are in a class of there own. Watchable!Round-Up:This movie was directed by Stanley Tong, who also made Police Story: Supercop, Supercop 2, Police Story 4: First Strike and the Myth with Chan, so that might explain why a lot of the stunts were so amazing. They obviously built a relationship of trust which gives Chan the ability to push his stunts to the limit but with the many different laws in America, I still thought that the actual fighting scenes weren't that great. I missed the epic, one to one fight at the end but he did bring something original to the project with the hovercraft scene. This was another one of those films were Chan was trying to crack America, which wasn't the best move for his career but this movie certainly went down well at the time and it brought his action skills to a worldwide market.Budget: $7.5millionWorldwide Gross: $32millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their action/crime/martial arts/comedies starring Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Francoise Yip and Bill Tung. 5/10

Kiara C (nl) wrote: Kurt...yo're my god.Nirvana 4 ever

Augustine H (it) wrote: A sports classic? I perfectly understand its cult status is established because of its exaggerated comedian effect. But if profanity, unfunny jokes involving sexual discrimination and stupidity can qualify a film for praises, I would rather watch Caddyshack for 20 more times. Even Paul Newman can't alleviate my detestation.

Petros T (ca) wrote: As the first James Bond film, the rather old-fashioned "Dr. No" sets a lot of the franchise's trademarks in motion but it's mildly thrilling at best. Both premise and gimmicks would be done in greater fashion in later instalments, yet this remains a satisfactory first entry in a warming-up-kind-of-way.

Kyle M (au) wrote: A coming-of-age examination thoroughly addressing the topic of teen pregnancy on film that was very well delivered with emotionally-expressive charismatic performances and fine direction, and also timely humorous. (A-)(Full review TBD)

Calvin R (mx) wrote: Lady and the Tramp has beautiful rich animation, humor, great songs, and a great story. Another top 10 disney film. Lady and the Tramp is indeed another classic.

John M (mx) wrote: The final final chapter. So instead of another prequel, this picks up right where 9 left off with wannabe soldier Danny (Kip Canyon) being the new puppet master, and forming an impromptu plan to take down the Nazis who are camping out in Chinatown. The first thing that you notice if you've been keeping up with the series (like I know you have been) is that they've completely recast this thing; what, were big names like Levi Fiehler and Jenna Gallaher busy? Not that it really matters, as the acting in this one is on par with the rest of the series. I will give this tenth installment credit in that it does feel different from the other 9 movies. For one thing, this is the first movie that's shot in widescreen (16:9), not in full screen (4:3). It only took them 23 years to get on that bandwagon. Also, this is the first movie not to take itself too seriously. There's more of an attempt at humor, and you get stuff like puppets named Bombshell, who is essentially a puppet version of the fembot from Austin Powers with pop-out machine guns in the brassiere. It's also back to being racially unsound like 9 was, which brings us to the puppet Kamikaze. Puppets have never been able to talk in these movies (because THAT would be the step that takes it too far), but when called for, people can inexplicably understand their grunts as you would Lassie, or Chewbacca. Kamikaze, however, does manage to speak fluently in Japanese for no reason... I'm probably reading too deeply in to this. Once again, I stupidly got my hopes up when I saw that they actually have a puppet kill in the opening scene; maybe they've listened to their audience and decided to give them what they want... foiled again. It follows the same exact formula of saving everything you want to see for the last 10 - 15 minutes. To try and keep things spicy, this introduces 4 new Nazi puppets: In addition to Bombshell and Kamikaze, you also have Blitzkrieg and Weremacht. Of course, they aren't really given much to do, but at least a small effort was placed. This series has devolved into sexy Nazis and Army sergeants that speak in nothing but military clichs, which does work for the occasional laugh, but not much more than that. This ends up falling around the middle of the pack quality wise as far as Puppet Master standards go... which is still not very good. If you would like to gain perspective, this was released the same year Sinister came out; it is possible to do horror right on a low budget, all it takes is creativity.

Jonathan H (us) wrote: I've seen every animated superman installment DC has ever released this is definitely lower on the totem. The animation feels likes it's from the 90s. The story didn't bode well either.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: Are ready to change yourself when you think you found your match!Written and directed by one of the famous Italian filmmaker, Giuseppe Tornatore. An English language film, Geoffrey Rush in the lead. It was about an aging art and antique auctioneer, Virgil. The story reveals his final days in his professional field where he meets a young woman who pursued him for her inherited antiques to put on auction. The woman is very mysterious, because of her medical condition and how they both become so close despite their initial meetings were disastrous is the remaining film to tell us with a twist in the final.It was an awesome storytelling. The screenplay was the top notch and the matching background score. Especially when the story ends and credits rolls up, all those memories from the film keeps us fresh with that music. The music won several awards for the film. I liked the story, but towards the end, I kind of predicted almost everything. That did not stop me, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. Particularly the theme of the film, which I think a bit fresh, and I liked the conclusion as well, but I feel it should have been different or more to it. The way it ended might disappoint some people, but still it is very smart.Everybody was good, but it was Geoffrey Rush, who stole the show with his stellar performance. Three years might be a little late, but it's never too late to watch a fine film like this. One of the best suspense films from the recent time, it is a must see, particularly if you are seeking a good entertainment. So I hope you watch it if you're not yet.8/10

Sarfara A (fr) wrote: Out of the Past a film-noir screenplay by Daniel Mainwaring and directed by Jacuqes Tourneur (Cat People). Starring, Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas and Jane Greer. It is adopted from the novel called 'Build My Gallows High' Most of the story is told in New York is told in flashback: Jeff (Robert Mitchum) was formerly a private-eye in New York and then working for a gangster named Whit Sterling (Kirk Douglas), he is now running a pump-station in small town and spending days with his sweetheart Ann (Virginia Huston) by the lake fishing. In those days, Jeff was hired by Whit to track down a woman named Kathie (Jane Greer) - an irresistible beauty full of sexiness and treachery in her. Kathie had shot Sterling four times and ran away his money $40,000, Whit only wants her back and describes it why is that so in one line to Jeff 'When you see her, you'll understand better.' - a man surprises Jeff one fine day at station who tells him that Whit wants to see him - Jeff had double-crossed Whit by eloping with Kathie who has by now returned back to Whit. Jeff, is lured into doing one more job for Whit, that of obtaining affidavit from Whit's secretary in San Francisco who has been blackmailing him. Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas are worth seeing together; you have the chances of experiencing witty remarks passed between the two and fiery but calm exchange of lines. Whosoever has seen Tourneur's Cat People should not undermine director Tourneur's capability working around story involving film-noir. Nicholas Musuraca worked as a cinematographer on Out of the Past; he also had collaborated with the director on his previous film Cat People - he used excellent lighting for scenes involving smoke of cigarettes (more cigarettes than in any other film-noir and it really kept the climate of the movie darker). Excellent film-noir, everyone knows he/she is being double-crossed and yet go along giving each other, a chance to pass through. Out of the Past comes with brilliant direction as well as superb cinematography - it is debated to be among the best of film-noir.

John K (jp) wrote: Very slow to start, but surprisingly turned out to be entertaining. It's rare where a drama, comedy, western, mystery, and thriller are all rolled in one film.

Paul D (nl) wrote: A study in how to make the subject of sex seem very dull. The middle-ages India story has a nice look and a sensual feel to it, but it requires more interesting drama.