Nightmare Man

Nightmare Man

After receiving a mysterious demonic African mask in the mail, Ellen Morris is attacked by a "being" she refers to as THE NIGHTMARE MAN. Her doctors and husband, William believe Ellen is a paranoid schizophrenic and needs to spend some quality time at a mental facility for further examination.

After receiving an African fertility mask as a gift Ellen tells her husband William that she's been attacked by masked phantom called 'the Nightmare Man'. As Ellen's paranoia increases, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luca B (es) wrote: Delizioso. Helen Hunt brava e nuda senza volgarit.

Sosa M (gb) wrote: This film makes telekinesis look boring, a feat which I once thought impossible. The three power wielding teenagers use their gifts to build Lego towers and play baseball for about 3/4 of the film. The last 1/4 of the film is wasted on a lackluster ending. Believe me when I say it hurts to watch this film. The special effects are sub par and the plot is pretty much non-existent. I wanted to like this film, I really did. I learned that even though a film has an awesome trailer, it can still suck.

Jacobb A (us) wrote: exactly what it was supposed to be...

Jonathan R (de) wrote: Extremely funny!!!! Specially of you can speak Spanish.

Roy C (kr) wrote: Free to fly, free to sing! Most of the songs are high quality, but Preminger and Madam Carp are two rather ugly personalities. 'Did I just hear your cat bark?'

Donal O (br) wrote: Very well made, edge of your seat movie...........

Jude P (kr) wrote: Very interesting and suspenseful.

Bobby L (es) wrote: First, this one is considered to not be in canon with the rest of the series, and has nothing to do with any of the other movies at all. Haggis, the witch from the others, isn't even the witch here, for no reason. Second, this will be one of those plot summary reviews, as it's actually kind of important- Four teens decide to get their kicks by speeding down a back counrty road, at night, with their headlights off. They hit the witch with their car. Brought on by their own stupidity to be certain, but still an accident. They don't bother checking on her. They don't even stop to see if the car is damaged. A few minutes later, in the old lady's house, in which she has every right to kick them out, she warns them to not mess around with which the know nothing of, and how do they repay her? By beating her with a flashlight and stealing one of her spells. They then decide "because it'll be fun" to invoke the spell. This brings about the murderous creature.Who the hell am I to root for? I wanted all the main characters to be brutally slaughtered; luckily, most of them were. Seriously, they were all selfish pricks who are dumber than the Harry and Lloyd characters from Dumb And Dumberer (yeah, the sequel). Although, Roger Clinton, brother of Bill (yes, that Bill), is in this as the mayor of the town, and it's fun to see him state that the killings are good for tourism; that's not a joke.The direction was all over the place and the whole thing felt slapdashed.

Andy P (fr) wrote: keeps your attention

Brett B (kr) wrote: Certainly one of the most slime-drenched, goop-filled creature features I've ever seen, FROM BEYOND is far from high art - or even a great horror film - but it is consistently entertaining and enjoyable... for those so inclined. The variety of weirdness on display is something of a gruesome delight, and it's got such an off-the-wall, "anything goes" brand of creativity that it's hard not to be a least a little charmed by the movie, despite the considerable "yuck factor" inherent; it helps that the film and its makers are clearly self-aware enough to know just how absurd it all is. The story isn't anything close to being a character study, but Combs' crazed energy is always welcome, and Crampton gets to chew on the meatiest role (one that allows her to play several different shades, from bookish to sultry, level-headed to completely obsessed), and she acquits herself very well. All told, the movie is quite a bit of icky fun, but it's definitely not for those easily grossed-out.

Al M (ru) wrote: Enjoyable final Cushing Frankenstein film from hammer Studios. Set in an insanse asylum, Dr. Frankenstein of course resumes work upon building a new human from pieces. A worthy final entry in the series.

Conner K (es) wrote: It might be clichd, but Chow delivers in this very entertaining film.

Max L (de) wrote: Its a fun heist movie who cares if its bad or not

Colton D (us) wrote: It may not be as genius or original as the first, but Jurassic World isn't only one of the most entertaining movies in the series but one of the best times to have in theaters so far this summer.

Brian M (de) wrote: shoot-em-up- action film.. Jean Claude is the star but IMO the real star is Scott Adkins.. Adkins is on the verge of being "the next big action star".. In this film he also gets to show some acting ability and probably outshines the aging Van Damme.. Still a JCVD fan, and always will be, but Adkins is the real star of this film!