Nightmare on the 13th Floor

Nightmare on the 13th Floor

In this made-for-cable television horror thriller, a travel writer visits a historic hotel to write a story about it and inadvertently finds herself on the 13th floor where she witnesses a Satanic rite and tangles with an axe-wielding killer. She escapes, but no one believes her story because the hotel has no 13th floor.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   reporter,   hotel,  

A reporter investigates the disappearances of guests at a hotel which she is writing a report about. Along the way, she will find an unmarked 13th floor where a murderer is on the loose. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler H (br) wrote: Excellent horror documentary from J.T Petty. It was so awesome to see some of my favorite Underground horror filmmakers, like Fred Vogel, 'who created the fantastic August Underground films', and Bill Zebub. It's also got one hell of a great ending too. Highley Recommended! 4/5

Brock A (jp) wrote: Not a very interesting serial killer to make a movie out of. I know that sounds awful but he was simply a psychopath who had the propensity to just kill prostitutes. At least with Son of Sam, the devil was talking to him or Bundy, who was the smug good looking lawyer who thought he'd never get caught. This guy just racked em up at alarming numbers.

Sarrenna M (br) wrote: Love me some Beyonc (C), but this movie is way's irritating and goofy.

Monic T (kr) wrote: It was crazy and depressing :(Although I don't doubt there were times like that.

joy l (nl) wrote: cool i think ive already seen it but idk

Joey F (gb) wrote: Some good ideas and a really entertaining villain. Not the best, but not the worst of Disney.

benjammin C (ag) wrote: Neat real World War II footage.

Daniel K (es) wrote: Horrible, horrible film. This is the kind of story Hollywood would have a hard time making good in this period. They did it successfully with Night and Day, while De-Lovely was an updated and more accurate picture of Cole Porter. Rodgers and Hart are no Cole Porter and Norman Taurog is no Michael Curtiz. They have sapped whatever life this story may have originally had right out of the picture. It's flat, unoriginal, unfocused, and very tired. They skip over most of Rodgers and Harts good songs or merely pay them lip service. It's nice seeing a young Janet Leigh though and everyone always likes June Allyson. Obviously, Cyd Charisse is spectacular and beautiful as always.

Stuart M (fr) wrote: Not very funny. Spielberg might be great at comedic moments in dramas but his straight comedic instincts are very childish.

Delia L (fr) wrote: Silly, but oddly amusing

Dave C (de) wrote: This movie about a cab driver trying to find somebody to help him die when he has terminal cancer occasionally tends the shmaltzy and preachy but there are moments it will pull the heart straight out of your chest.The acting is uniformly wonderful and there is a feeling of great heart about the entire thing.HIGHLY recommended.