Nightmares Come at Night

Nightmares Come at Night

Two exotic dancers embark on a erotic friendship which takes a turn when one of them begins having recurring nightmares of her killing people in which the line between realty and fantasy begins to blur to the most extreme.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   murder,   dream,  

Two exotic dancers embark on a erotic friendship which takes a turn when one of them begins having recurring nightmares of her killing people in which the line between realty and fantasy begins to blur to the most extreme. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dannielle A (es) wrote: What a beautiful, moving movie! There are a couple parts that are unbelievable because the Amish simply wouldn't do certain things that they did in the movie but other than that, the story was incredible. I loved the parts about forgiveness and faith. The acting was unbelievably amazing. See this one!

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Andrew M (gb) wrote: Even in spite of some glaring narrative flaws, Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky is a mindbending drama that mostly succeeds. A remake of the 1997 Spanish film Open Your Eyes, Vanilla Sky is part romance drama, and part thought-provoking mystery. The middle act of the film has some pacing problems, and feels a little long at times, but it's almost hard to criticize it due to how significant it becomes by the time the film ends. Plus, the film really picks up in the third act to make up for it. Tom Cruise is as charismatic as always, even when his face is obscured. Perhaps the most surprising performance comes from Cameron Diaz, who really makes the most of her limited screentime in a role we don't see from her often. However, Penlope Cruz is mediocre at best, and struggles as Cruise's love interest. Crowe's direction is solid, and he makes sure the film never loses coherency. Had the middle section of the film been edited down a bit, this would've been fantastic, but as it stands, Vanilla Sky is a good effort from Cameron Crowe that's sure to blow your mind at least once.

Sarina L (gb) wrote: Typical Jackie Chan film made for American people. Watched it w/ Hanna, and the movie was awful.

Clay B (kr) wrote: BEYOND CHRISTMAS (1940)

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Grant H (de) wrote: Pretty good movie. The story is a great set-up for satirical humor and great themes, but instead takes a lower road and focus on gay and racist stereotype jokes. The movie is somewhat redeemed by a few hits in those departments, as well as good performances from its two leads.

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BSH n (ru) wrote: GENERE: Musical, DramaLovely Jessica performed good role in this movie..A high-energy drama with music, Honey also stars LIL' ROMEO, winner of the 2001 Billboard Music Award for "Rap Artist of the Year," as Benny, a kid who needs a break even more than Honey does. MEKHI PHIFER (8 Mile) portrays Chaz, Honey's boyfriend with no angle to work -- he's the constant, the real thing, the down-to-earth voice of reason who just wants Honey happy and in his life. JOY BRYANT (Antwone Fisher) plays Honey's protective, best friend Gina, who views her pal's newfound success with equal parts excitement and skepticism. The young, vibrant cast also includes DAVID MOSCOW (Just Married), ZACHARY ISAIAH WILLIAMS (TV's Romeo!) and LONETTE MCKEE (He Got Game), with cameo appearances by hip-hop/R&B stars MISSY ELLIOTT, GINUWINE, 3rd STOREE, SHAWN DESMAN, TWEET, and JADAKISS & SHEEK. Honey Daniels (JESSICA ALBA, of television's Dark Angel) has been waiting all her life to show the world her dance moves and now, everything she ever wanted is just a step away.For years, her spirit and her ambition have given the dancer and aspiring choreographer the guts to move ahead, even when those who love her best have doubts about her possible success in such a tough field. Not content with her parents' world of safe choices that promise a secure future, Honey has moved to the heart of the city, where the streets are a barrage of sound, energy and music -- and it's the music she's after.Living there is difficult, but she is willing to take it all in stride while she continues to struggle with making ends meet -- her dream is worth it. During the day, she shares that dream by teaching hip-hop classes in a local center to the kids in her neighborhood. At night, watching the clock until her bartending shift ends, Honey comes alive on the dance club floor, where her training collides with her passion and her smooth moves get her noticed.And then her one-time-in-a-million break comes in the form of a video director, who sees Honey in the club and offers her a chance at a spot as a back-up dancer. From there, her true ability shines through, and she begins to finally live her dream -- choreographing for some of the hottest acts in hip-hop and R&B (Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Jadakiss & Sheek, Tweet) and for Honey, it feels too good to be true.And almost as quickly as it arrives, the dream starts to dissolve. Back in the workaday world, Honey returns to what she knows best -- the urban music she loves -- and rediscovers her love of dancing though the exuberant energy of a group of neighborhood kids.