A law student, who takes a job as a night watchman at a morgue, begins to discover clues that implicate him as the suspect of a series of murders.

Nightwatch is a 1997 American horror-thriller film directed by Ole Bornedal about law student Martin Bells (McGregor), who is hired as a night watchman at a hospital morgue. A string of gruesome murders committed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert I (ag) wrote: A terrible bore of a "found footage" film. The trouble with the genre is the distance from the subjects and the sheer ridiculousness of people still recording when they are. This film is so distant from what is supposed to be happening on screen, there's absolutely no sympathy toward the terrorized family or their friends that keep being found dead. Things get so silly after a while you completely check out of the reality of the film altogether. After about an hour in I couldn't even keep up with what was supposed to be happening. I was pretty sure the father bit off his tongue in a scene, but then he's seen fine and talking a few scenes later. The family encounters the police multiple times, but they never seem to follow up on anything that they are investigating.The film is clearly modeled after the "Paranormal Activity" films and relies very little on the Bell Witch mythos. Watching the film, I was repeatedly reminded why "The Blair Witch Project" works as a film; it immersed you in the tone and tension of its world. You got to know the characters and gained some sympathy for their plight. There's no tension in this film to make it worthwhile. I don't blame the actors who have been given scenarios to act out, perhaps they were quite good, although the film doesn't do a worthy job of actually showing you their performances.I lament the filmmakers who watched the rough cut of this film and realized they had made a horror film that doesn't work at all. "C'est la vie, release it anyway!"

Chad D (ru) wrote: A collection of stories previously put in comic-book print, All-Star Superman shows the talent of the DC animated movie group, but puts so much into 76 minutes that it seems disjointed. Revolving around the possible death of Superman, All-Star Superman collects the stories from the end of Superman's life. Marvelous animation and great voice acting make All-Star Superman an entertaining and enjoyable entry into a great (and usually better) line of DC Animated Features.

Vaughan M (de) wrote: A superbly mediocre and safe comedy; Rogen knows better than this.

Stevee T (jp) wrote: My goodness, I think I'm quite getting into European cinema. Well, I had to admit, Paris 36 (2009) looked pretty cool because a) it was a musical and b) it was French. Won't that impress my French teacher? I've watched two French movies in the space of two weeks. Paris 36 is about a group who get together and start a variety show at a theatre close to where they live. They start this show, but the slapstick acts and even the impersonators manage to raise few laughs and less people come to every show. But there is one particular stand-out, a young Parisian named Douce (Nora Arnezeder), who is the announcer who turns into a singer. She lifts the show up, and brings a few more people in. I wouldn't say this is a masterpiece at all, it is heavily flawed by it's complexity. It probably won't translate well to the modern audience, because it is very much a homage to 1930's cinema, and this turns into quite a problem. However, it's easy to be blown away by it's set design and costumes. I love 30's style, and it's put to good use here. Paris 36 is not a must-see, but it is worth your time.

Jewell B (br) wrote: it is so cool and Jale T. Austin looks hot

Ts Yeung Yvonne P (gb) wrote: I actually find this film a bit difficult to watch. Not necessarily interesting, but certainly twisted. Nothing to do with gore nor sexually explicit. It's the psychology of these teenagers, so cruel and disgusting.

Jessie V (es) wrote: could have gotten a higher rating if it ate the children instead of befriending them.

L Jean S (ag) wrote: Amazing film! Hilarious and often ridiculous, but always entertaining.

Gary M (es) wrote: Legendary stuff. Even better now than it was as a kid, but mostly because of all the little side gags hidden in the animation that you'd never have noticed as a kid (Prince Adam being really "suspicious" of Bow). Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

Joe T (fr) wrote: Some things are better live; Monty Python seems to be one.

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Pelicula un tanto engaosa , pero llena de aciertos una direccin magistral y unos dialogos de antologia , ahora una de mis favoritas.

Facebook U (au) wrote: This is a painfully generic film. It has some well filmed action and Al is good as always, but the movie is so bland it's just ridiculous. I'll give you an analogy: 88 Minutes is like those flavorless onion rings you get at WalMart. You think, wow, this will be great, I'm really craving these, but no matter how much salt you put on them, they're absolutely tasteless.