Nihonkai daikaisen

Nihonkai daikaisen

And then there was a skeleton

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:japan,   japanese,   usa,  

Japan and Russia clash in what comes to be known as the Russo-Japanese War. An attempt by the Japanese fleet and army to take Port Arthur fails, and a Russian fleet bears down on the Sea of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kashfia F (ru) wrote: A little too late..maybe?

Zoltan G (it) wrote: egy kulonos taiwani (elso)film. meghozza romantikus film - nagyon egyedi modon. alom es realitas, sorszeruseg es hasonlok.. kicsit mintha mondjuk charlie kaufman egyetlen momentumbol allo gondolatszikrajat kim ki duk meselne el. erdekes!"But you know that he would have an accident later. Would you still marry him?Yes, I would.Why?It's because we were really really happy together. You don't have to give up happiness today for an unknown future."

Baurushan J (kr) wrote: The story involves a London streetdance group who must work with a group of ballet dancers in order to win the UK Championships. Carly played by Nichola Burley is struggling to get two completely different types of dancers together after her boyfriend Jay played by Ukweli Roach left the whole team for a timeout. But when both groups realise that he has betrayed the streetdance group to join a different group named The Surge played by Britain's Got Talent finalist Flawless, Carly takes all responsibility of training the crew herself and comes up with an idea to combine both ballet and streetdancing together, naming their group Breaking Point. George Sampson who won BGT in 2008 plays Eddie, one of the streetdance crew members and surprisingly, he's a really good performer, not in dancing but also in acting and I slowly grew to like his character more and more because he was that enjoyable and I wish I was that guy. The film itself has a powerful vibe full of music and dance and die hard fans of movies involving loads of dance numbers. I went into this with low expectations and since I was trying to catch this movie and give it a watch which I did, overall it wasn't that bad. BTW this movie came out in 2010 not 2013- Rotten Tomatoes, you suck at editing! StreetDance 3D gets a solid 8.5/10.

Robert H (au) wrote: This film is soooo low budget but somehow manages to pull off a purely fun, exciting and hilarious look into the world of the plain jane superhero. Martial arts fans will love this especially when you find out that all those hits and kicks are actually connecting. I'd love to find out how many of those guys got hurt making this film cause some things were just brutal!

Jeff J (us) wrote: Nothing to say that wouldn't add to the praise everyone else has given this movie. However, this movie has elements much deeper than the mere comedy shell. Again, one of the films I would love to write an analytics for and I will when I find the time.

Wesley J (br) wrote: I'm sorry, but taking Ben Stiller seriously is a tough thing to do. At least for me. Him huffing and puffing and shooting heroin into his neck (even with the infant present) just seemed silly to me. And his face made me laugh.

Robert F (de) wrote: At times, the grueling pageant of torture and abuse became a bit much for me. Still, Paradise Road is a triumphant celebration of the human spirit in the face of suffering.

Alex r (mx) wrote: The remake of the 1971 film Willard starring Crispin Glover in the titular role as a social misfit who only has rats for friends is one of those remakes that is actually quite entertaining. While nowadays remakes tend to disappoint, this is an enjoyable film that is can successfully creep you out, because let's face it, rats are just gross. Crispin Glover is quite good here, and I've always enjoyed seeing him in films. He is a talented actor that be humorous and yet creepy, such is the case with Willard. Fans of the original film might like this, and it is a well crafted film that shows us that not all remakes are bad. The film is creepy and at times pretty funny, border lining on cheesy, but Crispin Glover keeps you involved and he is able to convey ridiculousness and seriousness into one performance that keeps you entertained from start to finish. Willard is a good film that keeps elements of the original intact, while freshening up the formula to create something new at the same time. You are most likely to enjoy this film if you loved the original, and though it was a good film, the original left room for improvement and this remake touches on those elements. Remakes tend to be hit and miss, but I really liked this film, it had the right amount of creepy material mixed with dark humor to make it quite a worthy update on a classic horror film. Crispin Glover is great here and he delivers in his performance as the reclusive title character. This is a prime example of a well crafted remake that is fun and entertaining from start to finish due to its cast, direction and well executed story. Although it may be silly at times, there is a certain chill factor within the film that you simply can't ignore.

Marian D (it) wrote: I love Peter Sellers, and I love many of the films made in Italia at Cinecitta. I have to say I also really liked VICTOR MATURE's self-deprecatory performance in this comedy. And this one's directed by Vittorio de Sica!

Matt M (fr) wrote: The drama, adventure and romance surrounding an air freight service headed by an emotionally closed off man. Though the Jean Arthur and Cary Grant love story is a little underlooked, this is an unmistakably exciting and highly entertaining Howard Hawks film, with some standout flying sequences and interesting, colourful characters.

Saris V (de) wrote: Cojonuda, escenas hilarantes... las escenas del futuro vistas desde 1930..

Ron W (ag) wrote: Pretty good movie. Predictable but a good action/vengeance show to watch on a Monday off from work.

Alison O (nl) wrote: Fairly typical British rom-com but its connection to the tennis world's most prestigious tournament of course gives it a special charm. The tennis playing, of course, is digitally enhanced, a GCI ball masking the limitations of the actors, but Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst do a more than acceptable job of bringing the story to life, with more than a few reference to British foibles along the way for laughs.