Nikki, Wild Dog of the North

Nikki, Wild Dog of the North

A family film about Nikki, a half-wolf, half-dog raised in the Yukon during the gold rush era. After being separated from her master, Nikki must fend for herself amidst bears, the harsh Yukon weather, and a trapper who wants her skin.

The rugged Canadian wilderness is the backdrop to this story of a dog separated from his owner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed M (br) wrote: Mind-numbingly bad...worthless...the "frat party" was only a subplot of this movie that tried to be so much more than it was. I blacked out twice (including the ending) - terrible!! Caroline D'Amore is smoking hot, but cannot all...

Kyle M (br) wrote: Dreck! This film is on par with the terrible war of the world's tv series. It never engages the audiences with poor special effects, script and acting. C. Thomas Howell is in my opinion, the Doug McLure of our generation, cheese all thevway.

Jenna R (kr) wrote: While the humor often strays closer to a miss than a hit, Nanny McPhee is a pleasantly entertaining story with a good enough heart to carry it through the rougher moments.

George B (fr) wrote: Aside from Monsters Inc, this was one of the first movies I ever saw in theaters, and to be honest, watching it after several years later, is funner, smarter, and more mature than I remembered as a kid, and I don't care if I'm an Agnostic, I love this movie, and its still has a place in my favorite films of all time. :)

Omar N (br) wrote: One sweet movie, ending doesn't have to be an ultimate happy one, instead it can be a semi-happy ending, thats what hollywood can never master, truly hilarious, and the director just knew how to make a terrific movie out of typical ideas

Sarah C (it) wrote: Kind of entertaining but also confounding - our heroine is simultaneously doormat and serial killer. Odd.

Cam E (it) wrote: Generally funny and a good film. But having watched the deleted scenes, I feel that alot of them should have been kept in as it would have helped the film become better. But I loved the laughs in this film and it is yet another comedy for everyone to enjoy with some good acting. I love Mrs Doubtfire and it is another wonderful idea for a comedy. Very funny stuff.

Sean C (jp) wrote: An artistic and cultural relic of its day, this film is fairly flawed but for me strangely compelling. It also indirectly anticipates slasher movies by a few years.

Simon T (ru) wrote: Deeply irritating 'romantic comedy' with a pretentious and repetitive screenplay by Frederic Raphael, clunky direction by the usually reliable Stanley Donen, and two miscast leads in Audrey Hepburn (twee) and Albert Finney (bored). There is no sexual chemistry, France looks cloudy, and even Henry Mancini's lovely theme is done to death.

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David M (kr) wrote: At six and a half hours, with ten episodes, there's just too damn much of Les Vampires, which quickly begins to sustain itself by repeating plot devices. Plenty of good stuff, and memorable imagery here, and it's rarely less than entertaining in a cheap, sensationalist, novelistic way. Maintains a feeling of hyper-reality throughout - I understand Buuel was an admirer - and feels rather more modern than one may anticipate, despite Feuillade seemingly having precisely zero interest in what DW Griffith and other contemporaries were up to elsewhere.At circa two hours it would be a bona fide classic of popcorn entertainment. As it stands, it's an engaging historical curio.

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