Niku no hokorobi

Niku no hokorobi

A couple of rowdy friends abduct a sultry young woman and her younger sister to have a night of sex games. When the girls put up a fight, the festivities turn ugly.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Niku no hokorobi 1968 full movies, Niku no hokorobi torrents movie

A couple of rowdy friends abduct a sultry young woman and her younger sister to have a night of sex games. When the girls put up a fight, the festivities turn ugly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Niku no hokorobi torrent reviews

Jake G (gb) wrote: The strange cinematography and unlikable characters pilled on top of some what good actors versus great actors doesn't help this film at all.

Laure E (ca) wrote: BOF :( un film ennuyant..

Joseph S (gb) wrote: This is the best movie ever

Adam R (kr) wrote: One of my wife's favorite Christmas movies, but I don't care for it. The general concept isn't bad, but it suffers from being a television movie. The cheesy quality makes it too hard to watch. (First and only full viewing - 12/13/2013)

Duvien H (jp) wrote: Solid direct to DVD effort and shows Van Damme really trying to shed his image as the happy go lucky 90's guy doing the splits.

Kit T (it) wrote: An adolescent guilty pleasure.

Adam G (fr) wrote: best Scottish film ever.

Parker R (es) wrote: The entire film is so idly written and edited together that it's as senseless as its title suggests.


Leonard D (ca) wrote: A film that centers around an Italian family who passes a gift of writing music from generation to generation. The animation and art style is beautiful, even though the other half of it revolves around all kinds of drugs which hippies used back in the 60's. There are a couple times when the story almost lost focus, but then it picks back up with an awesome soundtrack. So, I say that this film wasn't bad!

Divya K (fr) wrote: I absolutely love this movie!! I could watch it over and over again. It's so sweet and simple. The songs really have a lot of meaning behind them. Great performances by Jaya Bhaduri and Rajesh Khanna.

Veniea T (ru) wrote: Looked at this movie for the second time and I must say that it was not as bad as I thought. The first time, I was not in to it.This is a nice flick.

Ken S (it) wrote: I'm not sure how I feel about "Marnie". The film is a well crafted Hitchcock picture in many ways, with great cinematography, good leads in Tippi Hedren (who gives quite the performance) and Sean Connery (starring in between two Bond films), but it also has things that I find hard to a guy who takes a female thief and essentially blackmails her into marriage, and then after claiming to respect her decisions, rapes her...which I could all take in if this guy was painted as a villain or got punished in some way in the end...but he is the hero of the film, and the end of the film makes it seem like everything he did was for the good of the woman. I find that a hard pill to swallow. It is a technically well made film, with a great performance from Hedren, but I just didn't buy major elements of the storyline, at least in the sense that the ending of the film feels all wrong based on the story that is portrayed on screen.

Jason K (au) wrote: A good story with a satisfying ending. The cast is decent, but the screen play and production values are weak and Osment's performance isn't very good. The premise makes it worth watching as a freebie on Amazon Prime.

Brian W (au) wrote: Good story, with some fine performances but Ed Harris steals the show with his small role as a serial killer!

Martin S (nl) wrote: This movie is just an attempt to get in on the succes of Basic Instinct. It's the same thing....without the talented filmmaking. It's watchable....But nothing more. I liked the ending though....But that's not what they I can't give them credit for it.

Issac C (us) wrote: After watching Stay at least two hundred times it baffled me that critics couldn't figure it out. (Not really) But it was because they couldn't figure Stay out is why they hated it so much. Once you know what actually happens in this movie, you realize that it is a masterpiece.

Henry M (ca) wrote: The originality of this movie goes without saying. With a great plot matched with Pixar's superb storytellers, this film was executed to perfection and will always be legendary in the movie industry.

Robert H (es) wrote: This crazy lo-fi scifi film combines elements from The Terminator, Blade Runner, Timecop and Mad About You to form a classic piece of filmmaking that has spawned a slew of sequels.Thomerson is Jack Deth... literally. The role was made for him and Charles Band takes full advantage of it.Hindered somewhat from lack of budget, the "concept" behind the film manages to carry it through where the actual script fails making it one of the top scifi films imo (if we're talking top 200+).How do you make a science fiction film on a limited budget? Time travel to the past (present?). The Terminator franchise knew this very well and Banduses it to stretch his dollar here.This film is very enjoyable as long as you don't mind simple, quickly put together, low budget films that clearly look and feel like corners were cut.

ken k (it) wrote: Even Tom Wilkinson and Katerine Heigl can not save this predictable, almost insulting mess. Abominable script, poor editing, and misplaced music are but three poison Apples here. Hiegl is very good and Wilkinson does his best with dialogue written for a high school play. I must admit the ending though predictable did make me tear up.