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Nikudyshnaya torrent reviews

Jack B (ru) wrote: If you liked the first one you'll like this, just don't expect much more and you won't be dissapointed.

Mathew G (ru) wrote: This was a TERRIBLE movie. I can't begin to imagine how a pile a crap like this came together and why anyone thought it was a good idea is beyond me. It's a teeny bopper movie, and not a classic mean girls style teeny bopper movie that even old folks can enjoy. Just a dry piece of dooty with nothing to offer. No character building, poor acting, the story stinks, it's slow, no emotional pull at all. The story is basically about an alcoholic mother who, to be honest, doesn't even seem that bad. Her 2 little brat daughters can't get over the fact that their mother isn't perfect so they do something about it. Forget this movie.... just.... forget it.

Mercedies P (kr) wrote: It's pretty good. It made me laugh though. It wasn't supposed to.

chad g (de) wrote: I seem to recall liking this movie but I don't recall much else about it. I guess it's one to keep an eye out for so I can take another look.

Benny L (jp) wrote: one of the best Johnny To's movie...

Daisy M (fr) wrote: What a trip inside of a trip wrapped in a riddle and filled with bunnies ;) SAW IT.

andrew j (ru) wrote: its very nice as the movie is teq

Mike J (de) wrote: When I order a pizza I always get extra cheese and this is why...Originally titled "Thursday the 12th," this staple of early HBO is the reason I am who I am today. Loads of sight gags and word play. One of the original spoofs. Watch it and see. And if you ever get caught lookin' in someone's drawers, you can blame it on this movie.

Ilyass K (de) wrote: Needs to talk more about "Andrei Roublev"

Stacie (br) wrote: This movie is so overly dramatic it is just not believable on any level. I don't generally care for remakes, but maybe this is a good candidate. Maybe not - the crash site is probably a strip mall today.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Michael Caine is back as the be speckled spy Harry Palmer in this third outing in the series (two more films would be made with Caine about 30 years later). The film is directed by Ken Russell, who later made a name for himself with films focused around his obsession with sexuality and the church, but Russell apparently was contractually required to direct the film even though he didn't want the job. However, the end product is just about as visually arresting as any of Russell's films (even if they are missing his usual themes and subject matter) and even includes a nice Eisenstein reference, so it would seem that he was having some fun. The film was also beautifully shot by Billy Williams, who would later go on to shoot several more Russell film up to the 1990s. The story involves Palmer hunting the title brain, which is really a super computer (which is really an ancient Honeywell computer) from an anti-commie extremist who wants to start a war with the Russians. It's a snappy, fun spy film and I would say is clearly the best of the Harry Palmer films. Well worth watching for 1960s spy film fans!

Janet F (mx) wrote: Always an awesome watch, just love Johnny Depp {as George Jung} he is such. Character actor in the true sense of the word; just magical! And who could forget Paul Reubens playing the unforgettable {Derek Farreal} I mean this guy is a felony and a chameleon... You just look up and *BOOM* there he is!! Not to mention the cameos, uh there is Meatloaf playing the totally hilarious dope(head)dealer! ??????, so it is me that needs to shut ??? I'm sorry for going on and on... My final rating for the movie ??Blow is; ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? or ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???