Nil Gavani Sellathey

Nil Gavani Sellathey

Sam (Anand Chakaravarthy), Jo (Dhaniska), Arun (Ramssy), Priya (Lakshmi Nair) and Milo (Jagan) head to a small village on a pleasure trip. And they reach the place despite a warning that it is not to going to be a nice trip. The film, which is inspired from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, released on 17 December 2010 with favorable reviews from the critics. It failed to succeed at the box office and was re-released on 25 March 2011.

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Mohammed A (es) wrote: Stupid things can make you laugh

Rebekah L (us) wrote: Kevin Hart used to make me laugh, but this act came off as too scripted, as if he's lost his rhythm. Then, towards the middle of his act, he says some pretty overtly homophobic comments which ended up ruining it for me. Definitely would not recommend this guy for a good laugh.

Sanity Assassin (jp) wrote: starts off like saw or hostel and then turns to eerie action. as someone's mentioned there wasn't much dialogue. should've been a computer game. would've been successful then. saying that it's not all bad and when the protagonists are beings stalked through the corridors it actually is quite engaging

Al S (kr) wrote: One hell of a cool kick-ass thrill-ride. A full-throttle thriller that packs a full-clip of explosive action and teriffic buddy humor. A sharp, stylish, frequently funny and action-packed thriller. One of the better Steven Seagal films i have seen in a very long time. Anthony 'Treach' Criss and Steven Seagal have great chemistry, making them a great team to watch.

Ian C (es) wrote: Americans are fat greedy bastards. An extreme experiment by Spurlock but if you look between the lines, there are people who don't eat just McDonald's daily, but a lot of people eat bad food daily. Although it is hard to top the Yanks for being fat , burger munching pig cunts, this obesity epidemic has already hit Ireland and the U.K. so, this is really is really relevant.

Luciano G (us) wrote: This movie had a little bit of everything and everyone should see it..... the cast put on award winning performances and the plot was good..great job and thanks to all the players for making this a heart warming and real life drama...

James M (br) wrote: Studio bore very disappointing, at least the real story is still out there to be told in a better way

Grant H (jp) wrote: Ok movie. Not a very good one, but with some good performances and funny moments, it's watchable once, and maybe bits and pieces while doing something else when nothing else on.

Eric B (br) wrote: I'm not a big Fassbinder fan, but I did like "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul." Nice that it wasn't as relentlessly squalid and degenerate as many of his other films, and Brigitte Mira's performance is absolutely wonderful. However, I enjoyed the first half more than the second. Once Fassbinder hooked these two interesting characters together, it seemed like he couldn't decide whether to give them a happy ending or a sad one. So instead he wobbled along both paths simultaneously, then just bailed out and gave the film no ending at all. This movie simply shuts down, without any sort of satisfying resolution.It also has a notably poor, misleading title -- it sounds like some sort of no-budget zombie flick! And I don't know why the "Ali" prefix was added for the English market. Very awkward, and just makes me think of, say, "Manos: The Hands of Fate."

Orlok W (es) wrote: Misfortune by geography to be smack in the middle of supply and trade routes since ancient times. That made it desirable real estate. Malta's been occupied by every conqueror operating in that area, most recently the British during World War II. At that time that island with its air and naval base was doing a lot of damage to Erwin Rommel's supply route in North Africa. With unbelievable courage the British garrison held on for over two years and was never really out of harm's way until the Allies took Sicily--A Mix of Cinematic Journalism and Romantic Love in a Threatened Little Island!!

A R (de) wrote: One can only imagine how good this would have been without huge chunks of film missing. Of what exists, von Stroheim's direction is quite striking. I's difficult to imagine this kind of film existing after Hays. Swanson is a bit miscast, yet she sells it remarkably, managing to evoke a range of emotions with simply her face and body.Perhaps more important from a historical standpoint, but seeing the restoration made me very interested in seeing more of the man's work.

Sharon C (ca) wrote: This was not an action adventure... First half was so slow and boring couldn't even continue with the second half

Hawk (kr) wrote: Obviously meant to capitalize on the Occupy Wall Street protests. I actually can't really think of why else this would be a movie. Robert Patterson spends most of the movie riding around in a limo while various other characters discuss various issues with him: the problem is that most of the conversations aren't really interesting and seem to be focused on business, which is uninteresting to us as an audience. The hook is that as the day (and the movie) progresses we are supposed to feel like the world is falling further and further into shambles, this is done at such a gradual pace though that it's hardly worth mentioning. I expected more from Cronenberg.