Nimrod Visits Downton Abbey

Nimrod Visits Downton Abbey


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
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Nimrod Visits Downton Abbey torrent reviews

Kris V (fr) wrote: James Franco's directorial debut is a small arthouse flick, with some cool scenes if you enjoy his antics, but the whole plot left a lot to be desired as they went quite lightly over some aspects of the his character's drug abuse and general behavior. The great soundtrack and bleak colors really worked tho, and if you like low budget "drug movies" you could do worse.

David T (mx) wrote: Werner Herzhog vs Nessie. If that sounds remotely interesting to you, then you are going to eat this up with a spoon. A great mockumentary.

lu m (jp) wrote: an usual plot but somehow it worked for me

Greg C (mx) wrote: Once again, Phillip Seymour Hoffman does what he does best. After watching this film, I'm glad I never got addicted to gambling.

Dylan G (au) wrote: in all honesty i think the series should've stopped at 1, but this was probably the shiniest pile of dogshit among the rest of the sequel's, unlike the others, i liked how it explained why Michael Myers is the way he is, it's a lot better and a little more original then the cliched "He's filled with rage" or "he's possessed by the devil himself" storylines, i'm glad they decided to deviate from that and go with something else, not saying this is one of my favorite movies of all time, but when you have to watch the whole series in it's entirety with your mom every Halloween because of her obsession with it, this is the only one i can stay awake through

Edgar C (ag) wrote: Outstanding. This film is among Tornatore's best. The music by Morricone is spectacular and the direction is top-notch. This film INSPIRED two of the most popular PG-13 modern horror/thriller films, but I can't mention them, or I would be spoiling this gem entirely. Essential viewing. 80/100

Steve M (kr) wrote: Laser MissionStarring: Bradon Lee and Ernest BorgnineDirector: BJ Davis It's the final decade of the Cold War. Brandon Lee plays an independent "trouble-shooter" who is hired by the CIA to extract a brilliant Russian scientist (Borgnine) who is being guarded by screwhead Cubans in an African nation. At stake: Laser weapons that can tip the balance of power. With a summary like that, "Laser Mission" sounds like it might be alot of fun, either as a comedy or as an action movie. Sadly, it's neither. The attempts at humor fall flatter than the chests on the grade-schoolers who might find the gags amusing, and it's possibly the most boring action movie ever put on film. In fact, the fights are so obviously (and badly) choreographed that I think those grade-schoolers above could have done a better job just playing "Cops and Robbers" in the backyard. I think that if you take a look around the reviews here, you'll find I have quite alot of stamina when it comes to bad movies... but this one kicked my ass it was so bad. It was so dull and so dumb that I threw in the towel just shy of the one-hour mark.

Luc L (jp) wrote: Bob Fosse style drama of the tragedic life of Dorothy Stratten. Mariel Hemingway is excellent in this.

Ryan M (gb) wrote: *** out of **** A small fishing town is in panic over the recent arrival of some unwanted guests: a plethora of fish-people with the ability to walk on land and swim in the ocean alike! They usually prey on beautiful young women frolicking near their waters, although as the poster indicates; they hunt these babes not for feeding, but for mating! The townsfolk are determined to put an end to this madness by making the hunters become the hunted. In fact, they are but civilians; civil human beings. So they should have no trouble stocking up on artillery so that they may cleanse the nearby waters of this newfound filth. In the process, they shall attempt to discover the origins of these strange beings with the help of a doctor character (played by Ann Turkel), who knows all about the evolutionary structure of frogs and whatnot, which apparently helps in this situation. So maybe they're not fish-people after all. No, they're Humanoids from the Deep. If the plot for the Roger Corman-produced "Humanoids from the Deep" sounds a bit familiar, then that's because it most certainly is. The film is reminiscent of B-movies from the 50's in the best of ways. Why have a film evoking that era, from that era, when you can have it in 1980? It's a wild, hilarious, genuinely rowdy horror film that takes its audience more seriously than it takes itself. Expect the expected - blood, boobs, and babes - along with the unexpected and you'll know a fraction of what you're in for. Somehow, it manages to elicit a laugh a minute; whether it's in the film's stereotypical presentation of fisherman or the cheesy creature effects. It's mindless, but it's a lot of fun. Obviously, it's not about characters. This film says "Characters? Bah, who needs 'em when you've got tits and ass?" In a film that has the antique-like charm of being a few decades old, this mentality is very much welcome; and this is a movie that's sleazy without being absolutely repulsive. I wouldn't say it goes COMPLETELY over-the-top, but there are scenes of such raw absurdity that you couldn't call it particularly tame either. It's not one of the best films Roger Corman ever produced, but damn it, it's another one of the good ones. Corman is known for introducing young talents into the cinema scene; and "Humanoids from the Deep" was early work for the likes of Rob Bottin - creator of the humanoids - and composer James Horner, among others. It's also director Barbara Peeters' most well-known feature. And yet I hear she isn't too proud of it. Apparently they called in a second unit director to shoot all the scenes involving sex, nudity, and (ahem) fish rape as well as the more violent sequences. Hell, I'm glad he stepped in; what would this film be without those prime elements of classic sleaze? It would be a decent looking movie with an entertaining ocean-side backdrop, and that would have been it. The film wouldn't have been remembered; but instead, it's already been restored for DVD/Blu-Ray and even remade once. I admire the work Peeters did as well as whatever her second unit director did to spice the thing up; because all of it comes together in a conclusive and satisfying whole. But let's elaborate on the fish rape. It's probably one of the quirkiest elements of this film. And that's saying something for a movie known for its quirky elements alone. The scenes concerning the deflowering of beach-bound beauties aren't overly graphic but there's nudity aplenty and to be completely honest, a grotesque being with webbed feet and hands forcing himself onto a young woman doesn't exactly turn me on. But it does make me laugh. Another thing that makes me laugh is the finale; which is all explosions and gruesome death, with a sound effect of a woman's frightened screams being used over and over again as if the filmmakers had no other resources (or voices) to turn to. The icing on the cake is a twist ending that rips off the famous Chest-burster scene from Ridley Scott's "Alien". On a whole, it's a movie that steals a lot like the brainless mongoloid movie it is. But least it's non-pretentious and knows its audience all too well.

Brad S (de) wrote: Loved this classic comedy from 1936 starring William Powell, Spencer Tracy, Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow. Just a joy to watch and Powell has become one of my favourite classic stars. Anyone that likes classic films should seek this out. Highly recommended!

David S (us) wrote: Won't win any Oscars, but this cast vs mouse thriller kept me entertained. Michael Douglas I thought was pretty decent. Nothing special though.

Oscar T (nl) wrote: Los simios al poder!

Janet M (es) wrote: Completely wrong and out of context. It has been made to take credit from God and to make people believe the Bible isn't true and that there is no God at all.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: A messy affair for me. Just doesn't seem to be able to get it's tone straight. It's supposedly a serious film, and yet you have that party music in the Bill Conti score. For me, a jarring film to sit through. My least fave of the Moore 007 films, and my 2nd least fave EON 007 film, just above Diamonds Are Forever.

Harsha A (nl) wrote: Profound and moving. Does justice to the many victims of this tragedy.

Stacey O (au) wrote: Visually great but ultimately dull.