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Psychological thriller larded with manga-like animations about the young, poor comic strip illustrator Nina, living with her mean landlady. She sinks further and further into a violent fantasy world.

Nina is the best movies torrent of Marçal Aquino, Heitor Dhalia, Fyodor Dostoevsky (novel). The released year of this movie is 2004. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example Guta Stresser, Milhem Cortaz, Anderson Faganello, Abrahão Farc, Juliana Galdino, Heitor Goldflus, Ailton Graça, Sabrina Greve, Luíza Mariani, Altamiro Martins, Selton Mello, Wagner Moura, Myrian Muniz, Matheus Nachtergaele, Walter Portela. The kind of movie are Thriller. The rating is 6.7 in We have a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 85 minutes. FapDe is crazy uploader, he is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your thought. Do you know what are customers? ShinichiKuto is the best. I can't fight my iPhone screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

She sinks further and further into a violent fantasy world. Psychological thriller larded with manga-like animations about the young, poor comic strip illustrator Nina, living with her mean landlady

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Users reviews

Brett B (fr)

Recommended. The eventual reveal was rather good too. Well acted and brooding plot that slowly unveils and gets better and better as the film progresses. Great film

Charlie M (ru)

Reynolds as a moonshiner who helps police in this action flick

David F (de)

maybe a netflix dvd rental. . . but nothing worth going out of the way to see. . This looks to be alright

Donovan S (br)

If I find myself laughing during a horror flick, there usually isn't much good to say about it. I enjoy the exorcism genre, but this film lacked everything that intrigues me

Eng S (br)

But otherwise, not worth your time. I guess if you do bother to sit down and watch the whole thing through, it is to see the Alyssa Milano nudity and sex scenes. I find this is tacky movie a real chore to sit through since it gets boring about 1/4 of the movie. Since she has many admirers pursuing her including her art teacher, she takes advantage of this to have some fun. These items inspire her to change from an innocent girl to a slutty woman halfway throughout the movie. While settling down in her room, she discovers a box containing a diary, clothes and jewelery of a girl named Ivy. Poison Ivy 2 is about a beautiful art student (Alyssa Milano) who moves to Los Angeles to study art

Flannimal F (nl)

good acting but story was bland and at the end youd want more

Pia R (us)

. . The amusing side of Bandreas at its best

Pranay K (fr)

salman & preity chemistry was really romantic romantic

Stephanie S (us)

t least the singing in that movie is decent!. Oh, I must say, to top it off this movie may actually cause people to appreciate High School Musical. but only because the movie was apparently filmed in 13 days. . . Never have I seen such an ending that left me angry!Now, I will give this movie the benefit of the doubt, which is why there is an extra 1/2 a star added in. In fact, the actual ending was so sudden that I was actually confused. which it seemed like the movie was trying to do but didn't quite make it that far. . . The end shows the official growth of the characters. Sunday School Musical did an okay job with that. Yes, everything in between is important but it's the beginning that catches your attention. There are two important parts to a movie, the beginning and end. I probably wouldn't have had such an issue with this movie if the ending was better. Now, I don't know if they actually sang the songs but at least TRY to make it look like you know what you're doing. It would also help if the lip syncing in the movie was better. I was literally cringing at some of the vocals. if the singing was better. . . The acting was absolutely horrendous, though some of the songs were alright. a VERY few mentions of God in this movie. . . A church is closing down due to lack of money, and there were a few. but what exactly did this movie have to do with God?Yes, yes, I get it. . . Which, most Christian movies are, which I have no problem with seeing as how I'm a Christian myself. So, I decide I want to watch this movie because you know, I kind of like cheesy, corny movies