Nine Days a Queen

Nine Days a Queen

A dramatization of Lady Jane Grey's short life, from her forced marriage (which she resisted) to her brief reign as monarch of England and finally to her beheading. The film portrays her as...

A dramatization of Lady Jane Grey's short life| from her forced marriage (which she resisted) to her brief reign as monarch of England and finally to her beheading.
The film portrays her as an innocent set up for the slaughter while the scheming courtiers and pretenders to the throne barely pay her mind| as they stab each other
in the back in their attempts to gain power and influence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean A (gb) wrote: one of the most beautifully shot films of all time, cements a legacy for wes anderson. he's made great films before, and this is by far the greatest.

John B (ru) wrote: Perhaps the fall-spring relationship doesn't quite work but Carrancho is an interesting character sketch of a horrid character. How far will he go to profit at his trade?

Anthony M (ru) wrote: Truth be told, this documentary is the TRUTH..

Jason L (kr) wrote: A meaningful samurai movie, prooving that a blind samurai can over power a highly skilled samurai without the use of site.

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Kevin D (ru) wrote: This flick was not very good. The intermittent stand-up did provide some comic relief as did the revenge humor in the third act. Bless its heart; it wants to be another Foolish, but came up short. To its credit, it was a better way to start off a new year than METRO. My grade: D

Eduardo F (fr) wrote: No um filme ruim. Os personagens, inicialmente, so interessantes e a premissa boa. O problema a forma fria e distante como a trama desenvolvida. No d pra se envolver nem se importar com os indivduos retratados. O resultado insosso.

Chetan (es) wrote: Kareena was far better than Rahul Bose.

Leocadio V (es) wrote: One of the Best Hellraiser movies since the original. Great Plot Twist.

Josh G (es) wrote: Mars Calahan can make a good movie. I'll be honest, I was dragged into seeing this movie at the theatre, but I gotta admit, I'm glad I did, it's just another quirky, fun movie that's good if you don't always like the norm.

Kristian M (fr) wrote: Those wacky kids will worship anything, this time it's a fire in a silo. Pretty much your typical Children of the Corn film, if you're a fan of the series you'll get what you paid for. David Carradine seems to phone it in as Luke but Alexis Arquette is great in male drag.

Jeffrey A (nl) wrote: Fun and enjoyable farce back when Kim was sane and acting.

Amy F (jp) wrote: John Travolta dressed as a woman ... what a cool sight that was

Ramona P (ag) wrote: It looks great but that's it, it's too superficial, awful plot. The music they choose after restoration was too modern to fit the era and it was a bad idea to put sound-effects and crowd noises on it. I also didn't like the font they used for the title and credits, again too modern. Some parts were badly deteriorated but I liked that parts, it was like a light show with a touch of psychedelic.

Jonny P (it) wrote: "Mercury Rising" looked so great from its synopsis... but the synopsis was just vague enough to completely mislead me. In an ode to "WarGames," a young boy accidentally deciphers a secret government code. To heighten the interest of the film, the boy is autistic. At this point, one would expect the film to explore the discovery of the code and show how it is used for good or for evil; instead, it turns the film into "Die Hard" with an autistic kid. Let's see which will draw audiences in better: "An autistic 9-year-old boy cracks the U.S. government's top-secret code when an unapproved test matrix gets published in a crossword magazine" OR "Bruce Willis plays typical heroic character while protecting a kid from assassins for two hours." Well played, Universal. Movie #1 interested me while I never would have given Movie #2 a chance. Even though the plot stinks, this could have been a great vehicle for Miko Hughes to have his Rainman role, but he doesn't. His portrayal of autism is more offensive than it is empathetic. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin doesn't do much of anything and Bruce Willis is about 30% shy of being John McClane. The film has a few interesting plot twists with several characters unsuspectingly killed off but it isn't enough to make up for the weak acting performances and the bland script.

Chucky (ag) wrote: February 28th 2013August 12th 2016