Nine Dog Christmas

Nine Dog Christmas

Animated tale about Santa's reindeer, who have come down with the North Pole flu. Nearsighted elf leader Buzz thinks he's found the perfect replacements, but the makeshift reindeer turn out to be nine stray dogs in an old beat-up wagon! Will this ragged band of canines be up to the task of guiding Santa's sleigh, or will Christmas have to be grounded?

Animated tale about Santa's reindeer, who have come down with the North Pole flu. Nearsighted elf leader Buzz thinks he's found the perfect replacements, but the makeshift reindeer turn out to be nine stray dogs in an old beat-up wagon! Will this ragged band of canines be up to the task of guiding Santa's sleigh, or will Christmas have to be grounded? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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