Nine Hundred Nights

Nine Hundred Nights


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Rob M (fr) wrote: This could be a very good horror movie if it had better directing. It had too abrupt of an ending and some weak acting. It is an indie movie and is well worth a look though.

Quinn S (fr) wrote: Not that much better then the rated version.

Hinata A (jp) wrote: who cares about age, when there is love..

Jeffrey W (gb) wrote: not the best movie but interesting concept

Albert P (es) wrote: weird :) for Lynch's fans only !

Madelynn B (nl) wrote: don't ever read the book. its extremely boring

Niamh E (gb) wrote: Funny in places, but relies too heavily on stereotypes of Islam. Yet it does touch on some major issues of patriarchy.

Lee M (fr) wrote: It is in the "serious" moments that the film's sentiments don't ring true.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: A fine overlooked slasher film that, much like Halloween, relies more on atmosphere and a good soundtrack than on blood and guts.

SteinErik R (gb) wrote: Truly a horrible movie, after 5 minutes I felt like turning it off and after 10 I wanted to strangle Jill Ireland to death. The movie had potential and Bronson was very good, but it ends up being just another reminder that if Ireland hadn't married Bronson she would probably never have had a career at all.

Liam M (nl) wrote: A fun, gore filled splatter fest that on occasions may act a lot smarter than it actually is.

Waleed A (fr) wrote: well made movie but more on the cheesy side for an older demographic. moderately funny. lots of great cameos. (1 viewing)

Blke W (jp) wrote: it came as a shock... this was actually an ok flick with fairly low taboo content. an industry standpoint is confronted when yes sex sell if the stigmas are dropped by mainstreem exposure. there is a concerned look as "dont worry luv leave it up to us" as total world domination is completely available via successful industrialization lol but the point is clear all fun and games have limits and this is a cannon of arms in the wrong places of market. so the commin phrase/derogatory slur meat market is even more adressed. that said i saw a pretty bad version so xxl wil def be a better version as far as sequels go thts sayin somthing anyway.

David B (us) wrote: One of the reasons I see a division of the critics of this movie is that it is subliminally Christian. To non-Christians the story of Jesus seems illogical because it doesn't make sense that someone can pay for another's sins. Along these same lines of logic, improving other people's lives doesn't justify suicide, thus the end of both stories doesn't make sense. However, lots of my very Christian friends love this movie. They say it's one of the best movies to portray redeeming love. In the movie not only do Tim's actions make sense but they are some of the ultimate acts of love, e.g. laying down one's own life for the sake of friends.