Nine Men

Nine Men

The Nine men of the title are a British WWII Army patrol stuck in a desert fort during the African campaign. The Men must defend the fort against the Italian and German troops until they can be relieved.

The Nine men of the title are a British WWII Army patrol stuck in a desert fort during the African campaign. The Men must defend the fort against the Italian and German troops until they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle B (ca) wrote: Oh my god, that was insane. The thing that makes this movie so disturbing is how realistic and relatable these characters are. It makes the devastating ending even more disturbing. The first half is absolutely hysterical though. Gets a 4.5/5 instead of a 5/5 because of found footage technique. Sick of that shit.

Robert R (au) wrote: 3 days to kill is a measly structured action-thriller that shows clear signs of re editing. it feels like part of it was film was missing it is a film that feels rushed in the editing room just to finish the final product in the last minute. their were so many characters and plot points happening at the same time that i immediately lost track on what was going on and subplots are forgotten about than are brought up again. the script feels like it was rewritten to have more family bonding then rewritten to have action then rewritten to bring in characters then rewritten to have comedy.its not without its moments but it gives you to much to focus on and it feels like this was rushed in post-production.

Jason S (kr) wrote: Hilarious but occasionally a little too self indulgent.

Mohd S (it) wrote: When cult-favourite horror filmmaker JT Petty ventures into the dark world of underground horror, things don't exactly go as planned. As he begins to examine the classic comparison between filmmaking and voyeurism within the horror genre, he uncovers a collective of filmmakers, deviants, and self-professed possible murderers. The most notorious underground film series he discovers is called S&MAN, produced by the unassuming and creepy Eric Rost. The more Petty digs into his subject, the more Eric withdraws, claiming a desire to protect his "creative vision." But Petty begins to suspect that the real reason may be that Eric's "actors" are in fact "victims," placing the filmmaker in dangerous territory and making S&MAN the most unsettling horror experience in years.

Regina R (mx) wrote: There is so much bad language in this film that it actually loses the impact it is suposed to have.........and it is sickening. Nicole Kidman does a pretty good job, but no one else. There are many scenes shot in semi-darkness, which lends a gloomy atmosphere to the entire movie. The animosity between the sisters is well portrayed, though. I really do not recommend this movie to anyone.

Sara S (ru) wrote: sharks go, "RAAR RAAR!" and corbin bernsen steals the show! has anyone ever said that before? alien rock candy makes sharks angry, who knew?

Al M (it) wrote: A solid psychological thriller that takes one twist after another, The Dark Hours is a brutally dark piece of horror cinema that will keep you guessing even after the credits roll. A remote cabin becomes the scene of a psychiatrist confronting her own anxieties, fears, and darkness. The Dark Hours never quite achieves greatness, but it manages to be a stylish, surprising, and successful thriller nonetheless.

John M (kr) wrote: Hellraiser set in the Se7en universe is something that I am okay with. So this is about an obsessed detective (Craig Sheffer) who is trying to track down a serial killer who goes by the handle of 'The Engineer', but is having difficulties when he starts to have hallucinations of demons. As soon as Inferno starts, you can tell immediately that there is more competency behind the filmmaking than the past two movies put together. This is directed by Scott Derrickson, who has gone on to have a successful directing career (go see Sinister if you haven't already), so this is not all that surprising. Everything about this has a fresh, ambitious feel that was missing previously; the cinematography is thought out, the material feels inspired, and the characters are actually given interesting things to say. Sheffer is playing this flawed, gray character, and because he is the main character with imperfections in a Hellraiser movie, I was never 100% certain how it would play out. What this installment does is takes this seedy detective mystery and puts it in a Hellraiser story, which does help to invigorate the series. I really did enjoy this a lot, and the only thing I can imagine fans having a complaint with is the fact that there really isn't all that much Pinhead. He is featured for about 8 minutes or less, but this never really bothered me; if you've seen the first two movies (which were the ones that got it right), you would know that the more mysterious the cenobites remain, the better.

DJ T (de) wrote: Samantha Mathis (Pump Up The Volume, American Psycho) does a great job playing a drug addicted stripper and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his early prowess as an actor in this sad, emotional, drama that plays out like a late-night cable TV drama. Director Joe Gayton (writer of the upcoming Faster w Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) doesnt quite delve into the depth of the characters, nor keep things tense. The film is definitely not for everyone.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: If you need help, give me a call. Paul Kersey has a new girlfriend, Olivia. He is older and wiser and has left the vigilante business long in his past. Olivia has a beautiful daughter and organizes and delivers fashion shows. Olivia's daughter's father returns to town with a ruthless gang and begins strong arming Olivia and her operations. Olivia is initially badly beaten and later murdered. Olivia's ex-husband is awarded custody of their daughter. It may be time for Kersey to take matters in his own hands again. "I hate to see you get hurt. You're already fat, dumb, and stupid." Allan Goldstein, director of 2001: A Space Travesty, Virus, When Justice Fails, Chaindance, and Memory Run, delivers Death Wish V: The Face of Death. The storyline for this picture is okay and almost exactly in line with the previous pictures. It does have a fitting conclusion with Kersey maybe having one last chance to raise "his" daughter, which is rewarding if you have been following the series. The acting is par for the course and the cast includes Charles Bronson, Michael Parks, Robert Joy, and Leslie-Ann Down. "Look at that beautiful face. I'm going to have to take it." We have become fans of Charles Bronson action pictures and have now seen the entire Death Wish collection. The series was fairly interesting with the story being consistent from film to film. This picture had the most graphic violence of the five; and like the fourth film, focused more on the action than the plot. This film may have contained the best villain of the five pictures. Overall, this was an above average action picture that is worth watching for fans of the genre. "Do guns make you nervous?" "Guns have their uses. Idiots with guns make me nervous." Grade: C+

Clay B (it) wrote: ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR (1987)

mike p (au) wrote: Stylish film about an assasin for hire. Plus his kid is along for the ride. Lots of arterial spray. Very bloody.

Nathan K (gb) wrote: good visuals, liked the first half, second half started to get cheesy and predictable. Ehh

Iain B (nl) wrote: Per pick up a penguin

Steve D (de) wrote: a great premise is made into a kickass action flic. it is very much a van-Dmme movie but if you enjoy him (I do) your love it.

Sterling B (us) wrote: A near-perfect Western and a great example of fine, crowd-pleasing cinema. Features great action scenes, some clever humor and a collection of colorful (and likeable) protagonists that make the run time seem shorter than it is.