Nine Miles Down

Nine Miles Down

In the Sahara desert, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. A security patrolman, battles through the high winds to investigate why all contact with the station has been lost. Originally built for gas exploration, and then abandoned, the site had recently been taken over by a multi-national research team intent on drilling deeper into the earth’s crust than ever before.

A security expert is sent to a remote scientific camp to investigate strange things that are happening. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (es) wrote: There are some beautiful souls among us who never shed their youthful idealism or their commitment to helping others find their way along the path. This is a film about one of them.Antonio (Javier Camera) is a high school teacher in a small Spanish town at the end of the Franco era who uses Beatles songs to teach his students English. He's inventive, kind-hearted, chubby, bald, and full of humor and intelligence. He's also single and slightly lovelorn.He tapes the new Beatle songs on Belgian radio before they're available in Spain, but some of the words remain obscure. Hearing that John Lennon has flown in to make a film in nearby Almeria province (Richard Lester's How I Won the War), he decides to drive there on a long weekend to ask the famous Beatle to help him fill in the blanks in his transliteration of the song lyrics. It's a nave and Quixotic quest, but Antonio is confident he'll be able to penetrate the film set and catch John's attention somehow.Along the way he picks up two hitchhikers, both of whom we've already gotten to know in other scenes. One is a young woman named Belen who's pregnant and fleeing the Catholic institution where her parents have sequestered her. The other is a teenage boy named Juanjo who's left home to avoid getting a haircut. He likes his hair long; his father, a cop, doesn't.This unlikely trio get to know one another on the road. When Antonio learns that Juanjo prefers the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, he slams on the brakes-they're out in the middle of nowhere-and demands that Juanjo get out and walk. "Let Mick Jagger drive you," he shouts.He's only joking, as it turns out. Antonio is actually a soft-hearted man who adores kids and quotes Antonio Machado freely:Last night, as I was sleeping,I dreamt - marvelous error! -that I had a beehivehere inside my heart.And the golden beeswere making white combsand sweet honeyfrom my old failures. orTraveler, there is no path.The path is made by walking.By walking you make a pathAnd turning, you look backAt a way you will never tread againTraveller, there is no roadOnly waves in the sea. I say "soft-hearted" although Antonio stands up defiantly for his young passengers at several places in the film. "You cannot live in fear," is his mantra, though in Franco's Spain it's difficult, and dangerous, to do otherwise. Almeria province at the time (1966) was a poverty-stricken place, and the unlikely trio soon hole up in a desolate bar-hotel frequented by agricultural workers and urchin-like children. The dialect is so obscure that Antonio can barely make out what the night-shift inn keeper is saying.The good thing is, the film set is only a few miles away across the desert wastes.I'm not going to tell you how that particular escapade turns out, nor describe in detail various other encounters Antonio, Belen, and Juanjo have with the locals and with one another. Living is Easy with Eyes Closed is a film about growing up, Fascist Spain, teaching, the importance of youth and idealism, and several other things. It's a film where Antonio Machado meets John Lennon, in a manner of speaking. And it's one of the most humorous and touching films I've seen in a long time.

Ben H (de) wrote: A modern Bollywood popcorn thriller...sans singing and dancing.

Aidan M (de) wrote: Truly awful rubbish ... every clich in the book and zero laughs

Armando B (au) wrote: In Angelina's Jolie directing debut was well made not as bad as I would think. Pretty good, surprised me at times of how really good it was in parts of it, slow sometimes but this appeared to be character building, I hope Angelina Jolie keeps writing and directing movies in the years to come. So for this being a solid movie with a great first time directing by Jolie, I give " In The Land Of Blood And Honey " a C-.

kyo 9 (jp) wrote: kinda like geisya but more darker story.. hehe

Vikram T (mx) wrote: horrible..period. ash was kinda of immutre..and the vivke..i cant say anything.. he sucks bigtime.. i hate people who come into bolly just cause their father is in it..

Reece L (br) wrote: Bolstered by its smart feminist message, Rodriguez's lead performance and Kusama's direction, "Girlfight" is a compelling, albeit predictable look at gender politics in the field of boxing.

Spartacus E (gb) wrote: Thorton does an astounding job in front of and behind the camera

Antoinikaboutthat Young H (kr) wrote: Its a good movie nd its an old movie but its good tho

Brian R (ag) wrote: This is not one of Woody Allen's best film. I was distracted by the story and of Allen who plays a nervous clerk sent out by his vigilante friends to keep a look out for a serial killer. Then the story involves a couple who works at a circus, they break apart because the husband is caught of adultury, so the wife (Mia Farrow) runs away and meets a prostitute (Lily Tomlin) who offers her to stay for the night but is offered $700 by a clientele (John Cusack). Then the Farrow character gets busted by the cops and is ordered to pay a fine and finally meets Allen's character to find the lurking serial killer. The slapstick humour was so plain and wasteful I wasn't really laughing because I thought to myself and said "Haven't I've seen this suff before?" Towards the end of the film I didn't care if Allen and his cast found the killer or not because the movie already dived and bombed. There is an excellent all star cast and a tremendous black and white look reminiscent to the films of German Expressionism and film noir, but imo it is better to rent or watch those films on DVD/TCM. If one is going to pay homage, might as well make it compelling and moving like "The Artist". "Shadows And Fog" is not a success.

Gordon B (mx) wrote: The power of this forgotten 70's comes from editing. The film's poignancy comes trough its repeated juxtaposition of the liberated world of teenagers with the conservative world of adults.

Harsh C (de) wrote: strange and a bit tedious, but ok when not much brainpower is required

Naomi E (ag) wrote: Good but pretty boring too

Jon T (ag) wrote: A rousing finale can't save a lesser entry in the Dirty Harry franchise.

Anne F (nl) wrote: Rod Steiger plays a survivor of WW2's concentration camps who runs a pawnbroking business in New York. He is scarred by his wartime experiences and the brutal fates of his family, and the film follows him as he tries to minimise contact with those around him, all of whom regards as 'scum', even those who admire or like him. The film was groundbreaking 45 years ago; much of that seems very ordinary now, but is well worth watching.