Ningen no shômei

Ningen no shômei

When an American is murdered in a Japanese inn, Tokyo police detective Munesue follows the trail of the killer to New York. There he is joined by a New York City detective named Shuftan and together they sort out the crime.

When an American is murdered in a Japanese inn, Tokyo police detective Munesue follows the trail of the killer to New York. There he is joined by a New York City detective named Shuftan and together they sort out the crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard L (gb) wrote: EVERYTHING about this movie is awkward.

Phillip S (ru) wrote: Stupid movie with a bunch of cheap laughs. But i'll admit, one of the better spoof movies in a while.

MF J (ru) wrote: When one is watching Dario Argento's latest picture, most of his followers will undeniably wonder what the hell happened to the man who so brilliantly entered the film scene with the timeless classic: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage in 1970 but who seems to have gone awol since the 90's. Let's try to keep an open mind and focus on what makes this film interesting rather than immediately depreciating it. First of all it's entirely shot in natural set, which gives the film a certain visual quality that I personally really enjoyed. The camera work is still quite interesting and one can see the old director still holds a few good tricks up his sleeves when it comes to cinematography and the elaboration of his scenes. What surprised me the most here; is the lighting. Very bright and almost holy in it's intensity, it gives the film a special look that you will either like or hate. A horror film so bright is almost unthinkable so I will salute the initiative to make something different but somehow it's disturbing. Maybe the visual style is due to the type of camera used by the director which gives the film a cheap TV look. The acting is also quite different from the more realistic approach we are used to in western cinema. Here it's almost like watching a play with some elements of the Greek tragedies... the body language of the actors is more stiff than usual and they deliver their lines in a very theatrical fashion which will probably not attract many fans. Some actors shine in the film such as Kretschman (Dracula) who's very comfortable delivering a more baroque performance than Gary Oldman did for example in 1991 for Coppola. Asia Argento, his daughter and muse is doing fine, she's never been an outstanding actress but she's fearless and always willing to experiment, explore and try new things which make her an interesting character/actor. Rutger Hauer is impeccable as Van Helsing, obviously enjoying to venture into more underground and low budget material than usual. In the end, this is a film that has a lot of interesting ideas and drastic technical choices that will either rebuke you or make you feel like you are actually watching something artistic verging on experimental in some ways (special mention he giant mantis appearing in the film, a complete surrealist and utterly funny scene in the film). One thing for sure, this picture is quite different from the load of films produced by Hollywood, almost refusing to conform in any ways to the standards of Western modern cinema. If you are a die hard Argento fan you may recognize here and there the touch of the master who's reinterpretation of the Vampire story is obviously done following some Giallo codes and rules. If you are looking for something realistic or more mainstream, pass your way, you will be disappointed purely and simply. One last thing I need to mention, regardless of the quality of the product itself, I must say, i wasn't bored a single moment and although this film has many flows and an obvious lack of budget, it was entertaining and well paced. Dario Argento might not be on top of his game but the man knows how to shoot a picture and entertain his audience.... something that many directors today fail to achieve.

Shawn R (jp) wrote: Weird but entertaining movie

Michael A (fr) wrote: aloha, mr. hands. yr story was intriguing, but the movie they made about it was totally boring and uninteresting. fail.

Mark K (gb) wrote: the best underground horror movie ive seen in decades. what it lacks in special effects it makes up for with scares, and undeniable brutality

Pankaj P (us) wrote: slow paced movie. was waiting that at least something exciting would happen. it never came. the climax had nothing to do with protagonist. wonder why was the movie even made?

Kylie B (mx) wrote: One of my all time fave movies, I really wish they would bring this out on dvd!!

Trevor D (au) wrote: It's Dracula by way of Errol Flynn: a simple, streamlined horror-adventure with a dynamic lead performance from Cushing and an intensely iconic take on the title character from Lee. The Count here is mostly silent and intensely physical-- no supernatural transformations or otherworldly entrances. Instead, Dracula is a beast in human form involved in carriage chases and fisticuffs, a slave to his monstrous passions. What "Horror of Dracula" lacks in elegance or thematic depth in comparison to other adaptions, it makes up for with a wealth of wonderfully crafted thrilling moments.

Ben W (kr) wrote: another fun installment with william powell and myrna loy as nick and norah charles in the thin man series. powell and loy are always fun to watch.

Curtis H (ca) wrote: Quite possibly the greatest Abbott and Costello comedy ever made. The two of them simply shine in this slapstick gem, with, believe it or not, an intriguing plot. Good jokes, gags, and haunted house entertainment.

Andrew B (it) wrote: really enjoyed this film I mean whats not to like muscle cars gorgeous girls catchy music and the always watchable kurt russell

Isabelle W (ca) wrote: Adaptao de um romance da Isabel Allende. Ah vai, s isso j suficiente pra que se assista o filme. E eu gostei.

Amanda C (nl) wrote: A sharp, on point examination of a woman who hit her peak in high school. Charlize Theron is perfect as the former cheerleader who refuses to grow up.

Roman M (gb) wrote: Larry Cohen at his very best.