Ninja Checkmate

Ninja Checkmate

Supposedly dead, embittered former official, The Ghost Face Killer has returned and seeking revenge on those martial arts masters than once opposed him - his name is infamous and his Five ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Mandarin,Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Supposedly dead, embittered former official, The Ghost Face Killer has returned and seeking revenge on those martial arts masters than once opposed him - his name is infamous and his Five ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (us) wrote: I realize the film was trying to explore certain issues about transsexual, but its corny presentation & keeps wandering in circle just turned people off.

Matt H (de) wrote: Fully as bad as I was expecting, but I wanted to give it a try cause I like the people involved. It has a really weird tone, it appears at first to be a Stone Age cave man comedy, but then it's sort of a Bible comedy that also includes the Roman Empire. More importantly, it's just not funny. Most of the jokes fall flat and are pretty lame. The movie also feels more like a set of sketches very thinly tied together than a coherent movie. Sort of like an extended SNL sketch that isn't all that funny to begin with but then is stretched out to movie length.

Keegan B (ca) wrote: Ughh Sherk may be one of my most hated animated kids series period.

David A (ag) wrote: good but i didnt like the way they filmed certain scenes

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, September 9, 2013 (1991) Mississippi Masala ROMANTIC DRAMA/ POLITICAL Directed by Mira Nair a movie made after her critically acclaimed "Salaam Bombay!" which part of the storyline is based on fact centering on East Indians who used to live in Africa but were forced to leave during the early 1970's. The movie then jumps to the 1990's in Mississippi focusing on a particular East Indian family, the father Jay(Roshan Seth), the mother Kinnu (Sharmila Tagore) and their only daughter Meena (Sarita Choudhury) who has since then grown up and is old enough to marry, but still remembers the final days before she left Africa which was shown during the first 5 minutes. One day as Meena's delivering milk for a traditional East Indian wedding, she ends up crashing the car she was driving behind a 'carpet cleaning service' van driven by a young African American, Demetrius Williams (Denzel Washington). I still have to point out his race even though Washington's a household name since the movie is about his race. And the other thing I also want to mention is that I remembered the movie that had won the 'Best Picture' Oscar called "Crash" which I think the Don Cheadle character remarks that their is a lack of communication between other races and that it would require a simple car crash to start a conversation. In this case it's African Americans hang around with African Americans and East Indians only hang around with East Indians. Because it's Meena who caused the accident the other East Indians wanted to avoid as much litigation as much as they can so they suck up to Demetrius by granting him lots of work since the car she was driving belonged to the person who owns the motel. After the wedding, the mother wanted their daughter Meena to build a rapport with a young East Indian man, and he drives her to a club where Demetrius happens to hang out. It is during this dance club that she begins to build a rapport with Demetrius. And that was when we get to know why the movie was called "Mississippi Masala". "Mississippi" happens to be the city when as a child she moved to from Africa, and Masala is the name she was given when she was living there. What's great about this film is that none of the characters have been dumbed down whereas we get to see genuine points of view from both sides about why East Indians marry East Indians and why some African Americans would be against this kind of interracial relationship too. Interracial relationships can cause friction and this happens to be one of them. And this love story set up is just the tip of the iceberg since it also deals with many other cultural issues and they're revealed with such understanding that theirs no real right and wrong. The other thing I liked is that I'm a little tired seeing many misunderstood stereotypical African American movie characters where they're always breaking the law and doing many bad things. Here is one movie where it showed a hard working typical African American family as regular citizens doing regular things other people can relate about such as eating meals together as a family, and the Washington character living and caring for his father which is similar to what people can see in Asian families but untypical to see this happen in the US. I know many already grown up children who continue to live with their parents since they can save them 'time and money' and hard aches from looking for babysitters looking after their children as well as to do their washing and cleaning while the parents are working. And because "Salaam Bombay" doesn't really have a solid ending nor does it really need one, it sort of continues to be shown here too even though "Mississippi Masala" deserves it, we can still appreciate what we're able to get from watching it. 3 out of 4 stars

Lydia K (us) wrote: LOL! Totally lame, dude. Seriously bra, not cool. The dialogue and everything with it totally, like un-radical. Not gnarly, yo. Not gnarly. \m/

Li K (br) wrote: Having recently read that the opening scene was cut from this movie, and after test audiences were unhappy with the ending and amount of graphic violence in this movie they changed the ending and cut a number of scenes throughout, it makes a lot more sense why it feels like a whole lotta nothing happened in this movie. The ending they ended up using makes more sense with the series and the whole "Chimpanzees are pacifists!" proclamation throughout the earlier movies, but doesn't really feel like it fit the rest of the movie either. Somewhere in between the two where perhaps the Gorillas don't listen to the commands of this talking Chimpanzee they wouldn't be able to understand anyhow would've made more sense to me. If test audiences didn't like it it could happen off screen or be less graphic. I don't really get why Armando would EVER take Caesar out of the circus knowing what kind of danger he could encounter, Or why when all the cats and dogs died of plague people thought to themselves "hey remember how those talking apes said we would have ape pets and then turn them into slaves and then have them over throw us? That sounded cool, lets do that." Instead of adopting ferrets or possums or something.

John T (us) wrote: ///Musical drama chronicling the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. I don't watch many musicals, but 1776 wss one of the best I have seen. Campy musical sequences and barely passable for historical accuracy, but the drama brought to life by a fine cast make this an enjoyable view albeit a bit long at 166 minutes. The cast skillfully brought the Founding fathers to life particularly Williams Daniels as John Adams, Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson and Howard da Silva as Benjamin Franklin.

Luciano G (au) wrote: Freedom is the most important thing for prisoner Papillon. and his longing for freedom is stronger than longing for living.... excellent roles created by Steve and Dustin....