Ninjas vs. Vampires

Ninjas vs. Vampires

Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010's cult smash, "Ninjas Vs Zombies"! Moments after down-on-his-luck Aaron is rejected by the girl of his dreams, they both are attacked by blood sucking VAMPIRES. Driven to save her, Aaron tracks down the mysterious NINJAS, who wage a nightly war against the forces of darkness. Now, as the Vampire overlord Seth plots to destroy Mankind, Aaron has only one choice - join the ninjas, save the world, and get the girl... or die trying. Sexy, funny, shocking, and fun, NINJAS VS VAMPIRES delivers an action-packed comedic adventure unlike any other!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:battle,   fight,   mask,  

Ninjas battle Vampires for the fate of the world in this all new Action-Horror-Comedy from the creators of 2010's cult smash, "Ninjas Vs Zombies"! Moments after down-on-his-luck Aaron is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ninjas vs. Vampires torrent reviews

Alex L (it) wrote: Me Tarzan, you Jane, Movie Bad

Mario P (kr) wrote: Pretty funny & chill I like this movie

Lora R (jp) wrote: This movie is a visual eye-candy, because the costumes, make-up, sets and effects are beautiful, colorful and magical. Also the genre of the movie is nice, because there aren't many fantasy-adventure films in the Indian movie industry. The story however was predictable and that's the main negative thing about this movie. Also certain fight scenes weren't logical at all, but I guess Indian movies have that like 99% of the time that the hero can kill anyone and everyone with just one swing of his sword.I disliked the alien-alike snake towards the end, because it looked like something from a horror movie and didn't fit in this film.The cast was good, but I mainly liked Siddharth, Shruti and Lakshmi's performances. Lakshmi did great as the villain and I loved her outfits and make-up a lot!My final conclusion is that the movie is good, but the director/writer could have done so much better with the story.

ghostfire 2 (de) wrote: Pretty Disturbing film a group of young adults have a party out in a remote farm house in the middle of no where, they are taken in as cattle and treated like animals extremely violent not for the squeamish.

Jamie L (br) wrote: I couldn't sit through it.

Ja L (kr) wrote: Very gory movie, but wasn't that impressive.

Peter K (br) wrote: This is the kind of movie you watch, when you feel like a grilled cheese but you don't have any cheese. All that you have is white bread , so you look through the cupboards and all you can find is KD cheese mix. It's late at night and your mind is like maybe if I mix it with some water. So you do it and all that your left with is soggy bread and this neon color orange stuff. You end up throwing it in the garbage. But you feel kind of guilty. This movie is the want for cheese and sometimes nothing works better than a poorly acted 80's slasher. This film is meant to be laughed at and always remember you never dressed like that....

dinesh l (gb) wrote: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Ranajay L (jp) wrote: Osadharon!!!Utpal Dutt is fantabulous!!!!

Blake P (us) wrote: "Women should be kept clean, like canaries," secondary character Phil Whittaker (Roscoe Karns) muses at a baseball game. In attendance is Sam Craig (Spencer Tracy), a sportswriter, and his date, foreign correspondent Tess Harding (Katharine Hepburn). You see, the two are sitting in the coveted section of the arena set for journalists. While the other writers are attempting to get a story from the day's event, the loud Tess, wearing a large hat that blocks the view of hungry onlookers, constantly interrupts the tension by asking questions any non-sports fan would be curious about. It annoys everyone around her, except for the enchanted Sam - Phil's (jokingly?) sexist comment is well-timed but funny, as we're aware that Tess is a ball of fire that just won't be constrained like some clean canary. The first forty-five minutes of "Woman of the Year" are a romantic comedy dream, a battle-of-the-sexes marriage satire that wonders aloud if a tough-guy like Spencer Tracy can handle having a wife that wears the pants of the relationship and brings home most of the bacon, while he, a mere sportswriter, sits around, waiting to be loved. But once those forty-five minutes are up, things sour, turning into a feminist nightmare. The film decides to turn against its titular Woman of the Year, critical that she likes to work hard, wishing that she could become a dream spouse, a wife full-time. Ugh. "Woman of the Year" is, famously, the first pairing of Hepburn and Tracy, who endured a relationship lasting until his death in 1967. Unlike many of the other onscreen/offscreen couples of the era (Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward), the two were never married, and Hepburn, most of the time, seemed to dominate the relationship, with her trouser-wearing, exercise-loving persona. Tracy, in the meantime, was her foil, the guy who kept her from saying things like "I'm a personality as well as a star" most of the time. They were and are a dynamite pair, but "Woman of the Year" depletes what makes them so charismatic (though not all the time), placing them in roles that attempt to turn them into that old, cute married couple upstairs. When Tess Harding and Sam Craig first hear of each other, fireworks hardly set off. Sam hears Tess dismiss the sports industry on the radio, favoring a world that focuses on the important things rather than the fluffers, and decides to write an article that criticizes her sensible ideas. Tess writes back, deflating his ego, and so on, and so on. They become rivals - until their very first meeting. Sam is struck by her intelligently sexy poise; Tess is attracted to Sam's gentlemanly instincts. They court, ultimately marrying. But what was once magnetic to Sam is getting old. Tess is so in love with her job that he can hardly count on her to greet him at home after a long day of work. Can she be the Woman of the Year and the Wife of the Year, too? There isn't anything wrong with a marriage drama - but "Woman of the Year" initially promises that we're going to get a brainy romantic comedy, and, unexpectedly, turns into a drama with seldom comedy and not enough romance. It feels like Tess and Sam spend more of the film in turmoil than in love, and laughs exist only in the first and final acts - anything in-between is slightly bitter. So much of the time is used up with Tracy pouting about Hepburn's chronic busyness. I would have preferred a story in which Tess maybe brought Sam along with her on her many globetrotting endeavors, turning him into an odd-man-out while enjoying some pleasing comedic situations. But most of the time, "Woman of the Year" stays serious, a disappointing fact considering how funny it can be. The ending, which sees Tess trying to be the perfect housewife by making Sam breakfast in bed, rings with potential hilarity. Hepburn is game, and her timing is flawless. In fact, the scene is hilarious. But it's also coated in wasted energy; why couldn't more of "Woman of the Year" had scenes like this? The film's many failures are not the fault of Hepburn and Tracy, though - Hepburn, in an Oscar nominated performance, slides through comedic, dramatic, and romantic scenes like a grizzled veteran, and Tracy, always an appealing lead, manages to keep Sam from going down too harsh of a path. "Woman of the Year" would have been better as a screwball comedy, or a romantic drama without Tracy that saw career woman Hepburn flying around the globe, using men along the way, perhaps falling in love accidentally. But the film doesn't know if it wants to be a romantic comedy or a marriage drama. It's unsatisfying.

Kevin L (nl) wrote: About Time starts off as a typical romantic comedy, with a few unnecessary scenes or narrative choices that can definitely tighten the script down, until it suddenly becomes a sentimental drama with some well-intentioned wisdom about time and life

susie m (es) wrote: this is a great movie!me and hente's flick

Adam E (us) wrote: Even if this is a Madagascar ripoff, wouldn't mind seeing it.