Nionde kompaniet

Nionde kompaniet

A few conscripts realise that the army has vast resources that don't get used as much as they could. Using army material, they start to do services for people in the neighbourhood. More and more money is exchanged, more and more people gets involved, but when will someone reveal the truth to someoney who they can't pay?

A group of army conscripts realize that the army has vast resources that don't get used as much as they could. Using army material, they start to do services for people in the neighborhood.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sindre K (it) wrote: great movie. Andrew ist still great as spider-man.

Mattonna S (mx) wrote: i thought this was a really great film, you even get to see more of miley cyrus' amazing talent in acting. I thought she really played her character great and i have non stop watched this film.

Emari C (kr) wrote: good movie I like it very much

Ana B (au) wrote: Based in true facts this movie follows the endeavours of Andre Stander, a South African Police Captain during the Apartheid years. Feeling disappointed at the injustice of the regime and tormented after having killed a young unarmed black activist during a riot in Soweto, Stander rebels in a curious way, he starts to rob banks. During a few months he is successful, refining his method and becoming a master of disguise. However he is finally caught and sent to prison. He manages to escape two years later taking with him two fellow inmates, Allan and Lee, that would become members of the notorious Stander gang. They would go on assaulting banks for a while until one of them got killed. We get to see also, Stander(TM)s personal relationships with his old fashioned father and his astonished wife.It is not an easy movie to watch, the injustice of the Apartheid oozes through it though we mostly see the Afrikaans side. Sometimes we get a glimpse at the huge gap of lifestyles, the rich whites and the black underdogs. Half way through the film the injustice issue fades and it becomes the story of a man(TM)s self destruction. I loved the strong accent accomplished by American actors and the cultural background provided giving us a taste of a country that we hardly see in films. A weird mix of biopic and caper but with a sorrowful end. A good effort with believable action scenes and an outstanding impersonation of the main character by Thomas Jane.

Samuel M (ca) wrote: La segunda de la saga mejora mucho con respecto a la primera. Su historia es mucho ms mala, o mejor dicho la historia es inexistente. La trama son una serie de acontecimientos que dan pie a la siguiente muerte, casi sin ninguna conexin entre ellos ms all de que suceden en el mismo campamento.Por qu es mejor entonces?Pues porque entiende que clase de cine es, abraza la idea y ofrece 80 minutos de asesinatos a cada cual ms tontorrn y estpido, pero igualmente divertidos. De hecho las cosas se dejan clara en los primeros cinco minutos de pelcula.Casi parece un chiste en s misma, pero eso la hace tan genial.

Jade B (jp) wrote: A one star for the first hour or so that just dragged and dragged and...and a three for the second half which at least had a story (an all too familar one, but a story nontheless). Surprising to see Preity in a negative role..she's usually the heroine...liked her performance!! An enjoyable enough (after the first hour) time waster...nothing more.

Sgt C (it) wrote: With a plot thinner than good old Clint himself, fairly standard direction, and characters we've all seen many times before, this is some overrated wild west set fluff. It is well made and the performances are fine, but the movie boils down to Clint arresting (yes arresting) a bunch of men that tired to kill him, he does, they get hung or shot, the end. The BBFC awarded this film an 18 certificate, cannot see why myself, besides some men being hung nothing else is even worthy of a PG. Fans of Clint should give this a go, but I doubt I'll ever watch it again.

Russell G (ru) wrote: This one is pretty bland compared to their other films. Then we get to the finally and Berkley knocks your fucking socks off. Such a shame he got bounced from this picture. Rooney and Garland were one of the few pairs that could match the energy of Berkelys style. Half a star goes for the finally.

Harvey D (us) wrote: A half 'n' half movie. But it lives up to it's orginal. 52%

Julie C (br) wrote: My parents spoke about the gangs when I was little and this was a very intense movie