Nirdosh overview.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Nirdosh torrent reviews

Jerry S (fr) wrote: To all the people that say they "Loved" this film, they must have put LSD in their popcorn, otherwise how could any self respecting intelligent person love this ball of crap-o? Everything went wrong in this film. Inconsistent, incoherent, non -sequential, poorly edited, amateur acting, sidebars without making sense (the Six Days War in Israel?), terrible wigs and makeup, horrible beyond words songwriting, endless meaningless dialogue (what's with the drunken dwarf in the bar?), ..well I could go on all night...I watched this on Netflix and was baffled from beginning to end with the nonsense it spouts. Others have remarked on the aging but it stands out as the most stupid I have ever seen on film. If you really liked this film, your intellectual expectations must be close to zero. Enough already.

Mv M (fr) wrote: This is one of the best movies I saw in the year with three very interesting stories ami obvious that the best approach was the story of the Buddha robot is a great movie that is that I have to take this is something fresh bluray

naaman h (br) wrote: i couldnt get past the first 5 min.

Tim M (it) wrote: "Blast" is full of fantastic Bollywood directing. The main character's last name is Dikshit. It starts off with some very strong action, but devolves in to dancing and romance. Not as good as the sequel, but still a solid action-comedy.

Kelly K (jp) wrote: Once more a truly touching and upsetting film about the injustice uneducated blacks received from whites.

dan b (mx) wrote: When i was a teenager i thought Dean Cameron was a god and to be honest, i still do.

Becca F (ag) wrote: This unusual love story deals with two teenages meeting in a mental institution. At first, there seems little hope of them being cured of their illnesses, but as their bond grows deeper, they're ability to connect gradually strengthens. Superb acting from both main characters and great supporting actors make this movie one worth watching.

Jay M (ca) wrote: The year was 1994 & Mark Dacascos (son of Black Belt hall of fame member Al Dacascos) had made the front page of Black Belt magazine with the headlines stating that he could become the next greatest martial arts movie star since Bruce Lee.Based off of the video game this film aimed entirely at pleasing kid's of the age of 8 years old, or younger. Not a film that will most likely be enjoyed by an action movie fan or even a martial art's buff; but for kids I would give the film 3 stars.

Jonathan G (us) wrote: So I finally watched sleep away camp an film that I was very interested in watching mainly because I kept hearing about it first of big thing don't read anything about the film before you watch you need to go in completely blind to get the whole effect of the film the directing is good the acting pretty good the pacing is amazing really was surprised by by it overall I really would love to go into my detail about the film but I really don't want to give anything away or give an idea of what to expect

Parker R (ag) wrote: It has a grim and morbid feel about it that is able to push it past its sometimes overused direction, but only to a certain extent.

Scott R (es) wrote: Great movie showing how one might grow up in Baltimore. What a cast, "get them while they're young!"

Zach M (mx) wrote: This was a really bizarre movie from exploitation legend Russ Meyer and film critic Roger Ebert.Has a little bit of everything you could want.

Stephanie J (ag) wrote: i'm so glad that TCM played this one morning...great film