Akkineni Nagarjuna plays the role of a sincere Cop, Vamsi Krishna, who is sent undercover along with two other cops. Of which one cop is a close friend and associate to Vamsi played by Subhalekha Sudhakar, by Police Commissioner played by Giri Babu to track down a vicious and dangerous criminal named Raghuram played by Murali Mohan. Vamsi performs surveillance on Raghuram's daughter Geetha played by Amala, by getting into Geeta's opposite building's flat in a Residential complex, to gather details and whereabouts of her criminal father. Geeta lives with her aunt played by Sukumari. When Vamsi in guise of a telephone department inspector, pursues her and falls in love with Geetha, she reciprocates Vamsi's love interest initially but refuses him after she gets to know the truth that he's a Cop and is about to drag her father to prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Daniel B (jp) wrote: It wasn't bad, but it dragged at times and there weren't any really good fight scenes. The plot twist wasn't that good either.

David K (de) wrote: Incredibly strong movie with a powerhouse performance by Garfield.

Chris C (fr) wrote: solid late Chabrol. not quite as ravenous as The Bridesmaid but not far off.

Rana S (de) wrote: A Lazy Monsoon with Martin Scorsese . A riveting drama about a New York City paramedic who is experiencing a harrowing spiritual emergency...............

Alan L (jp) wrote: Simple and a bunch of fun actions.

pete 1 (it) wrote: a brilliant british film with a superb cast & a very moving storytompkinson & postlethwaite are amazing

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Paul S (jp) wrote: This is a classic movie. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd were at their best and in their heyday in this one. The entire cast did a great job. The story is an excellent premise and the jokes are hilarious. This is one of the few movies I go back to regularly and it makes me feel great. I love this one. Jamie Lee Curtis was and still is a beautiful woman. That's all I really want to say about this one. Give it a whirl! This is primo 80s!

Ben G (es) wrote: I wasn't expecting much surprise from this film, but I was counting on some solid entertainment. Unfortunately it doesn't even provide the basic qualities you're entitled to expect from a Hollywood flix of the Golden Age.The story is badly constructed, we could not care less about what happens to the characters and the blatant racism makes it painful to watch.If you want to see Gary Cooper in a good soldering colonial film, watch The Life of a Bengal Lancer.

Anthony B (jp) wrote: Lots of snappy dialouge, but very little wit in this rom-com that takes its absurd plot too seriously.

Aj V (ag) wrote: This is a slasher movie where the psycho is obsessed with creating a great Santa Claus for children, and with punishing the adults who don't believe anymore of course. He even works at a toy factory! The guy who plays him is pretty creepy, but there's not as much blood and gore as there could have been, and the other actors aren't so good. Overall, it's an okay Christmas horror movie.

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