Diwan and Bhagail Singh kill Kanwar for his property. In the confusion that follows Kanwar's wife Laajvanti and her sons, Shankar and Ravi are separated. Shankar drifts around in search of his mother and Ravi. Ravi works for Diwan and loves his daughter Reeta. Shankar and Ravi are friends. Diwan and Bhagail Singh drive a wedge between them and have Shankar sent to jail on a false charge of theft.

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Nishaan torrent reviews

Sreyash A (it) wrote: this movie has fantastic actors and acting but still it is a borin film

Dan K (it) wrote: Flawlessly remains watchable despite every scene being incredibly stupid.

James K (mx) wrote: Didn't even finish watching it.

Rohit Kumar Y (mx) wrote: this is action movie

Robert H (nl) wrote: This film looks horrible, the acting is terrible and the story doesn't bring anything new to the genre. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'll do you a favour... avoid this puppy if you can. It's not worth your time or your brain cells. Ok now that I've done you a favour, I'll let you know when you can return it. ;)

Frederick M (jp) wrote: Very good yet depressing view of the war in Iraq. American capitalists are stealing more money from the US taxpayers than the government was ever able to. Perhaps the people who died were a little naive to go over to Iraq and work for contractors who they believed were benevolent. Of course they were in it for the profit.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Entertaining enough, but there's nothing new to take from this film within its horror genre - it's all been done before.

Kelly B (us) wrote: It Wasn't Scary At All But It Was Very Good Movie

Ky K (es) wrote: Daybreakers has a promising and competent plot, however it fails due to the lack of care in its execution and characters development.

Caesar B (fr) wrote: You have to admire Tony Scott for trying something new with Domino. While not one of his best films, it certainly has style, not to mention a sexy, bad-ass performance from Knightley, who was only 19 at the time.

Holly M (au) wrote: Pretty intense movie...good thriller. Gotta see it!

HungYa L (br) wrote: Great performance from Hugh Grant and his British counterparts.

Campbell P (nl) wrote: I can't say much about it. The film footage was cool but the story was bad. I didn't get why he had to fly the plane. How did Marshall not know that Leona left even though he saw her in the mountains? C-

Kevin D (it) wrote: Altman's assured hand with ensembles ought to have liberated Rabe's plays, sprung it from the stage and turned it into something cinematic. But Altman refuses to do so. The performances are too big for the screen, pitched to the last from of a theater. One wonders why they felt the need for a complete set when it would have been truer to the intent of the filmmakers tom film a theatrical production?The subtance of the play is well realized by the cast, but the result is about as uncinematic as you can imagine.

Eric B (ca) wrote: [Warning: Some might say this review contains spoilers, though I personally wouldn't have minded reading any of these comments beforehand.]I love many of those little British comedies of the '50s and early '60s, and I know this is regarded as a classic and one of the first of its breed. But this film really frustrated me. The premise of an isolated, unhappily "dry" island suddenly finding itself with a motherlode of contraband alcohol is so wonderful, but the execution just doesn't pay off like it should.I envisioned a plot about the amusing repercussions of sitting on this bounty. Some people will get too drunk. Other people will do unwise things while drunk. Other people will covet others' stashes, resulting in a comic series of thefts and quarrels. Great fun. But instead, a large chunk of the film is devoted to simply *getting* the whisky and setting the story in motion. And once the town has its booze, not much happens beyond the authorities trying to claim it back. Very little in the way of human comedy results -- just car chases and action scenes. Furthermore, the final *minute* or so suddenly adds a buzzkill conclusion which comes off like something hastily inserted after the temperance board protested an early screening. What a drag!

Fraer M (gb) wrote: queen latiffa is brilliant in this