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Brad S (kr) wrote: This is a movie I want to rate higher, but just can't. The story is too long and a bit muddled. I sense that I like what Lee is trying to do, but it just doesn't connect. It's also hard not to compare a movie like this to Saving Private Ryan and the two movies just don't compare. Where Speilberg captures the horror and tension of war, Lee gets lost. War movies are about war, Lee gets caught on this point. He wants to make a movie showing African Americans as WWII heroes (which is a movie that needs to be made), but I also sense he wants to make a comment about the depravity of war, and then on top of it all he wants to show us the courage that exists within the human spirit. It's no wonder this movie loses its way ... it's simply trying to do to many things. It gets lost in its varied themes. All of those themes are good but they all need their own movie. Lee tries to do a dance but lets just say Miracle at St. Anna is no Thriller.

Samantha M (ru) wrote: i love everything about this movie. everything.

Dallas S (jp) wrote: As much as 9/11 is harped on, this is a pretty great movie.

John B (de) wrote: Ha ha! Those who are looking for a pure period piece are in for a big shock when the sexy parts come into play. I asked a woman out to see this and she looked at me in a weird way. I must have come across as being a perv to her. Anyways, I did see the film later and thought it was brilliant. Not a good first date film but brilliant.

Bradley W (jp) wrote: Part slackers, stoner humor, part social commentary, part buddy flick, all hilarious.

Justin B (kr) wrote: I only half heartedly dug it as a kid so now its flaws and underdog sports movie clichs only nauseate further. But I do love Rick Moranis so it still can evoke a smile.

Akhil A (ru) wrote: Watching both the movies made by Kieslowski simply amazes me how he handles both the contrasting subjects with so much ease.

Luc L (ag) wrote: Quite an ordinary story and lame humor.

dsfsdfdsf s (it) wrote: As a kung-fu film, this is interesting in its slight emphasis on claustrophobic gothic horror, and above all, mystery. The viewer figures things out alongside the characters, with plenty of red herrings, a la giallo. Admittedly it would work a lot better as a film it more time was spent on character development, but it's still impressive how it manages to juggle so many elements in a way that makes sense.

jay n (nl) wrote: If you hear scrapping while watching this it's the bottom of the barrel that this thing was is hitting. Just awful, poor Basehart and Gloria Grahame to be reduced to having to appear in schlock like this. Skip it.

Alex S (es) wrote: In my opinion, this is Vincent Price's best film.Just the idea of him murdering his critics sounds brilliant.He certainly hams it up in this film but it goes perfectly in the film with its dark comedic tone.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Not bad. It's a very cheesy, but fun sci-fi action comedy. It provides some interesting and funny ideas of a "utopian" future, which of course always ends up having a dark side to it. If you're in need of another Stallone action movie, this one is good enough to try out.

Leong C (br) wrote: A heart-warming simple flick that really highlights Ruffalo's acting brilliance...