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Jeremy B (de) wrote: i wish it had alot more hype like the ones with Channing Tatum in it

Felipe F (kr) wrote: Like Crazy offers a both sweet and heartbreaking love story with a charismatic couple at the center.

Kenneth B (es) wrote: Better than I was expecting. I often approach comedies with trepidation because I appear to have a bit of a tin ear for modern comedy. This has just about the right amount of laughs, nostalgia and even quite a poignant commentary on commercialism vs rock 'n roll rebellion, Also this was the first film I watched following the passing of Seymour-Hoffman. In which case the ending to this film was a fitting one.

Michael S (de) wrote: The more films I see by Asghar Farhadi the more I appreciate him. He just has a keen eye for the little moments and small details that make up life. Definitely one of his more focused films and an obvious precursor to his most recent films. Can't wait to see his other movies!

Michelle E (br) wrote: I never knew of the model Uschi before seeing the film. What an interesting life she had and I'm surprised she is still alive today!!!

David R (ca) wrote: V.O. Entretenida. La historia es original, y las imgenes de los tiburones estn logradas y dan el pego. No es la de Spielberg pero se deja ver.

Joshua L (mx) wrote: it had cool characters and awesome gun fights but the story along with some boring shit jus ruins it. It's also fairly corny at times.

Cecily B (ru) wrote: this movie seems somewhat interesting but i dont think id go out of my way to see it

Corey W (ru) wrote: Seems like just another episode of the show which is just fine to me.

Rachel s (ca) wrote: I love the Maniac cop series, the first one had alot more thought behind it, but 2 and 3 are just great fun, I can't belive this is the actual size of zdars face =) Apparently up for a remake *yawn* and special ed of one coming out soon with commentary by Bruce 'almighty' Campbell

Grant T (kr) wrote: Eh, ok movie. But wouldn't pass the original on any day

Chris B (br) wrote: The best, worst movie of all time. I think the released the ruff cut

Jussi M (fr) wrote: T oli jo ihan sekoilua

Edith N (mx) wrote: Vietnam War Movies Are More Depressing Than World War II Movies I had always heard that R. Lee Ermey was discovered by Stanley Kubrick. (The [i]Full Metal Jacket[/i] comparisons are inevitable, and we'll go more in depth in a bit, but we'll start here.) He was a technical adviser for the first half, and Kubrick realized--as half the film industry seems to have agreed--that no one can play a drill instructor quite so well as he. That much is true, at least, and it's true that he is mostly remembered for it. However, before that, he had already made four movies--one a terrible-looking horror movie and three where he played a Vietnam-era Marine sergeant. This was the first. He was also in [i]Apocalypse Now[/i]. What's more, in this movie, he's actually an intelligent, thoughtful, well-developed character instead of just a total sadist. However, I've never thought Kubrick was very good at characterization anyway. It is 1967. A group of young men are enlisting in the Marines, voluntarily or not. As we expect of this kind of movie, they first go through boot camp, getting their heads shaved and acquiring insulting nicknames and so forth. One of them, Tyrone Washington (Stan Shaw), has enlisted as part of a lengthy plan that will eventually involved drug smuggling. Billy Ray Pike (Andrew Stevens) is leaving a pregnant girlfriend. There's a drafted hippie. And so forth. Your standard collection of late '60s young men. R. Lee Ermey is Sergeant Loyce, who is determined to combine the young men into a proper team. He believes that it is Washington who can save their lives. When they are sent to Vietnam, as of course they are, they are sent to an officer (I'm pretty sure Captain Collins, played by Scott Hylands) who believes that the real secret to defeating the Viet Cong is to learn soccer. He also cites statistics which claims prove that only two of their number will die during their tour. He proves sickeningly wrong on both counts. The movie, one of the first Vietnam War movies made other than [i]The Green berets[/i]-style propaganda, posits that a major reason the US wasn't able to successfully defeat the North Vietnamese was that the South Vietnamese were too corrupt and uninterested in doing the necessary work. Washington is able to figure out the down side to heroin smuggling, but the South Vietnamese officials he and the others encounter never do. However, the Americans aren't necessarily better. We never know anything much about the North Vietnamese, either, because the characters we are watching never see them, not really. They are fighting against an invisible enemy, unreliable allies, and incompetent leadership all at once. One small group of Marines can't hope to overcome all that. No matter how well they fight, this is a war that cannot be won, and I think they all know that by the end. Certainly Washington knows, but he knew before they ever got there. The movies about Vietnam which were made by people of an age to have actually fought there--though the director of today's film was in fact Canadian and therefore did not have to go--are almost never about positive experiences. The movies World War II veterans made were still under the illusion that there was such thing as glory, still convinced that they fought for a just cause. There have never been many movies about the Korean War; even [i]MASH[/i] was only set then and was really about Vietnam. And movies about Vietnam are frequently dark, grim affairs. Even if you believed in the cause, Vietnam was not exactly loaded with "this is what we're fighting for" moments. There were no concentration camps to liberate. Soldiers weren't wined and dined by grateful villagers after the invaders had been driven back. And of course, the Enemy looked just like the villagers and Not Like Us--not that there were no Asian-Americans fighting, but there weren't a heck of a lot. The one film class I took was the History of the Twentieth Century Through Film. We watched [i]Rambo II[/i], of all things, to show the American reaction to the war long after it was over. However, for every orgy of patriotism--and explosions--there are at least two movies like this. [i]The Boys in Company C[/i], like the more famous [i]Apocalypse Now[/i] and [i]Full Metal Jacket[/i]--and [i]Platoon[/i], which we also saw in that class--is a movie ambivalent about itself. In some ways, the war made men out of Tyrone Washington and the others. On the other hand, it also destroyed them. We can't even be sure that it would have been good for the Vietnamese if we'd won. After all, it would have left men like Colonel Trang (Vic Diaz) in charge. Untold numbers of young men went into the jungle and fought and died, and all we really have to show for it is untold numbers of young men going into other jungles to film pretending to fight and die. Not even the best of the films were worth the price, and this one certainly isn't one of the best of the films.

Marcus W (it) wrote: A damn good romp, what.

Eric H (au) wrote: Visually impressive, but ultimately overrated.

Ville H (ca) wrote: voihan star wars! :)

Oliver N (us) wrote: Neeson makes this movie his own with the first of the 'Liam action movies' which have transformed cheesy cinema from 2008-15. With a memorable plot, brilliant action and surprisingly decent dialogue, Taken is everything you want (and expect, for the better or worse) from something of its calibre.Verdict: A

Colin H (ag) wrote: Possibly the worst film I have ever seen. Formulaic, unoriginal, predictable rubbish