Max leads a good life with Alice and their son Théo; that is until Alice is threatened with death while waiting for a heart transplant. Max promises Théo that he will save Alice, but to ...

Max leads a good life with Alice and their son Théo; that is until Alice is threatened with death while waiting for a heart transplant. Max promises Théo that he will save Alice, but to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb K (ag) wrote: A pretty good Christmas movie. Its a great movie for kids, that still has those funny moments where even adults will laugh.

Luqman S (it) wrote: A quiet, understated family comedy that hits the right spots with almost every scene.

Brian C (kr) wrote: Engaging and interesting up until the third act, then it gets confusing and then just plain awful. Such a shame.

Roman R (kr) wrote: "Nordwand" es una cinta extraordinariamente bien hecha sobre un par de alpinistas alemanes con la misin de escalar una montaa en Suiza (esto para demostrar el poder del Reich, previo a los juegos olmpicos). La cinta nos involucra enormemente en la aventura y la desesperacin de los obstculos que encuentran en las alturas. "Nordwand" nos mantiene al filo de la butaca con secuencias de enorme tensin (en especial durante su ltimo acto). Sin duda es una gran propuesta alemana. Muy recomendable.

Melinda L (gb) wrote: Fuck austalian cinema

Julian M (us) wrote: This movie can be described with three words: Cheesy, Overblown and Hilarious. This movie is the definition of "Its so bad its good", and is one of the few that actually accomplish such a feat. When you watch it, the cheesiness is blaringly obvious, as the awesome Jean Reno kicks ass with Terminator-esqe ability. The plot is simple enough. But I will tell you, you fall in love with this movie and its characters. You will cheer, laugh and demand that Jean Reno "kick his ass!" in suspense. On the "So Bad Its Good" scale, this is an absolute ten and I recommend it to anyone who wants an absolutely fun time. Dont expect an Oscar winner though.

Michael G (it) wrote: Good horror anthology especially made from horror legends John Carpenter (Halloween and The Thing) and Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist). There needs to be horror films like these nowadays.

Julien G (mx) wrote: C'est un film sur la periode de l'enfance, periode importante qui permet l'enfant de se structurer mentalement, d'etablir ses propres references et de construire son propre systeme de valeur. Mais quand cette periode est supprime, que reste-t-il? Les premieres minutes sont etouffantes et vous mettent mal l'aise. Ames sensibles s'abstenir.

PierLuigi F (ag) wrote: An black and white classic work about horror. Human more than ghostly one. There is a lot to learn from these movies. The rhythm is quite different from the modern movies and this is the reason why it should be seen and enjoyed. I loved it and even the flaws are well accepted in the whole eerie atmosphere

Lori B (au) wrote: Well done Cold War thriller. Richard Burton is fantastic in the lead role.

Gregory W (es) wrote: just ok early sci-fi depicting spaceflight but not done too well in this B movie.

Patrick D (us) wrote: What live action Resident Evil movies should be like.

Eliabeth S (nl) wrote: I actually thought this was quite funny. Good film to watch if you just want to zone out. The talking dog is hilarious (Robin Williams), so I think they should have had more of him in it. I laughed quite a few times, which is hard to achieve in itself. The acting is as good as you would expect from a film like this. The only part I didn't like was the crazed teacher who was obsessed with Ray. A familiar case with their familiar humour, definitely worth watching if you want to take your mind of normal boring life.