Nitro Circus 4: Lock'n Load

Nitro Circus 4: Lock'n Load

Lock N' Load is a dirtbike film by Gregg Godfrey and Travis Pastrana. This film features Travis Pastrana, Kenny Bartram, Ronnie Renner, Jeremy McGrath, Mat Rebeaud, Streetbike Tommy, Andy ...

Look ma! No hands! It's loud. It's loose. It's the Nitro Circus. We've rounded up the crew packed the powder now it's time to 'Lock and Load' , and put the fire in the hole. Erratic, random chaos is the flavor. Straight doses of ADHD players is the source. It's our beloved Travis just being Travis. Anyone who is involved with this movie is freakin' nuts! You in? Caution idiots ahead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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