Niyamam Enthu Cheyyum

Niyamam Enthu Cheyyum


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Niyamam Enthu Cheyyum torrent reviews

Dan O (es) wrote: Why doesn't Julie Delpy do more movies?

Ross M (es) wrote: Rhys Ifans, before he was a lucky twat with Siena... Worth watching for its britishness

dylan s (ru) wrote: cheesy...yes....but fun...oh yeah! ron howards first film he directed is a fun 70s car ride movie truly a drive in classic

Luke T (es) wrote: Apparently this film from writer and director Robert Altman come to him in a dream - and the dream clearly worked wonderfully well, because he has delivered a masterpiece here. The story depicts the bizarre relationship between a woman and her co-worker and roommate. There is absolutely no lesbianism involved in this film due to the certificate (Parental Guidance).I think the best performance in the film goes to Sissy Spacek with her brilliant performance as Mildred 'Pinky' Rose. She arrives at a health spa, where she is befriended by her co-worker Shelley Duvall, who is also as good as Spacek. But Spacek steals the show with one particular scene which I was not expecting at all. Janice Rule offers solid support in her role as Willie, the woman who co-owns Dodge City which Duvall and Spacek join. Altman's direction is solid and his script is fantastic.Despite that this was not nominated for any major awards, I consider this to be Altman's best film. It works so well thanks to the brilliant performances, solid script and excellent cinematography. It's also my second favourite from the year of this release.

Graham W (mx) wrote: Initially, this lost a whole star due to the simple (and unfair) fact that I was not as young as I was 20 years ago when I last watched this (like d'uh). But then it gained it back due to the use of The The's 'This is the day' at the end. Watch it before you turn cynical and old and teenage angst is an embarrassing memory.

Sahitya K (gb) wrote: Director's Cut is the only version anyone should see. only reason i didnt give it a full five stars is because of 3 reasons. first orlando bloom is not the ideal leading man material for this sort of film. there are two ways to have a great protagonist. either get a really great gravitas actor or write the character really well. the directors cut does this in the latter fashion really well and makes up for any shortcomings of Orlando. plus he makes a great onscreen match for Eva green.the second reason is the antagonists in the film are slightly one dimensional and I would have liked to see the depth and detail given to the protagonists to them as well. the third reason why this film doesn't get a full rating is a small pet peve of mine and that is the fact that a horse survives a shipwreck. its stupid. I wasn't the biggest fan of gladiator, but loved this movie. Amazing cast with a story that resonates more today, Ridley Scott's best film

Greg G (de) wrote: Great soundtrack but... The kid & Adrian are rather annoying in this part

Becca W (ag) wrote: Despite a wonderful cast this movie is dull, dull, dull!