Documentary which unveils the reality of rape, other forms of sexual violence, and healing in African American communities.

Documentary which unveils the reality of rape, other forms of sexual violence, and healing in African American communities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cordero M (mx) wrote: This movie was alright, I didn't enjoy the basic Christian undertone but the problems adressed were real and interesting. They captured the dark and lights of the social circle and where choices lead you in life but also how you affect others.

Alan A (mx) wrote: I love Vivica Fox, but this movie was like watching a rerun of "two can play that Game", except that this was disappointing. The advice was not practical and the movie was very shallow

Ghel D (jp) wrote: super haba ng movie.. hehe but i L?ve it!!

Lewis E (jp) wrote: A crop of well known British actors are handpicked to star in this posh whodunit mystery. Subsequently turns out the cast list is the most impressive thing about 'Gosford Park'. No suspense or sense of unease is really created since hardly anyone appeared affected by the murder and there weren't many established areas of conflict to allow the enjoyment of identifying suspects. The twist may be good for those invested but I began drifting in and out when I lost track of everyone's names and relationships to each other. Plus, the characters in general are very boring, some of them having nothing better to do than to sit around playing bridge. Commentary on the socialite/servant divide is appreciated but this alone does not satisfy those who came for a juicy murder mystery and instead found another dry, long-ass ITV period drama.

Drew H (nl) wrote: The man's dance movie. Nothing brilliant here but it's enjoyable enough.

John S (br) wrote: The most memorable scene in this movie involves Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair but adds little to the rest of the movie. Fun in the places where it is naughty, but over all a bad story and bad acting.

Sarah F (es) wrote: I'd like to see this movie!

Indu R (nl) wrote: I thought this was one of Van Damme's better movies. The acting was good along with the action and the fight scenes. The fight scenes were intense and brutal. The plot was alright and could have been developed more. They could have gone into detail into how the master's son and some other parts of the movie.

familiar s (fr) wrote: It was slightly unbelievable for me since if I'd such a client to defend who is not willing to co-operate the least, I don't think I'd touch that case. Or else give up easily. Then again, I ain't no lawyer!!! They show her crossing the limits so many times that it becomes hard to digest it that she ain't a nut. Leaving aside this minor problem, the movie works fine as a courtroom drama.

Amalia A (au) wrote: it's like see part of my life. living in an awkward act, rude and alone. See this movie make me aware much more. Inspiring movie anyway... nice. The songs are soft and nice.

Ed B (kr) wrote: Everyone else seems to hate this. I thought it was good to pretty good, even if a little predictable. Basically, it's a modern version of An Occurrence At Owl Creek.