No abras nunca esa puerta

No abras nunca esa puerta

Two separate episodes that have in common the door which separates good from evil. In the first segment, "Alguien al teléfono", Ángel Magaña tries to avenge the death of his sister, a girl ...

Two separate episodes that have in common the door which separates good from evil. In the first segment, "Alguien al teléfono", Ángel Magaña tries to avenge the death of his sister, a girl ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco L (nl) wrote: Dark, clever and well acted Nightcrawler offers to us an interesting story with a strong script and a lot of suspense that allows to Jake Gyllenhaal show his best.

Walter M (kr) wrote: In "Easier with Practice," Davy(Brian Geraghty) is on his not quite sold out tour of New Mexico bookstores, peddling his collection of short stories, and accompanied by his brother Sean(Kel O'Neill). One night, while Sean steps out, Davy answers the phone and talks to a woman he does not know named Nicole(Kathryn Aselton). What originally starts as a wrong number soon turns erotic for both parties. And that's not the only time they talk.While "Easier with Practice" starts badly and ends much worse, about ten minutes beyond the point of no return in overexplaining who Nicole is/isn't, there is still a thoughtful movie in between about loneliness and a character study about somebody who is so damaged that he can be lonely in crowded room. It's interesting to note that none of this exactly happens in a vacuum, with the movie gradually revealing Davy's backstory as it goes on.

Diwas K (kr) wrote: my favorite by Kiarostami.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Adequate time-waster has a newly developed nerve gas hijacked from a US base in Tel Aviv while the military attempts a cover-up. Ivy League-schooled, ex-Marine, best-selling author and Los Angeles Post reporter Dolph Lundgren backs up his impressive credentials by getting to the truth. Gamely reunites the stars of THE PUNISHER, although brought back down by weak female lead Lisa Berkley, who adds no depth or substance to her character in what would be her only role.

Kim B (us) wrote: Holy crap that terrible eye makeup/hair from 80s. What I really liked was griffiths portrayal, something sad, frail, n innocent about her-this role was perfect for her. What i didn't like was her friend not being very supportive of her moving up. I can relate to not getting credit for my ideas at work too. I'm glad in the end she moved herself up both job and men wise,

Ian C (it) wrote: This is so shit I like it.

Graham D (kr) wrote: Basketball scene is memorable, little else.

Alex F (mx) wrote: Erich von Stroheim was as always superb in this movie. Thank you Jean Renoir for this beautiful film with such a great message.

Brad S (ru) wrote: One of the greats from Buster Keaton. this is the film that features the house falling around Keaton as he goes through the window frame. Lots of amazing sight gags and stunts though. My 6 year niece giggled up a storm and I laughed a lot as well. A must watch for classic cinema lovers!

Harsh C (ag) wrote: Dumb, unfunny and painfully boring

Al M (de) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed Hellgate despite its being a total piece of garbage. Poorly acted, abysmally directed, and utterly stupid, Hellgate can only be enjoyed as the piece of sublime late 80s schlock that it is. Killers, ghosts, zombies, a rejuvenating crystal, cheesy-looking mutant monsters, and hornier young people than you see even in the most aberrant slasher films make Hellgate an absolutely unforgettable of the cheesetastic.

Lamar W (it) wrote: Nice introduction to Charles Lee ray

Brooke T (fr) wrote: Tracey Morgan was pretty much the only highlight of this film. Otherwise a complete waste of time. Not to mention it seems like super cheap political propaganda for healthcare. Lame.