No Bad Days

No Bad Days

Set in the exotic terrain of the Yucatan Peninsula, NO BAD DAYS is an action/adventure film that manifests all the qualities that make for an entertaining and captivating film. The fast-pace style makes for a surprise at every turn, while the charisma and chemistry of the main characters create a romantic subplot. The story begins when evil tomb-raiders rob precious Mayan artifacts and soon face their most difficult opponent an unpredictable, rugged, ex-military operative who discovers his true self after ending 5 years in hiding. Our hero finds himself being chased through jungles, spying in underground waterways, and falling in love with an attractive, yet stubborn American woman searching for her missing mother, an archeologist who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This gripping, action-packed, humorous tale peaks in one of the most unique and alluring tropical locations in the world, leading the two heroes on a crusade against evil forces even greater than they anticipated.

Set in the exotic terrain of the Yucatan Peninsula, NO BAD DAYS is an action/adventure film that manifests all the qualities that make for an entertaining and captivating film. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Luisa M (es) wrote: un film "a modino", attori in stato di grazia e colonna sonora mitica!

Denny I (br) wrote: This is one of the most beautiful Swedish movies I have ever seen like "Saraband". "Not every one could see and hear like few gifted people". This is the story of a lady who happened to discover her true passion and identity by accident which is photography. Photography lovers will cherish this movie. There are lot of other issues are going on this film like capitalism and socialism, domestic abuse, alcohol abuse, illicit romance, name it. Don't miss it.

Barbara A (fr) wrote: The shocking truth about Human Trafficking, and how it devastates the victim's lives and the lives of their families. I think this problem is a lot bigger than most people are aware. Human trafficking is all around us, and for some reason we don't hear about it as much as we should. There are some really sick people out there, that need to be removed from society. If these users stopped using the victims, the sellers and the buyers would eventually go out of business. At least it wouldn't be as lucrative a business. *NOTE* This was originally a 2 Part LifeTime Miniseries. There were two separate shows on my DVD. (so after the credits run once, there is a second half)

Jim B (au) wrote: Great cast and story, but it became a courtroom drama after the first half.

Bill T (us) wrote: There are things I like and don't like about this.. Likes: Bogie of course, Lorre of course, and Robert Morley is good: Things I didn't like, the whole story, which plays itself as a dark comedy, but fails on it (most of the time) Jennifer Jones is a bit too squirrelly (but I did like her part as someone DESPERATE for adventure) and Gina Lollabridgada is just flat. It almost feels like a home movie Capote and Huston decided to make just so they could get a chance to lounge in Italy for a few months.

Richard M (jp) wrote: 'That's why you have to work out. So they'll want you for your body.'

WS W (ca) wrote: Starts out as if new age innovating superficially; but can't be more cliched, conservative, stereotyped, as well as dragging, from the middle onward. Some sweet songs. A lot of unfunny parts had been already deleted, fortunately.

Lyndell C (us) wrote: Holy shit this was a fun flick. Great gore... silly characters... Awesome music. Surprised this 80s slasher gem eluded me so long.