No Census, No Feeling

No Census, No Feeling

The stooges get jobs as census takers and wind up in a fancy mansion looking for people to survey. Moe and Larry are recruited to join a bridge game, while Curly adds Alum to the lemonade. The resulting concoction is consumed by everyone, resulting in puckered lips and shrunken clothes. The boys next try to take the census at a football stadium. They disguise themselves as players and wind up in the middle of the game. Curly runs off with the ball and all the other players in pursuit.

The stooges get jobs as census takers and wind up in a fancy mansion looking for people to survey. Moe and Larry are recruited to join a bridge game, while Curly adds Alum to the lemonade. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PierLuigi F (kr) wrote: Another reason to avoid animation B-movies: lack of good script and unappealing animation. and (at least in italian) an awful soundtrack. Anyway even if it sounds unbelievable this movie it's better than "Free Birds"

Phil H (kr) wrote: Despite being a direct sequel to the original 92 hit this film has since become defunct and ignored within the UniSol franchise. That is of course on top of the two made for TV films which are also ignored, so really the UniSol franchise is a bit of a mess.You can see why this film was not a hit upon release and since ignored. The whole look of the film is not much better than the previous made for TV films. Everything is set within your standard cliched generic military base/weapons experimentation type facility, it all looks very dull, very grey and with plenty of glass and computer monitors to shoot up hehe.The plot about the master computer brain taking over the UniSol project it looks after and basically setting all the UniSols free is basic but reasonable. This equal lots of faceless military types getting shot to pieces every 5min and plenty of 'Terminator' style posturing from the UniSols. The saving grace being the fight between JCVD and White, White being one of the best visual fighters in the biz. Unfortunately Goldberg doesn't quite get the true fight he deserves and merely lurches around as comical relief half the time, if you can call it that.The whole film feels very watered down and not really in the same adult vain as the original film. There is even a 'Hal' moment in the film clearly ripped from '2001', its like they are trying too hard with the material. End of the day this film hasn't broken away from the 'made for TV' look n feel of the previous two efforts.

Mike L (jp) wrote: underrated, better than Office Space, a more accurate and realistic depiction of office life, temp life.

DC F (jp) wrote: Masterfully done with good dramatic energy and certainly a classic.Also, a good example of how the American system treats its veterans.

George E (fr) wrote: An interesting film with a good message. Great acting by Weaver. Could've been shorter though.

Kristal C (us) wrote: This is a movie I remember watching at many a childhood slumber party. Re-watching this now, I'm actually impressed that a bunch of 12-year-old girls would have sat through this several times because it's a bit more of a cerebral horror movie than was the custom at the time. The scene where the main character recalls the night of the mass suicide is still one of my favourite horror movie scenes ever.

Patrick D (ca) wrote: I remember seeing this as a kid and it was great! Don't know how it would compare to modern day hero flicks but I have very fond memories of this movie.

Justin B (us) wrote: I like it more in theory than in practice. The first tale is a solid entry into the slasher subgenre and the framework story starring the man himself is fun; but the other two stories are a tad disappointing.

Jose C (ag) wrote: Funny AFGood musicNice actingKinda repeated a few things from first movie

Michael D (kr) wrote: Geoffery Rush, the writing, the locations, the art, made this movie. Very well done. Possibly a little long, but still kept me interested. There are "chick flicks", this is more an "older guy flick". An awesome scam/sting. Us older guys need to stay on our I'm only interested in women my own age, so no worries for me.