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A massive snowstorm on New Year's Eve leaves many passengers stranded. Sergio needs to convince Bea to stay with him before flights resume and she leaves to Germany for good.

Set in the heart of Christmas, the film tells the story of Sergio, a boy who could not finish the year in worse shape. It is New Year's Eve, the heaviest snowfall in thirty years is falling, all flights are canceled and he has to take the grapes (a tradition in Spain for New Year's Eve) with the other passengers in a roadside hotel. But that's not all, because he will have to manage to get on a night what he has failed in several months: to win back her ex girlfriend Bea before she goes to work in Germany. All with the help of a group of travelers who are the worst team in the world . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: This comedy has a distinctive upbeat style to it which certainly compliments proceedings and a bright and authentic 1970's look for most scenes. The story, while only mildly amusing is a fun story of industrial disputes, upsetting the local political order and rekindling old relationships.

Pete S (mx) wrote: Quiet and a little depressing movie about love, life, death and saying goodbye - with a marvelous cast, especially the amazing Sharon Gless.

Harry W (ru) wrote: Finding myself in the mood for a film packed with cheap action thrills, Never Back Down sounded like the ideal film to check out.I expected Never Back Down to be packed with action movie cliches, but I didn't know that it was a high school film. But when it made this clear, I knew that there was going to be more movie tropes packed into Never Back Down than I could have ever imagined. That sentiment ended up true, because Never Back Down hits viewers over the head with this notion long before the film becomes an action movie. The earliest example of this comes from when Jake Tyler is packing to move to a new city and fills a box with his football gear before labelling the box "Useless Junk" which leaves absolutely nothing to the implications. The cliche is so explicit that it is almost laughable, and considering that Never Back Down proves to repeat that level of conventional plot points every minute of the rest of the film there is a suggestion that the film could succeed as an unintentional comedy. The plot of the film is absolutely ridiculous, trying to bring the concept of a MMA fighting ring to a high school setting. It clearly wants to be a modern day version of The Karate Kid but with an updated style of violence more fit for the crowd of the MTV generation. That style is uninspired and shallow without even a hint of style to it, pinning weak filmmaking against an even weaker narrative. As a martial arts film, Never Back Down actively works against everything that martial arts is supposed to be for. The protagonist uses violence against other people to get his aggression out or whenever he wants to show himself up, even though he is told never to fight outside the gym by his trainer Jean Roqua. Roqua is the one competent character in the story, even though he is heavily an archetype in the same sense that everything else in the film is. Yet of course, all the messages he passes on to Jake Tyler prove to be wasted cliches burdened even more by the fact that they do not go to heart. You can't expect them to go to heart partially because there is no underlying messages in the film, but also because it doesn't have a heart. To make matters worse, the protagonist is such an agressive and unlikable one that I rarely found myself rooting for him. I wanted a good fight, but I didn't care who won because the story did not leave me supporting him. When an action movie has you not caring about the protagonist, you know its failing at its job. Yet Never Back Down falters even more when it comes to actively delivering the action.One thing I hate in action films is when the action is buried beneath shaky cinematography and excessively quick editing. Although there are countles worse examplesl than Never Back Down, Jeff Wadlow still directs the film to succumb to the same flimsy film style. This technique is normally added to limit the violence in the film and limit the blood and gore, yet the DVD release of the film delivered promises of more of this than the theatrical version which was not lived up to. Although the fight choreography is decent, the way that Jeff Wadlow goes about capturing it all effectively ensures that the action in Never Back Down is completely butchered and dashes past the eye of the viewer which frustrates me more than all the incompetent plot devices ever could. Never Back Down is more of an insult to fans of action cinema than it is to martial artists.And of course, the cast in the film are pathetic.Sean Faris is a frustratingly generic protagonist. Anchored in the roots of the entire generic film around him, Sean Faris is condemmned to portraying a character who is such a pathetic jock and nothing else. Nothing about the character is either original or compelling, and that includes the performance of Sean Faris. There is mild enjoyment to be had out of seeing his fighting abilities, but since they are buried beneath shoddy filmmaking it is all the more easy to see his acting as the main factor. He has no charisma and none of the inspiration that the film pretends to have, ending up an ultimately forgettable actor and nothing more.Though Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou shows up in Never Back Down and his physical capabilities are admirable, he is stuck with an exceedingly weak and uninspired character. Though he is supposed to be the one to inspire the protagonist, Jean Roqua is a character without an interesting subplot. He is not a strong coach, and even though he clearly has the ability to pack a punch with his fighting skills, the same cannot be said about his performance. I don't blame him because I know he is talented, I just know that the weight of poor direction and a generic script is too much for him to hold up by himself.Evan Peters is just stupid. Though Evan Peters is supposed to provide the comic relief to the story in Never Back Down, he is just plain annoying from the first second on screen and every one after that. There is no subtlety in the character as he just refuses to shut up, even though his gimmick is frustating from the first second. When he gets beaten up as part of the narrative drive I couldn't have cared less, and the idiodic nature of the character just left me thinking that he was stupid enough to drag himself into a trap and deserved the consequences. Evan Peters is the least compelling of all in Never Back Down.Lastly, Cam Gigandet offers nothing as the film's primary antagonist. Although he looks mildly like Paul Walker and shows off some decent fight moves, he has little in the way of gimmicks. Cam Gigandet plays the antagonist of Never Back Down with no involvement in the character and a truly lifeless nature. He can get away with claiming that the persona he puts on is merely a facade for an underlying antagonistic nature, but I would just call it a lazy performance more than anything. Cam Gigandet plays such a blank and spiritless antagonist into Never Back Down, but at least he doesn't come off as being pretentiously melodramatic like everyone else.So Never Back Down buries its potential appeal for competent viewers beneath every single action movie cliche and high school movie trope in the book before pushing away action movie fans with poorly crafted fight scenes and uninspired characters.

Alexander N (it) wrote: Very film noir like. Starts off weak and strange, but gets more interesting as the film develops. The 3D effects were pretty unnessaccery though.

Brandon W (de) wrote: Baad*bleep* is a great film that respects what the director's father has done. It has a great story, and really does make you wonder if it was going to be in theaters even though you already know what was the result of it. The acting is great, it's got funny moments although not much, and it really shows the hard work about what his father has been through for making an important film. I didn't really care much for the beginning, but it started to win me over with the middle and end. It kept me interested, and when I thought they got through it, there's another turn that they have to fix which makes it unpredictable. Baad*bleep* had left me entertained, and it's disappointing that it didn't made a lot of money.

Charles S (br) wrote: Liam being Liam, but without the special skillset...

Leslie G (jp) wrote: One of my favorite Adam Sandler movies before they went down hill.

Pravin P (jp) wrote: Salim :- Why ten? you'll find tens of thousands of us. But only if you can trust us. you listen to me, sir! Don't you ever tell any Salim that this country isn't his!ACP Rathod :- l won't

jay n (de) wrote: Sexist and very much of its time and place but due to the talent of the two leads, both gifted comedic actors, and the peerless Thelma Ritter the film is amusing in a nostalgic way.

Andrew K (br) wrote: Funny, moving, and wacky. A hidden gem!

Peter S (gb) wrote: Liking the styling of Mr. Wes Anderson. An original voice.

Dan B (ag) wrote: I really loved this movie. "Oh, I'm okay, it's just a bee sting".It's all the more better knowing that Gunn did it.

Harry W (au) wrote: Courage Under Fire serves as director Edward Zwick's second of 3 collaborations with Denzel Washington, following Glory and followed by The Siege, and all 3 films touch on the Army in one way or another. Courage Under Fire serves as one that touches upon the war in a more post-traumatic situation and focuses on the aftermath of an explosive war event as opposed to the event itself. That way, it touches on a significantly more humanistic aspect of the story that many war films tend to leave out.Some elements of Courage Under Fire are cliche, such as how it details the protagonist dealing with serious trauma due to an incident he has experienced before the key plot of the film shoots off, and it's often easy to forget the importance of the intro scene or even that it took place at all. But once the story gets going and truly develops, it becomes thoroughly interesting. I know that I personally was eager to get to the bottom of things and discover just what was being hidden beneath all the gunfire and all the people doing the talking but not the fighting. As the drama develops and more themes begin to seep into the story and set themselves in the movement of things, the tale becomes more and more intense, and with the exploration of the events interspersed with footage of the events themselves taking place in flashbacks, Courage Under Fire benefits from a fascinating story structure and a fascinating story, and it's a well scripted one which is intelligently insightful in some of the most simple ways. Even though at some times the story may be a little confusing, Edward Zick constantly keeps it in tact as a director so that it stays sufficiently well on path through its intense territory and its themes of honour, courage and redemption.And Courage Under Fire features cinematography which ensures that it is filmed to precision. It is filmed in a very intense manner during scenes attempting to determine the truth lying beneath everything which gives it a nearly neo-noir film at moments, while alternatively during the war sequences it is shot on the grand scale to reveal the wide scope of the events and the explosive nature of them. It is simultaneously a big and small scaled film thanks to the narrative structure of the story, and it manages to make an impact as both.The musical score in the film is also powerful because of how it has the true military feel to it as well as a lot of real emotion in just how it is composed. It works every inch of the atmosphere appropriately and reassures the mood of every scene when it is necessary. And a large portion of the emotional effect that Courage Under Fire Deals out comes from the successful efforts of the diverse cast in the film.It is not the slightest bit surprising that Denzel Washington gave a powerful performance, because his tenacious energy on film has never been anything but powerful, even if the film is poor quality like his work in the 1992 comedy Heart Condition. In Courage Under Fire he leads the story as a character facing serious personal struggles as he is faced with a complex whodunit situation in a war context. And the atmosphere follows Denzel Washington through his emotional states to ensure audiences are in tune with it, but in reality they never actually have to because the riveting power of Denzel Washington's eyes alone empower him as an actor, but combined with his incredibly humane physicality and facial gestures combined with his tenacious line delivery he proves to never collapse under the intense pressure of the story and simply delivers his character with an incredible dedication and tenacity as an actor. His leading talents are strong and give the story all the support it needs, single handily.Meg Ryan gives one of the most fierce and intense performances of her career in Courage Under Fire, and as her character is the centre of all the mystery, Meg Ryan manages to second that theme by ensuring down to every detail that she is unpredictable in what her next move will be. For a woman predominantly more known for romantic comedies, none of which I have seen, she is flawless in the role of Captain Karen Emma Walden, and she has an impeccable charisma that will surely surprise viewers with just how effective it ends up being. Her performance is great, and she is constantly a source of interest thanks to both that and how the story treats her.Matt Damon has significantly less body fat than usual in Courage Under Fire and he is practically unrecognisable at times. Yet the way it's easy to identify him is through his simple yet effective line delivery and his ability to deal with the real emotional drama of his character without ever slipping into cheap acting or melodramatic territory. I mean, I've seen Matt Damon as both a great dramatic actor and a successful action star, but he finds the middle man in Courage Under Fire by portraying a soldier with serious trauma as result of an experience that the viewers want to find out. He gives an impeccable supporting performance to the story, and within his brief screentime he proves to make it one of his best efforts.Lou Diamond Phillips also pulls off an intense and memorable effort in Courage Under Fire for the burning spirit that lies within him, and Ken Jenkins does a straight job in his small time on screen. The entire cast in Courage Under Fire proves to make a great effort, and all of them put something of their own into making it all it can be.So Courage Under Fire is an intense and intelligent look at the more humane elements of war in both battle and the aftermath, and it is elevated by fine, stylish direction from Edward Zwick and a strong cast led by a magnificent Denzel Washington.

Jonny S (ca) wrote: watching this movie is the worst thing that could happen.

Rebecca P (it) wrote: Well, if you want to watch a revenge-motivated assassin kill a butt-ton of people, this is your movie.