No Escape

No Escape

A woman and a songwriter suspected of murder join forces to crack the case.

When the available evidence in a murder case points to a young woman as the main suspect, her boyfriend, a police detective, arranges for a struggling songwriter who is playing piano in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (nl) wrote: Not a great horror film, but an enjoyable one, Antisocial gets kudos for not quite being the horror film you suspect it to be from its description. As some bizarre epidemic begins to spread outside the house where a New Year's Party is occurring, we and the and the guests begin to wonder if it is mass hysteria, paranoid delusions, some kind of sickness, or something worse. While not entirely original, Antisocial manages to be a compelling thriller with some surprises along the way.

Jake R (ru) wrote: Stupid fun, but still very stupid

Lee D (es) wrote: Does not follow novel. Difficult to understand. What is Hugh Jackman doing in it???

Stephen D (it) wrote: Enjoyable but ultimately rather cliched. The main characters are believable and likeable but the happy ending is contrived and not particularly convincig.

Lucciano V (ca) wrote: Winter In Wartime is one of most suspenseful foreign thrillers before 2009s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The seting in World War II is dark and gritty. The performances are absolutey outstanding and so realistic. It has a very gritty story about a teen deciding to going to adulthood to save a British soldier from the Nazis. I was on the edge on my seat. I really cared about the characters and wanted them to be okay. The score felt like The Girl With Dragon Tattoo again even before that which it made it so intense and scary. I love the hell out of this movie. I couldn't believe it was an entry for the oscars, but didn't get recognition. It was the finest film setting in World War II since 2004s Downfall.Rate10/10

Chloe Z (au) wrote: the movie had a decently billed cast; amber tamblyn and kellie garner have both done some great work... too bad their skills or no amount of editing could have saved this script. This movie is centered around one girl's attempt to break free from her messed up and incestuous group of best friends who regularly hook up with each other in their attempt to avoid the petty world of cliches of high school relationships. basically they only talk to each other and are socially retarded and get jealous when an outsider approaches. it's weird and no teenager talks like that and some scenes (the majority of the film) should have been cut altogether. so awful in fact that i had to stop; bad bad.

AlexandPaul P (kr) wrote: The reason I steer clear of gay films is they're usually one appalling cliche after another. This is no exception.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Mandi K (br) wrote: I really enjoyed the plot of this movie. It was very creative. A modern day version of this movie could easily be "CryWolf". I disagree with the reviews that are saying 'poor performance'. All these actors are really young and look what they've gone on to do. I thought it was a pretty solid cast

Kieran T (de) wrote: absolutely love in. Such a shame Shim Eun-ha hasnt acted in much else. Great cinematography and music, i understand why this film is used in Japanese and Chinese schools to teach filmmakers about script and directing, Superb

Chris A (es) wrote: Jim Carrey delivers one of his typically manic performances in this sequel to 1994's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Ace himself is an hilarious character. His arguable insanity, lewdness and affinity to all creatures (apart from the bat) makes him highly amusing.The film itself is questionable. Poor acting and a dodgy plot detract from the funniness of its titular character. Ultimately this silly, preposterous film is hugely entertaining if very poorly fabricated.

Anita M (it) wrote: Soul surfer is the best thing ever I want to see the movie really bad at the same thing as the first time since I got to see it the first time

Pamela S (kr) wrote: Fantastic. Interesting to look at it from the zombie's perspective

Timm S (de) wrote: All The 80s-90s Cop Cliches You Could Expect Get Thrown At You In This Kid-Friendly (Very Try Hard) Comedy. It Passes The Time, But It's On The Whole, Just Plain Lame..Even For B-Grade Actor Jamie Kennedy, It Drags. Cannot Believe P-B Hall Signed On For This Tho, He Usually Has Far Better Taste In Solid Acting Roles..Stupid Move By Him, Or His Agent.