No estamos solos

No estamos solos


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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No estamos solos torrent reviews

Aaron P (us) wrote: MbbbjkjkknkjjjjjjkkklkllbbbkjhhhNlllhhhhhhhhhGHhhhhpplmPjLlmmmlllllv aaa vgtvc

Bradley H (es) wrote: Oh my god, I have no idea where to begin...

Amy H (de) wrote: Started off really cheesy but it got better and kept me entertained. The dialogue was crap, but plenty of action and blood.

Angie Z (de) wrote: original history LOL

Gordon R (ru) wrote: Bad Santa coaches a baseball team in this predictable but amusing remake of the hit comedy.

Al M (ag) wrote: The Omen IV is a let down from the previous films--II and III did an excellent job continuing the story of Damien into the various stages of his life as grew up to become the antichrist. The Omen IV attempts to take over after his death by having a young girl become the anticrhist. The film is alright and entertainting enough, but it never really provides the thrills or gruesomeness of the previous films, partly because it was made for TV. Again, it is fun as a bad horror film, but there is almost nothing here to remind one of the previous films. It merely rehashes the same plots, including an unexpectantly pregant adopted mother, and never really does anything interesting to advance the series.

Najd G (fr) wrote: Most action movies - including most of the Die Hard sequels - use coincidence as a plot commodity. On the other hand, you have the original Die Hard which only uses happenstance to thicken McClane's situation and never to alleviate it. And is Hans Gruber the most interesting villain in cinema? It's at least worth a debate.

Andrew B (au) wrote: Difficult acting. Interesting plot based on a real event. Worth seeing.

Veronica B (it) wrote: I don't think I would want to watch this again. The club was nice, the dancing was mediiocre, I thought it has a better storyline than Breakin.

G w (us) wrote: Absolutely brilliant... what else can one really say? Just watch and laugh.

John B (jp) wrote: Even Salma Hayek can't save this one, comically violent and lacking any substance.

Amanda W (ag) wrote: I would rather be forced to ride a Segway through a four-year-old's funeral while dressed as Chewbacca than put myself through this again.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: It's a good enough comedy, but despite Jack Black's trademark OTT style, I wasn't completely convinced his character had truly learned anything by the end of the film. Still, it's enjoyable.

Danny R (nl) wrote: Alan Parker's powerfully brutal expose of a hellish Turkish prison which is based on the real-life experiences of a young America man named Billy Hayes, played brilliantly by the late Brad Davis, in an intensely compelling star-making performance. It follows his failed efforts to smuggle out some hashish to later sell in the United States, his being arrested at the Yesikoy Airport on a drug possession charge. His placement into Istanbul's inhuman Sagmalcilar prison after being sentenced to a four-and-a-half year term. An appeal financed by Billy's father, played superbly by the late character actor Mike Kellin, does not end well and results in a retrial, a new tougher judge throws out the possessions rap and convicts Billy on a smuggling charge, his sentence was then extended to life imprisonment, 30 years under the merciless Turkish law. Billy must now fight to survive and keep his sanity in this filthy hellhole, as well endure the physical and sexual abuses by a gigantic, sadistic prison guard named Hamidou, chillingly played by the late Paul L. Smith. Billy has a ever-present desire to get on the "Midnight Express," which is the prison slang for escape. Billy can no longer take it, so he and his friends decide to escape from this nightmarish prison before it is too late for all of them. There are superlative supporting performances by John Hurt, in an amazing Oscar nominated turn, as Max, a drug-addicted Englishman and Billy's best friend in the prison; Randy Quaid's splendid performance as the rebellions American prisoner Jimmy Booth; and Norbert Welsser's excellent performance as Erich, a gay Scandinavian prisoner who is attracted to Billy. Flawless direction by Alan Parker, with a forceful, intelligent Oscar winning screenplay by Oliver Stone, Giorgio Moroder's mesmerizing Oscar winning original score is unforgettable, and Michael Seresin's magnificent cinematography is remarkable. A totally enthralling motion picture that earned 6 Academy Award including Best Picture and Best Director: Alan Parker. Highly Recommended.

Nathaniel K (ca) wrote: The Weimar Republic through the eyes of the infamous Kit Kat Club and a look into the sexual ambivalence of 30s Berlin. I play a game with myself during the dance numbers and try and guess which of the cabaret dancers are really guys in drag.