No Greater Love

No Greater Love

When her parents and fiancé are lost in the Titanic disaster, young Edwina Winfield (Rutherford) shoulders the responsibility of raising her three younger siblings and taking over the reins at her father's newspaper. Although she has no shortage of new would-be suitors, the memory of her lost love continues to haunt her, so she focuses instead on providing a stable home for the children, rather than marrying. But her forcefulness alienates some of the kids, who have plans of their own and rebel against her. Can she hold her fractured family together, and will she ever overcome her ghosts to shake herself out of martyrdom and have a real life of her own?

A woman (Kelly Rutherford) who loses her fiance and her parents in the Titanic disaster neglects her own needs to care for her brothers and sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BRADFORD Y (mx) wrote: This is one GREAT flick --- writing, casting, direction, editing, photography --- even if Uncle Sam(uel L. Jackson) supported Obama's re-election --- expressly --- because the nation's No. 1 golf and vacation professional is --- shhhhhh --- black. Fortunately, Uncle Sam --- not to be confused with Uncle Tom --- is also a GREAT actor, because --- as everyone now knows --- racists and Uncle Toms cannot own an NBA franchise.

Michael L (mx) wrote: Wird aber u nie bi s im Kino loufe...

Bull C (au) wrote: First time I knew the country I was seeing on the screen & I know about. well done.

tommy w (au) wrote: I'm from Texas, you know I thought it was funny

Tiff M (es) wrote: good for an older movie

steve b (ag) wrote: Watchable but with glaring flaws and plot holes which is annoying as there isn't much plot anyway. I like contemplative, real to life, emotion and character driven films like this and Ferrell is very good here in a serious role which became the in vogue thing for comedians a la Jim Carrey. But a few things bother me (semi-spoiler alert): If his wife had left him to live elsewhere, why lock him out and change the locks? And since he had broken into the back garden via the side gate, and was initially unwilling to sell his stuff and was getting hassled by the cops and neighbours for sleeping out in front, why not move the stuff into the back yard where it was safe and he could sleep without getting in trouble and with more privacy? And what kind of alcoholic drinks PBR which is like the weakest beer you can buy? And I refuse to believe he would leave the knife with his name on it in his boss's car tire, esp after thinking he was in legal trouble already with the woman on the business trip. He would have went back for that knife. And no company would ever give an employee they were firing, who they thought was prone to getting drunk and making poor decisions a KNIFE as a parting gift. Ridiculous. And near the end of the film we see him at the front door of his house and there is a row of small windows going up the side of the door frame alongside the door right next to the lock and doorknob. He could have broken in so easily by smashing just one small panel! A guy who would slash his bosses tires certainly wouldn't have been afraid to break into his own house, considering his now estranged wife was not living there, he couldn't have gotten in any trouble for it.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: An understated Norris movie. It's a decently made thriller with our hero actually having to show some character depth. It's not high art, but for a late 80s B flick it's more than passable.

David G (mx) wrote: I saw this when I was 7. Frightened me when it went through the car window and got that woman. As I was watching the TV and telling her to put the window up. It turned out she had and it came through it anyway. Why are car makers letting this safety feature go unattended?

Mark E (gb) wrote: Where can you buy a DVD of this movie?

Steve M (kr) wrote: On the surface, the Torture Garden is a cheezy little traveling carnival sideshow and wax museum. However, for select customers, its proprietor, Dr. Diabolo (Meridith) pulls back the curtain on real horror, by bringing them face to face with the Goddess of Fate and their futures. When five such customers (Adams, Bryant, Ewing, Jack Palance, and Ripper), four tales of obsessions that end in horror unfold . "Torture Garden" is the second of a string of excellent horror anthology pictures made by Amicus at the tale end of the British horror boom. It features decent performances and competent direction from some of the people who gave birth to the boom, such as diretor Freddie Francis and actors Peter Cushing and Michael Ripper. The stories aren't the best, but they're well told, and, like all anthology films, even the weakest one is so short that it doesn't damage the movie too much. The film opens and closes on a strong note, with its framing story featuring sideshow performer Dr. Diabolo and his vision-inducing statue. Burgis Meridith does a great job as a circus performer with a sinister edge. He is particularly good in the closing portion of the segment where his performance makes the ending that manages to both be surprising and predictable at the same time. As for the four stories that are the visions experienced by the visitors to the Torture Garden, two are mediocre, one is about average, and one is excellent aside from a weak ending. The first vision is a predictable tale of a greedy man who, to his eventual deep regret, discovers the secret source of his uncle's fortune. Although the character is utterly repulsive, Michael Bryant manages to give a performance that still makes us care about what happens to him... and not just in a way that makes us want him to get what's coming to him. The second story is the weakest of the bunch. In at, an overly ambitious young actress (Adams) ends up paying the ultimate price for stardom when she discovers the source of the seemingly endless youth and energy that Hollywood's most powerful producers and bankable stars seem to possess. While the Big Reveal of the dark secret that keeps the "Top Ten" of Hollywood youthful and in power wasn't what I expected it to be (I figured it would be a trite play on the fact that agents and producers are "bloodsuckers"), the actual twist is even goofier. To silly to be scary, and featuring a character who is too coldblooded for the viewer to give a damn about and too stupid to be even remotely likeable, this tale feels like a filler and time-waster when it's over. The third story is the oddest of the bunch. It sees a music journalist (Ewing) who attempts to seduce a world-famous concert pianist (Standing) away from his music... only to find that some rivals are jealous beyond measure. (I think this is probably the high-water mark of killer piano films, and it's main virtue is that it's short and to the point. It's more silly than scary, but it moves so fast that one hardly has a chance to dwell on its silliness.) The fourth tale, and the best of the bunch by far, features two actors at opposite end of the quirky scale-- Jack Palance and Peter Cushing--playing obsessive collectors of Edgar Allen Poe memorabelia. Palance excudes such menace that one has to wonder why Cushing's character was crazy enough to invite him over to see his collection, no matter how proud he was of it. (And the menace is enhanced even further by the way Palance seems to loom next to the slight and small-statured Cushing!) As for the story, it takes some nice twists and turns as it unfolds, ultimately resolving in a slightly dissapointing way... but that dissapointment is more than made up for with a tie-in to the framing story, and the excellent performances by Cushing and Palance. If you enjoy horror short films, and particularly if you enjoy horror anthology films, then "Torture Garden" is worth checking out. It's not as good as "The House That Dripped Blood" or "From Beyond the Grave", but you'll nonetheless find it to be a worthwhile viewing experience. (Palance and Cushing make the film worthwhile all by themselves.) Torture Garden Starring: Burgess Meredith, Beverly Adams, Jack Palance, Peter Cushing, Michael Bryant, Barbara Ewing, Michael Ripper,and John Standing Director: Freddie Francis

Brandon M (ag) wrote: Rossellini directs Stromboli w old school grit and realism which leads to some impressive sequences. Bergman gives the somewhat flat story pathos, specifically in the final act.

Jason R (kr) wrote: Sometimes the critics get it wrong and they really have here. This film has many levels under it's dark, gritty and sometimes hilarious skin

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Working out will never be this fun again--You will die laughing!!

Greg W (mx) wrote: from the director of 'shakespeare in love" comes this taunt thriller

Tony P (ca) wrote: 1993. Hard to comprehend that Hollywood was still being ruled by the cast of The Expendables. Aged action actors now in 2014 but stars in their pomp then.Here it is Jean Claude Van Damme at the mantle of an action film that laughably was probably the best that year could offer!Here he plays a drifter in New Orleans. A Merchant Navy veteran who aids a young lady in her search for her father another ex serviceman.Little does she know initially that he is one of a number of victims of a bad guy (Henrikson) who hunts for mainly ex serviceman down on their luck types as human fodder in targets or bait for posh people to hunt.Employing the help of JCVD they find out that her father is dead and hunt the bad guy down in the Louisiana countryside. Appalling plot? Check.Hong Kong action film director John Woo directs his first Hollywood film and some of his trademark slow motion choreography is evident.Van Damme sports an appalling mullet that is crying out to be chopped off like the ear lobe of one of the baddies near the beginning of the film.His trademark 'round' kick? In full slow motion is here to be seen.Appalling film.