No Mercy for the Rude

No Mercy for the Rude

His name is Killa. Growing up as an orphan, he had been teased so much for being a lisper that he decided not to talk at all until getting a surgery that would make him talk clearly. Living all by himself, he spends his time doing only two things; watching bullfights on TV and eating seafood. He sometimes writes poetry and spends most of his time daydreaming about becoming a matador to fight face to face with a bull. In order to earn money for the surgery, he chose to become a killer. However, he has his own rule; kill only those with scary faces or with bad manners. Everything seems fine until his boss shows him a picture. The last prey he has to kill is the one who he has never expected to kill. And there is another secret hidden behind the mysterious client of this whack jo.

A mute hit-man vows to kill only the rude, and save up enough money for tongue surgery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole B (us) wrote: Frank Langella is amazing in the film but I had a hard time staying interested in the story.

Mariah M (gb) wrote: good story, cute dog

Michael D (de) wrote: Favorite Mark Wahlberg movie (except Lone Survivor).

Anna N (jp) wrote: Anthony Perkins = Want to see it.

John B (gb) wrote: Not one of John Ford's best, Mogambo is escapism in its more pure form. Considering that there was a lot of sleeping around on set, enough of the passion was kept to add to the on-screen chemistry. A tad bit silly in the end.

John R (nl) wrote: I love this movie but with a 97% rating and one of the most racist scenes in animation history its questionable then again the original Birth of a Nation also has a 90%+ rating from critics. Maybe critics are idiots

KJ P (nl) wrote: Well this just about does it in for direct-to-dvd sequels. About 20 years after the release of "The Little Rascals," someone thought that having another remake of the film, still set in the 1950's, was somehow a good idea. I must say that even though they tried to make the characters seem like they were, the actors and dialogue are so much worse it's almost unbearable. I will also say that it's 100 minute running time is ridiculous for the type of film that it is. As their grandmothers bakery is about to be foreclosed, they have to raise money to save it. Literally the most cliched hollywood story in the book. I found myself bored most of the time. I giggled at a few homages, but that is all the good that came from this pile of junk. Pure garbage at it's finest. "The Little Rascals Save the Day" is unfunny even by childish standards. That's right, I wouldn't even show this film to little kids.

Justin O (kr) wrote: great suspense until the end! terrible, badly written ending!