No More Murders

No More Murders

Puck and Einar decide to spend the last weeks of their vacation in Einar's idyllic childhood town Skoga. Pucks father Johannes Ekstedt, professor in Egyptology, has a household cat called Thotmes III that joins the couple. They get to borrow both Einar's sisters beautiful old wooden house as well as her highly competent housekeeper. But after the first night, the idyll crumbles. Einar finds a dead body on the lawn, a young man stabbed to death by a dagger. Christer Wijk enters the stage and with the help of Pucks observations the mystery approaches its tragic solution.

Puck and Einar decide to spend the last weeks of their vacation in Einar's idyllic childhood town Skoga. Pucks father Johannes Ekstedt, professor in Egyptology, has a household cat called ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William W (ca) wrote: Quite exiting film with nearly no break in 2 hours. Although covering a lot of characters including South Korean, North Korean, CIA, Russian and even Middle Asia, the story is in fact focus on the internal fight between two North Korean agents. Some of the shooting scenes let me remember the golden period of John Woo's Cantonese movies.

David P (kr) wrote: Not as fun as Hu$tlas, but a good prequel. Twiztid (Jamie Madrox & Monoxide) once again steal the show.....

Max B (au) wrote: Otra peli que nos dice que somos estupidos. Lo peor es que no se equivoca...

James F (ag) wrote: The soundtrack has a very good feeling to it, the film tends to stray from the norm, sometimes you can feel a bit lost as it demands attention, but I liked it, as I seemed to enjoy the good bits a little more than worry about the faults, its probably the easiest hard watch I've encountered. The characters aren't the easiest to get on with also.

Josh G (us) wrote: Though I like melodrama now and then, I am Love is rather uneven and the over-the-top ending was a crushing blow to what could have been a decent movie.

Simon N (it) wrote: Please, please, please watch this film and think about what it's saying. Powerful stuff.

Joey H (mx) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Ash W (us) wrote: Great movie and as of course great performance by tommy lee jones!

Jasmine C (mx) wrote: looks like a good one

Emily R (ag) wrote: Not a bad movie, very unusual but it was interesting.

Alejandro S (gb) wrote: Esta es una pelcula poco conocida pero que es realmente muy buena. Narra una historia ficticia pero con un gran mensaje. Un hombre joven es electo Papa y al sentir que est perdiendo el contacto con la gente sencilla, decide escaparse del Vaticano y ocultarse en un remoto pequeo pueblo de la campia italiana, donde all se involucra en el proyecto de la comunidad de instalar un aqueducto. El actor Tom Conti personifica a la perfeccin a este singular nuevo jerarca de la Iglesia Catlica Romana, y junto a l, el filme cuenta con un gran elenco con talentos como Fernando Rey, Giancarlo Giannini y Edward James Olmos. Es un filme que con un tono humorista logra con gran efectividad transmitir un buen mensaje cuestionando el rol de la Iglesia y lo que deberan estar haciendo en las comunidades. Altamente recomendada.

Jen E (kr) wrote: Not enough Eeyore in this for my liking.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: As Good as it Gets is direct and co-written by James L. Brooks, and it stars Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear in a romantic comedy about an author that is horrible to every person that he meets, whether it be a waitress with a kid that has a problem, or a gay artist, and when Melvin (Jack Nicholson) has to take care of the artist's dog, he starts to change a little. This is the first film that I've seen from James L. Brooks, which makes sense as this is one of his most highest-grossing made film, and even when watching it again, As Good as it Gets is an amazing film that never seems to get old. Jack Nicholson does a great job of being a horrible person while also being very charming at some aspects of it. Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear are also pretty good when trying to make the best of dealing with Jack Nicholson's character, but will say what they have to say when getting him to shut up. The writing by James L. Brooks and Mark Andrus is very naturally well done in terms of the dialogue how it just flows in with the characters, and the characters are three-dimensional, especially Jack Nicholson's character which we seen how he acts, but not why he's like that, and it's kind of done in a mysterious way that it makes me want to know a bit more about him, but is ok with what they put in there in terms of characters development. Even when it's 139 minutes long, As Good as it Gets never felt that long as I was interested in the characters and the humor that it even though it may be structurally similar, it's executed in a very refreshing way that stands out as a classic film for me to rewatch.

ReviewingMovies40 2 (gb) wrote: It shit. that's all I can say.

Cameron H (ca) wrote: Honestly, Buried Alive may be my least favorite movie ever created. The film advertizes itself as a suspense/horror movie, but the only horror is how this movie was made. There's no real plot and after about 10 minutes, I was counting the clock down. The idea of the film is that an emotionally and socially retarded stalker gets sad when the friends of the girl he's stalking make fun of him for it. They are major assholes, but more on that later. Anyways, now he plots his ultimate revenge by burying them underground in different tombs all around the area near a construction zone. He also makes a tomb for his lover and wraps it in bubble wrap and fiberglass, but he keeps her tomb above ground and feeds her apples. Yeah, it's stupid. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the most unlikable character is trying to figure this mystery out. The characters are even worse than the story in this movie. I've already discussed Mr. Creeper, but there is also about 5 unlikable jocks, and you all want to put your foot up their @$$'. As punishment for riducling him for stalking their friend (such as tricking him into drinking a beer bottle of jock pee-pee), well, I've already discussed his over-the top-but still-terrible-revenge. The protagonist, if you can call her that, is the most unlikable, oblivious, unaware person I've ever seen. I often found myself wanting to hate-f&*# the shit out of her just so she would have to constantly go through the pain of child birth. Maybe she would have learned to be more precarious, becuase she trespasses everywhere without thinking twice. Overall, Buried Alive is the most uniteresting movie with the most unlikely characters. It only recieved a 10% becuase my computer isn't letting me give it a 0. In terms of math, it's equation goes Buried Alive+ 64 minutes you could have back to do more fun things, such as drinking gasoline or swallow porcupine quills. (Note: It's now a law to burn this movie on the spot, even if it is in a store)

Tara A (it) wrote: Considering that it's COMPLETELY TERRIBLE, it was surprisingly watchable. Enough totally ridiculous things happen, with sufficient space between then, that the pacing keeps them funny and not depressing.

David F (ca) wrote: Glorifying domestic terrorists. Hollywood loves these people.

Armando N (de) wrote: En la lnea de "The Holy Mountain" de Jodorowsky, "Pink Flamingos" de Waters y "L',ge d'or" de Buuel, este controvertido film del 74 desaparece las reglas cinematogrficas de ese tiempo para conseguir arte abyecto y retador. El contenido de la cinta va de la crtica poltica, pasando por un humor negro complejo y desembocando en transgresin per se. He tenido la oportunidad de ver pelculas "raras", pero "Sweet Movie" result una experiencia nica y exquisitamente surrealista. Alucinante!

Wes T (ca) wrote: Regardless of the academic context under which I was forced to watch this film--for a course I sincerely enjoy--this film is mindnumbingly uneventful, and yet still derivative of every liberal Hollywood convention in the book. That said: Katharine Ross? In brownface? Why?

Yaneth E (kr) wrote: you cant go wrong with sinatra and martin in one movie.