No One Can Hear You

No One Can Hear You

Families are dying and reporter Trish (Kelly McGillis) finds herself reporting on a serial killing spree. After her daughter Lisa's (Kate Elliott) best friends are killed, she fears that her family may be on the killers list. Sheriff Webster (Barry Corbin) is not listening to her concerns, which leads Trish to wonder is he or his deputy might be involved. Then Lisa, her boyfriend Ben and her sister Amy receive threats.

The lives of a sedate suburban family turn rather gruesome with the arrival of a house-guest who is not what he seems to be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (nl) wrote: This is a dark comedy without the comedy. It's got a good idea and a good cast, but I think the film has some pretty severe tonal and consistency issues. There's some moments of lunacy and seeing how this relationship, more particularly Cammie, completely manipulates Todd into doing everything she wants to make sure that the crimes that were committed aren't traced to them. She's doing this for completely selfish reasons, as she's already 34, she doesn't want to wait, at the very least, 5 years before she's able to meet someone else, fall in love with him, marry him and have kids. That was pretty cool, but the film just isn't that funny. The funniest scene in the film is the one where they're burying Dov Rosenberg and Todd refuses to fuck up his afterlife by cutting his body up instead of burying him in the ground as Jew tradition dictates. That was easily the best part of the film, at least as comedy goes. Malin Akerman's performance as this manipulative girlfriend who, literally, tells Todd when and how to propose, was easily the best part of the movie. I like Tyler Labine and he's got a very likable presence, but Malin steals the show. Of course, what's stealing the show when the final edit is an absolute mess with very obvious identity issues. The film isn't terrible, as it does have a good cast, but the script falls short of the lead cast's talents. This isn't a particularly good movie to follow Gravity with, I'll say that right now.

Sam P (nl) wrote: Mesrine is an interesting film for me, as I really don(TM)t enjoy Crime Thrillers usually, or they don(TM)t interest me, but this one did. The film is split into two parts, 113 minutes for part 1, 133 minutes for part 2. At the start of the film Mesrine is quite slim, but gradually gains weight throughout, ending up looking overweight by the end for his size. Now, the main reason to watch this film is simple: Vincent Cassel is brilliant in it. Anyone who watched him in Black Swan may or may not think much of him, but this is a better representation of his abilities. This is almost like his Raging Bull, he immerses himself into the character and portrays him very well, Mesrine isn(TM)t actually that likable a character, but Cassel makes him interesting throughout and is very impressive. Worth a look just for him, the other actors, even Depardieau, either aren(TM)t important or don(TM)t measure up. And that is a hell of a compliment to Vincent Cassel(TM)s ability in this film.

jen m (fr) wrote: as much as i dislike emma roberts, this was a pretty great film. i like the realism and the photography aspect to it. and it was really refreshing to watch a recent film based in another decade :)

Trey W (us) wrote: A contender for Best TV Movie Ever Made. Great writing, interesting/weird story, great acting.

taylor (ca) wrote: I LOVED this movie... unlike Movie Over Darling James Garner did really bug me... and Doris Day was amazing... like always... :D

Claire V (it) wrote: i want to see it but its not lettin me :(

Greg G (ru) wrote: Mind fuck of a movie

Michael M (it) wrote: Look, it's a movie about a giant crocodile, you sort of go in with a certain level of expectation regarding quality. Even so, Lake Placid impressed me by being a bit more intelligent than you're standard giant-animal-run-amok flick. Efforts are made to establish and evolve the characters, and as such I actually cared about their survival. The two leads are sort of bland, but likable enough; and the supporting cast has an amusing variety and some unique and funny characters. I would have liked to see more of the crocodile, but I still didn't mind spending large chunks of the movie with only its human characters. The film has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. It knows its silly, and while it aims to provide a few scares, it never loses sense of what it really it. Essentially a b-movie of a higher caliber, it's a fun time.

Sarah H (gb) wrote: Originals are always better but it's not that bad for a sequel.

John T C (fr) wrote: For a change Gary Oldman isn't the craziest mf in the movie. Lena Olin, hot and completely insane. Oldman is a cop on the take but meets his match in Mona Demarkov. Craziest bitch alive. If isn't leading Oldman around by his dick, she's destroying his life and the people in it. Yes its not a cinematic high point, but it's entertaining and I'm a Oldman fan. Violence, many a steamy moment and Juiette Lewis doing a sexy dance is enough for me.