No Plan, No Peace

No Plan, No Peace


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No Plan, No Peace torrent reviews

Heather M (fr) wrote: I had to pass on this movie because the characters were just awful and the story didn't seem to be going anywhere.

Brandon S (us) wrote: A very well-directed and well-acted bit of thrilling escapism. It's nothing new, but it is a diverting spy tale with a great showcase for Kenneth Branagh, Chris Pine, and Keira Knightly to do some charming interplay.

Gustavo M (gb) wrote: Que cagada de pelicula

Clinton K (it) wrote: Leonard Nimoy's follow-up to Three Men and a Baby. Other than that fact, this film is notable for nothing.

Brian E (ca) wrote: I've heard critics say this movie doesn't have much of a plot, or clever repartee, but that is a Huge Plus in this movie. It adds to the mystery and realism of the often over romanticized Vikings. see the show "Vikings" on the History? Channel to make my point. This movie does a great job presenting the victim's perspective when dealing with Men from the North who actually have a name for the act of raping, murdering and robbing all in one day i.e to go "Viking". These were brutal, vicious, intelligent people who were raised to enjoy killing. Darwinism 101. This movie portrays them well and there is a very good story line that deals with inner struggle, but the prize here is the uncensored, non romanticized look at North Men going Viking.

Ken S (mx) wrote: This murder mystery from 1967 is set to the backdrop of a small town in Mississippi where racism is still very present, and a black homicide detective happens to be in town waiting for a train just as a white man is murdered. At first he is brought in as a suspect, but ends up investigating the case. It is a great script bolstered by fantastic performances from Sydney Poitier and Rod Steiger, that despite not being as timely as it was when it was initially released, still holds up pretty damn well due to it's mystery plot and incredible acting.

Joey H (kr) wrote: Very funny spoof of found footage movies.

dan u (au) wrote: Lovely movie - beautiful dancing and singing. Love Fred and Bing!