No Room for the Groom

No Room for the Groom

Alvah, a young GI who happens to own a vineyard, elopes to Las Vegas with Lee, his housekeeper's daughter. But Alvah's chicken pox postpone the wedding night. The rest revolves around more delays to the consummation, caused by Lee's manipulative Mama and the flock of mostly obnoxious relatives with whom she's filled the house.

Alvah, a young GI who happens to own a vineyard, elopes to Las Vegas with Lee, his housekeeper's daughter. But Alvah's chicken pox postpone the wedding night. The rest revolves around more ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Serena W (ru) wrote: Funny and touching! I like it!

Adrian B (br) wrote: Knew I was in trouble when I was reaching for the remote after 10 mins. Pointless and waste of time horrible excuse for entertainment.

Alice K (nl) wrote: the heavy subject of the film is portrayed in the best way possible, not excessive amounts but just enough to leave it circling around like a black crow in your mind for days.

Caleb C (au) wrote: A bit slow at times, but overall a very interesting character piece that works well on almost every level. This one may not be for everyone, but for the film lovers out there, it should be something that is enjoyed for what it is.

Faley A (mx) wrote: Nice romantic movie..liked it

Maridia B (es) wrote: Good thing TH went on to voice Woody...this doesn't fit him.

Michael C (au) wrote: Everything was right with Jerry Maguire: the script, the actors, the directing. One of Cruise's best.

Dan K (nl) wrote: these movies are slow, but worth it.

Dane S (nl) wrote: underrated yet still one of the best thrillers ever made.

MariePier D (gb) wrote: Je m'attendais plus un vrai film d'horreur d'ados, mais c' (C)tait plutt inoffensif... Je l'ai aim (C) mais je pensais voir plus de sang et d'horreur! C' (C)tait un bon suspense policier.

Maryelle D (ca) wrote: loved the filming of Singapore in the 70s and could not stop chuckling during the scene with two prostitutes naked and taking suggestive poses. Can only imagine the reaction of the Singapore censors when they were presented with the movie in 1979. A seedy depiction of a Singapore that has been too successfully eradicated. Where are all those ultra long penises toys gone??

Brian S (it) wrote: Following the trend of breakout writer/directors who more or less have the opportunity to remake their (cheap) first movie with the backing of a studio, Robert Rodriguez's 1995 remake/sequel Desperado is heavy on style, shows much of the fun energy that was is in its predecessor but lacks a script to fully engage for the 107-minute runtime-resulting being a disappointing follow up. Although there are a couple of great scenes (that seem to have been inspired by Quentin Tarantino), Rodriguez's thin plot is even more of a letdown when compared to 'Mariachi' and has stripped away much of the quirky humor from the first outing. This may be due to studio interference or maybe the writer/director wanted to veer away from his original instincts but some of the charm that peaked through the gunfire has gone missing. Amid this, Rodriguez still maintains to infuse his second entry in the "Mexico Trilogy" with iconic characters (Antonio Banderas is just cool), fun (over-the-top) action and enough style to satisfy with Desperado.

stuart s (jp) wrote: This movie blew chunks. I don't mind elliptical plots if it says something profound. This doesn't. I don't mind plot holes if they're logical. These aren't. I don't mind lame music if it's just there to hold things together. This didn't. Terrible movie. Do not watch.

Johnny L (au) wrote: 16/10/15: Great acting and writing, but left me wanting more. I was expecting more math and more snobby teachers getting their face rubbed in his genius...but his life was too short. Got those partitions tho!!