No Tempo dos Bravos

No Tempo dos Bravos

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:No Tempo dos Bravos 1965 full movies, No Tempo dos Bravos torrents movie

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No Tempo dos Bravos torrent reviews

Andr P (gb) wrote: Apesar de ter todos os clichs do terror, a histria foi muito bem contada. Basicamente o filme todo se passa num mesmo e nico cenrio. Tudo encaixa muito bem. Dos melhores desses ltimos anos.

Amber P (ag) wrote: What the fuck is everyone drinking with the goddamn movie! I had meant to watch it earlier, but it's a lot of whiteness to deal with at once. Anywho, I'm glad I waited for it to be available for rent on iTunes, because if I had wasted my money in theatres, I'd be pissed! This guy has no real actual problems. He's just a selfish fuck who drove all the women in his life away because they weren't what he wanted them to be. To appease his crippling self inflicted pain, he falls in love with a fucking OS. An OS who can apparently fall in love with 641 other fucking people. Because she's deep and other worldly. Because she's NOT REAL!!!! Cinematically, sure, the movie was interesting to look at, but why in the hell are all the white man's pants up over their belly buttons? Young, old, it didn't matter. It's like white people left alone to be around other white people will accept almost anything. And even when they come to the conclusion that they're actually selfish asshats, there are still in their upper middle class bubble of bullshit. The lack of color is disheartening, but honestly, the movie would've been over the moment you told your black friend you're dating an OS. That shit is weird, and there's no getting around it. This movie was terrible. I want my 2 hours back.

(de) wrote: It's funny! I'm satisfied with this. It's a light comedy, but it's pretty successful, pretty touching, pretty sweet, although it could have been more touching. The kid is sooo cuutee!!

Michal N (kr) wrote: I have been waiting long time to see good czech mainstream movie again. Protektor was exactly the ona I have been looking for. Excellent cut, music, detailed description of all main roles and artistic old color hue... And, of course, I saw 3 of my favorites actress naked :)

Matt W (au) wrote: This urban film follows the work of "X," (Derek Magyar) a gay male prostitute who has a very select list of clients and has never not had sex for money. He lives gay 18-year-old Joey (Jonathon Trent) who is living rent-free and is overwhelming infatuated with our protagonist, and hunky Andrew (Darryl Stephens.)Thanks to X's new, elderly client Gregory (Patrick Bauchau) who would rather sit and converse rather than have X's body, X begins to realise that there may be more to sex than just a way to earn a living. Gregory tells X about his so called deceased lover Renaldo, which motivates X to pursue his own affections. These affections are laid on flat mate Andrew and the two of the eventually become an item, much to the jealousy of Joey. We see Andrew's successful coming-out conversation with his mother, and it seems X finally has a chance at happiness. However, due to X's stubbornness and dislike of commitment he risks losing Andrew following a aggressive rooftop argument.However, (SPOILER ALERT) the ending proves to be extremely cathartic and satisfying, indeed one of my favourite endings of recent times.This film is very sweet and also has a good message; to go follow your heart while you still have the chance.

Marena O (au) wrote: "they lost their wings but not their courage..."

Brandon S (kr) wrote: What ever happened to Nick Nolte? Dude can swing a billy club. Plus he gets to shoot a love scene with Jennifer Connelly. Felt like they didn't utilize this great cast as much as they could have.

Alan N (mx) wrote: One of the best from the franchise. Great acting, great screenplay, complex plotting. A fitting end for the original crew.

Joseph D (ag) wrote: this is great if you can find it

Pamela D (ca) wrote: I liked it better the first time I saw it.When it was called FIRESTARTER.Duh!

Tsubaki S (mx) wrote: Cameo by X-Japan o_O!

Carlos I (au) wrote: It's just an okay horror anthology. The first and third segments are pretty cool, but it's, for the most part, a weak rehash of a bunch of other movies.

Sam H (br) wrote: A classic in the series. Everything a monster fan could want.

Matt C (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed playing Silent Hill many years ago but my word this film adaptation is total bobbins. Unbelievably dull as well, 2hrs5m?! Give me strength!

Benjamin B (fr) wrote: Wasn't really much of anything. In terms of story: Some of the actions of the characters didn't make any sense, the stakes weren't high enough to arouse any emotion, and the daughter was given a guitar but I never got to hear her play it (which I was looking forward to, especially since Hailee is a great musician).A lot of the stuff Vince Vaughn's character says in narration either has no significance and just annoys the viewer, or is narration. If a movie is any good, it doesn't need narration to deliver plot. Nobody care's if Nick is having a shit day, his daughter has just been kidnapped, no shit Sherlock.And why was he telling us about Cate's mum's trouble. Don't force me to care about a character that has no impact on the story you're telling. I don't care, and I won't care.The script was kind of shitty too. Just one example of that is when Vince's character is shouting at Jon Favreau's character and says "I WANNA SEE HIM NOW. AND I WANNA SEE HIM TODAY!" As though those are two different demands that mean completely different things.I give it the two stars for the two things it did well: - It wasn't completely predictable like all the other hot trash they call good these days. - The casting was decent, especially with my girl Hailee Steinfeld and Vince Vaughn.There were also a lot of scenes and time wasted on shots that didn't need to be there. If they'd used the time more wisely, they could've told the story better, with better scripting and a little more creative breathing space.That's my rating and criticism.Cheers,Benjamin Bailey.